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TomTom Spark 3 Review:

This TomTom Spark 3 GPS Smartwatch is one of the most commonly suggested name when talking about the best running watches as it is third generation GPS running watch.

This new TomTom Spark 3 offers the cycling, swimming and the running tracking along with all the daily activities with the monitoring of the sleep. It also encompasses the feature of the built in optical monitor for the heart rate and it also has the ability to store the music on the board to the playback through the help of the Bluetooth connected headphones that are also included within the package options. All of this adds to the complete package that doesn’t need the Smartphone or the chest strap for the use.

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One additional thing that is found within this TomTom Spark 3 model is the additions of the compass which means that this TomTom also offers the tracking of the route and it also has the ability to help its users on the start point and then following the uploaded routes. So, the explorers or the runners can easy head out without worrying if they don’t have the smart phone with them.

I have tested this TomTom Spark 3 along with many other wrist watches for the runners and that is why, I have written this review on the basis of my personal testing. Have a look at the pros and cons of this Spark 3 watch.

Setup and Design:

If it is not broken then you can’t fix it? Is it the thing with the TomTom that you are thinking for the Spark 3 as well? This is completely true as it was first depicted for the first version of the TomTom.

The new Spark 3 is completely slim and sleek in design and it offers comfortable grip. It features the four way control pad that completely works perfectly. Moreover, its monochrome screen is completely clear and it helps in the dark and light view at one moment that is completely the ideal thing for the runners. This is also possible to turn the backlight on by simply covering screen with the hand.

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The strap can be swapped out for the different colors and it is super simple for the clipping in the place. It offers some elasticity and it sits perfectly in its position but don’t worry, it is also tight enough for the tracking of the optical heart rate that is wrist based. I have found this watch completely fitted under my sleeves and it was even fine to wear when I am on the bed as it is completely comfortable.

The TomTom has work well in the delivery of the no frill design that works perfectly. Some people might argue that this design is somewhat stale or they may not find it completely best looking watch but this is actually functional enough that it can work well for the technical training device. You may think that Garmin Fenix 3 is offering more data and the smart but this is so heavy and large that if you wear all the day, your wrist may become tired but this is completely not the case with the TomTom Spark 3 at all.

Activity Tracking:

I have found this TomTom as the veteran when it comes to the GPS tracking. The TomTom is one of its great examples as it is completely accurate and provides consistent results when you are tracking the route or it provides the quick GPS signal acquisition. I have found this GPS tracking completely perfect except one time when it took up to 10 minutes to find out the signal. It was probably due to the reason that my smart phone was not actually had the QuickGPSfic that actually use the location of the phone in order to help the watch in triangulating faster.

One additional feature within this Spark 3 is the compass that offers you the route tracking and this means that, if you go somewhere out and you are lost in the places then you can easily find your way with the use of the on screen trail.

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This watch also allows you to do the zoom out as well as zoom in so that you will be able to stay on the track from the point you had started. Importantly, this is not very pushy so that you can you can also take the route of the back to the start point as this is one of the best way to keep you secure and free at one time.

This actually means that it is possible to plan the routes online or you can also use the routes that are shared by others with the help of the services like Strava so that you can get out and run at the specific route. This is one of the simple integration as you are going to use the TomTom MyDrive route planner, it lets you plan and upload the GPS route for the cars to the TomTom Satnavs.

Training of Heart Rate:

The optical sensors for the heart rate have got the rough ride and I am thinking rightfully. I have seen a large number of the smart watches that actually provides the accurate data. One exception within this rule is the TomTom Spark. As the company has stepped forward from the Mio Alpha 2 technology, it has proved that its optical sensors for the tracking of the heart rate are working completely perfect.

Music Playback:

Most of the people find it very difficult to keep their phone with them when they are running as they want to stream the music from the watch with the help of their smart phone; just like the Polar and Garmin watches do this.

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Therefore, the TomTom has come up with the features that are the first spark and not the entire change as this change is somewhat good and somewhat bad. It has come up with the 3GB of the storage but you can still strew to upload the iTunes playlist in your watch with the help of the TomTom MySports connect. This is a little slick and the scanning is available for the playlist on the computer but there is no other easy way to cram the tunes within the spark 3.

Once you have on the tracks then you have pair it with the Bluetooth headphones to watch. But once again, this is seamless in some times and in the other times, it is not. I have actually tried the large pairs of the wireless sports headphones that also include the new TomTom and at the end; I have got the mixed results in the try to connect. The headphones other than the TomTom headphones need some knack for the connection.

When it actually works, you have to select the playlist from the settings menu within the watch. One thing that I have found very irritating is that I can’t select the individual tracks.

The most important thing this TomTom has provided is that now you can run with the music without carrying the smart phone for the ride as it offers the amazing feeling. This freedom has been highly appreciated by all the runners who want to hit the road with the training runs along with Top performance of the heart rate and that is the reason behind the continuous recommendation of the TomTom. But as it is known that all the things contain some troubles that are why, there is a little work need to be done in order to make the support of the music more seamless.


One other important area that needs a lot of improvement is the app. There is also the MySport web application that offers exactly same data like smart phone applications but it also offers some extras so that you can drill inside your activities such that you can see all the aspects including the graphs of the heart rate, details on pace or stride rate, splits and the mapped routes of running.

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This web application is also one of the best places where you have the ability to upload the trails to watch. You are not able to do this on your mobile application so you can upload the race collection such as the nailing of the 10 k within only 50 minutes or you are running for the 5k within only 26 minutes. This entire expression is much straight forward as compared to the Garmin Connect or the Polar Flow as these apps offer more difficult data presentation.

One of the good news here is that now can pull your data within the third party applications such as Runkeeper, MapMyRun and the Strava such that this TomTom is saving the grace.

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If you are looking for the step up by the Spark that can replace the smart watch then you are completely wrong because you will not find any notification support with this watch as it was promised in the original Spark.

Battery Life:

The TomTom Spark 3 has claimed that battery life of up to 11 hours within the tracking mode. This new Spark 3 is also equipped well for the long marathon and so you can run for an hour or so for the entire week.

The actual battery performance is dependent on the sensors that how many of them are kept turned on like the heart rate sensors that offer the drain of the battery. You can easily spend one week with this watch but if you compare it with the Polar or Garmin watches that have the same price range, it actually lacks the department stamina within the standby and the tracking modes.

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