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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review:

Unlike the slow start out of gate, this Samsung has come back to the race of the fitness tracker with this new Samsung Gear Fit 2. This new device is comparatively less expensive or only $70 less expensive as compared to its competitors and it is also offering the large amount of features in it. Samsung Gear Fit 2 is packed in the form of the fitting wristband has the colorful display with the GPS tracking of the runs along with the monitor for the heart rate and the storage up to the 4 GB so that you can take all your music with you. When you are going to connect your Gear Fit 2 with your Smartphone, you will get the notifications and the automatic tracking of the activity which makes it the most compelling device.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 - image1Design:

Just like Original Gear Fit, this latest model also offers the curved display and its arc is also more pronounced. This change from the original Samsung Gear Fit to Fit 2 is not very drastic just like we see within the first and second generations of the Microsoft bans but this increase in the curvature has actually made this watch highly comfortable to be worn. Moreover, it offers the 1.5 inch of the AMOLED display that offers the 432 * 216 pixels of resolution and it is much more integrate din the band itself.

The large display along with the rubber like the band of this watch makes you completely perfect but this watch is not more technological as compared to the FitBit charge.

The Fit 2 is very light in weight as it is only 1.06 ounces and its touch is more heavy as compared to fitbit Flex 2 but nearly half ounce light than Garmin VivoSmart HR+. this thin device actually means that you will find very little trouble in fitting this smart watch under the long sleeve shirt.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 - image

It is ensured that the Fit 2 is snugly such that the monitor of the heart rate offers completely accurate readings. Without the classical clasp of the watch, you have to make some effort by attaching thread to one end of band with the help of the loop and then snap it in the place. But, when I actually went to snap it was closed and the band was loose. So, I had to hold the end of the loop of band tight to the wrist while the other side is connected to band.

The Fit 2 has come up in two different sizes and three colors that is, blue, pink and black. But this is also splash proof just like FitBit Blaze and Charge HR, whereas, Vivoactive HR is also resistant to water up to 165 feet.


It is very wise decision made by the Samsung as they oriented the interface of the Fit 2 within the portrait mode instead of the landscape mode. But, it is customizable such that you can change the home screen with many different faces although there are not several options available just like within Garmin Vivoactive HR IQ store, this is very nice that you can actually customize this according to your preferences.

Unluckily, the Fit 2 display is very difficult to read in the direct sunlight. Even if you put it in the Outdoor mode that is active for 5 minutes only, you have to cup your hand round your watch screen in order to read time.

The display of the Fit 2 is going to turn off automatically after few seconds and this is by default but you can change these within the settings menu.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 - image 5

What this Fit 2 can do?

This Fit 2 has been especially designed for the people who have the active lifestyle as this Fit 2 has the ability to track many activities. It has the ability to sense automatically that what you are doing whether you are walking, running or biking and it keeps the record of all these activities.

Not like the other types of the fitness trackers available under the $200, this Gear Fir 2 has the GPS that means you can record when you are running or riding the bike with the recording of the pace and it doesn’t need your phone. Most of the people don’t like to wear many technologies when they are doing their workout and this is the case with me too as it also looks very nice.

This Fit 2 has the ability to deliver the notifications for the smart phone but unfortunately, you will find very limited responses because it only contains some integrated features of the smart phone and it is not the complete smart phone. Still, I like this a lot because I can select that what applications can send the alerts on the Fit 2 along with that, you can also limit the notifications that are appearing on device.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 - image 4

This Fit 2 is only compatible with the smart phones that have the Android 4.4 or its later version. It is actually better than original Fit that has only worked with the limited Samsung phones.

Even when I set it to the Outdoor mode, I have to cup my hand so that I can read the screen.

The Samsung is now hoping that this Fit 2 can help in the spurring of S health application. This is how you will be able to see the other users of the S health from your contact list and so you can challenge them as well as, you can also see the steps as well as the distance of the people. This challenging feature is already present within most of the fitness tracker applications as it allows you to share the runs with other people on the Facebook through this device.


Despite the GPS enabling, one of the amazing features of Fit 2 is the 4GB of the internal memory that allows you to use the music in the band. So, if you want to listen your favorite song while running then you don’t have any need to bring iPod or your phone with you. It is also surprising to know that the new GPS watches and the fitness trackers have this feature such as the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music and many other such devices.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 - image 6

Moreover, if you connect your phone with the Fit 2, you can stream the songs from the Milk Music, Pandora and spotify whereas, the Milk Music offers very cool interface of the album art. I have loaded my music on Fit 2 by the use of Samsung Gear application and my tracks have beamed fast but you can’t see the progress on the watch as there is no such type of the indicator.

I also tried to control the Pandora from Fit 2 but it only works to play advance and pause the track so firstly I had to do the Pandora launch and then the selection of the playlist from the phone is done.


As I am writing this review after working hard on the watch for nearly two months and then comparing it with the other similar watches available. When I started to run, this Fit 2 started the noticing of time of run before I locked the GPS signal. It was little more amazing for me because until now, I had to wait for the locking of the GPS signal in every watch before the counts of runs is started. So, this option is not available with Fit 2 so you have to wait until it is locked and then get the inaccurate pace or start the running and it will give you the inaccurate distance. The one other saving offered by this watch is that this Fit 2 locks pretty quickly that is within the 0.2 miles after the running is started. This is the type of the issue that has to be fixed by the Samsung.

When I compared the heart rate with the Garmin Forerunner 235 an the Fit 2, then I actually got the similar reading which is 160 BPM, but, Fit 2 recorded the maximum heart rate to be 183 BPM whereas Garmin reported it to be 194 BPM. In this case, the Fit 2 was better accurate in the results as after the review of the data; I came to know that Garmin has provided erroneous spikes because all other readings were consistent and lower.

The display of the Fit 2 is very difficult to read at the outdoors and it is less responsive when I have sweaty hands. You can pause your activity by pressing the back button physically but in order to end this activity, you have to press the on screen finish button.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 - image 3

When you stream the music directly from Fit 2 to the Bluetooth headphones, then you will be able to hear the music clearly as well as there will be no stuttering. Not like the TomTom Spark Cardio, this Fit 2 allows you to switch between the playlist without any need to stop the workout.

This Fit 2 is also offering the voice guidance that tells you about the pace, heart rate, speed and distance at the predetermined time. The voice of the female is robotically monotonous that turns into the inspirational phrases such as you are almost there, in the things that are very less encouraging.

The Voice guidance is also little glitch as after each mile, rather than telling the total distance with the pace and time, she will say that Distance: 1 minute and Time: 9 minutes. It also messes up average pace calculation because she will say; Pace: 3 minutes and 48 seconds. Not like the other fitness trackers that come under the $200, this Gear Fit 2 has come up with the built in GPS which means that you can now record each and everything without keeping your phone with you all the time.

Samsung S Health Application:

This app is completely functional but this is more than the fitness application. You various metrics such as steps and sleep are also arranged as the tiles and they show you the entire history of the day. If you select any such tile, you will get more information on that specific point. You can also select that which tile can show up and within what order. But, just like the fitness applications go, this seems to be little dull.

You will also find the tip cards within the tiles that have come up with very interesting titles as they are made especially to help the people such as, How to never get bitten by a bug forever or ways to get little sleep. When you will press these tip cards, you will be directed towards the complete articles.Samsung Gear Fit 2 - image 7

One very good thing about this health application of Samsung is that you can easily pair it with the third party applications such that you can import all data whether it is your step count or it is your blood glucose or your water intake. These applications are sorted by the type such as nutrition, rest, fitness, health care and other.

Samsung Gear Application:

With the help of the Samsung Gear application, this allows you to download the extra watch face within your Samsung Gear Fit 2 but none of them is available at the review time. This selection is also sparser as compared to the Garmin’s application store for the GPS watches just like the most famous Garmin Vivoactive HR.

This Samsung gear application allows you to specify that what type of notifications you are allowing to be sent on Fit 2 along with the ordering of the different screens on Samsung Gear Fit 2. It also contains the Find My Gear Funtion that you can use if your band is misplaced.

Battery life:

The Samsung has said that Samsung Gear Fit 2 has actually lasted for up to three to the four days if used normally but when I was testing the device, I have actually found it very high. I strapped the watch to my wrist that was fully charged one night and then I run for the 45 Minutes by the use of GPS and then biked for two hours without the GPS. After that, I took Samsung Gear Fit 2 off and the next day noon, the battery was low up to 8%. After the recharge of the Fit 2, I again used it for the next two days and it was the same result just like it was in the first attempt.

When I had compared the Fit 2 with Garmin Vivoactive HR, this latter watch lasted one week within same conditions.

Bottom Line:

There is completely no doubt that the Samsung has worked hard in packing everything within only $179 of the Gear Fit 2. This is one of the smaller and the most attractive fitness tracker that offers very colorful display and it has the monitor for the heart rate with the 4 GB of the storage and the GPS. Samsung Gear Fit 2 has the ability to track all of your activities automatically and it delivers the notification from the Smartphone which is much more than the simple trackers can offer to you.

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