Polar M600 Review

The Polar is fairly dealing in the business of the running watches as it was first company within this world that has offered the wireless monitoring of the heart rate back in the 1977. It has made its name within the list of the running watches to serve the passionate athletes ever since.

The Polar M600 was the first watch with the built in Android technology offered from the Finnish company that has taken the initiative of the last year’s of M400 that has blurred lines between the tracking of the activity and the Smartphone and it throws within the elements of design.

Polar M600

The Polar M600 has come up with the Android wear which means in the theory that more of the features are available to the wearers especially what you are going to find with any other wearable watch except the Polar variant that has come up with its own fitness application, GLONASS and the GPS, which is completely waterproof with the IPX9 certification that has made it completely safe for the swimming and it also has the band made up of silicone which makes it completely perfect to be used for the types of sports.

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  • This running watch offers you the smart watch notifications
  • It offers monitor for the heart rate as well as the accurate GPS
  • It has come up with the easy to use Polar Flow application
  • It is completely water resistant
  • It is very comfortable to wear and to run with


  • It has very short life of battery
  • It has come up with some very disappointing features of activity
  • It has the straps made up of silicone that actually picks all the fluff and lint
  • It offers very poor quality of the display

Display and Design:

As I have started with the design and display because this is what noted by the most of the people and thus, considering as the weakest point, its design, I have started with this. You will find it very easy to pick up this Android containing smart watch and then dismiss it immediately because of its looks. But, as you know that this smart watch cannot actually compete with the Tag Heuer Connected, Nixon’s The Mission and the Huawei Watch If we talk about its looks but this design is not the most important feature that you have to consider in terms of selection.

Polar M600 1

As I am talking about the design of the Polar M600, I must say that this watch is completely fine if you want to use it as the sports watch. This is super sturdy, super comfy and the best thing is that it is not bulky at all as it is only 13 mm in its thickness.

The strap of this watch is made up of the silicone that provides complete toughness as well as it is also flexible on the other hand and it is light in weight so that you will be able to worn it for the long time and for the long sessions of the workout. Just like Moto360, this is also prone to the dust and fluff.

The display has also done the great job as this sports watch offers 1.3 inc and the 240 * 240 (260 ppi) display that don’t worry the top end of this Android wear table but the presence of the transmissive TFT technology in this watch is one of the good decision as it is highly important to read it regularly within the sunlight.

Running and Sports:

When you switch on your Polar M600 , you might feel like it is the copy of A360 that is complete with all the funky progress for the goals of your activity widget and it also has the button that if you push under the screen, the Polar flow fires up. This Flow is extreme at the center and the front of entire experience. Moreover, you have downloaded the polar Flow application in your phone whether it is Android or iOS, as it is the requirement of the M600 till the time it is up and running.

If you have the Flow App already in your phone, then it is going to fire up on the Smartphone and then it can ask you for the smart phone sync to the Polar M600. On the other hand, the other manufacturers have their own smart watch applications that sit parallel to the Google Android wear but none of them have the in-sync like the M600 and the Flow. This is not the companion app but this is the application. This M600 has the ability to quickly sync directly and your Smartphone will not only be able to display all the stats but all your data is synced within the cloud such that you can dig deeply by the use of the Polar Flow desktop client or by using the browser based version. Don’t forget that this is not going to sync directly with desktop client by using the USB.

With the other type of the GPS enabled wear watches, you are able to use the Google’s basic applications for the tracking of the sports or you can download things such as RunKeeper or the Endomondo. Within the M600, you have the pre installed software that offers you a lot of things.

If I talk about the sport profiles then you will find that the if the Polar is promising the sport specific feedback then it actually doesn’t mean that you will get the multisport watch such as Garmin Vivoactive HR. You can’t expect the double up just like the GPS golf watch. You can use the Android friendly golf application that is present within M600 but this is an entirely different app. You will not find any auto sport detection just like the Fitbit Charge 2. All of these sessions have to be started manually by user.

When you are performing any exercise such as running or tracking any session of sport then you will get the different screens that you can swipe through as they contain large amount of information on the distance, heart rate zones, pace and time. Just like the other smart watches of the android wear, the display of this watch is also going to dim when you are not holding it to your face but one of the nice feature within this M600 is its side button that can fire up the brightness of the screen and it is also super handy when you are running in dark and you don’t want to wave your arms like an idiot.

The GPS tracking offered by the M600 is completely on the spot. I have compared it with the Polar M400 and Adidas miCoach Smart Run and the results were lying within 200 meters of distance between 5 and 12 km.

Hear rate monitoring:

As I was a little disappointed with the first attempt made by Polar at the wrist based tracking with A360, but I have found that this M600 is perfectly accurate when I compared it with the chest strap. I have performed multiple runs with the Wahoo and MyZone chest strap and the M600 and I have found the amazing results with this M600.

Polar M600

Within the general terms of the normal running, this M600 is always within the 2 to 3 beats of chest strap readings and within the interval of trainings, this reading remained accurate. As said, this M600 do not react to the big changes and the variations within the BPM readings just like the chest straps actually do.

One of the most important plus point for any person who is looking for the extremely accurate monitor of the heart rate is that, you can easily pair this M600 with the third party chest strap. Obviously, the Polar wants its users to use their own H7 strap but I have found it completely fine to use the Wahoo Tickr X’s reading of BPM that is displayed within the Polar Flow when you are engaged within the run.

One of the final thing is that when you are locking the GPS that is very quick along with the heart rate, before you are going for the run, then the green icon present on the screen for the readings of BPM will actually turn to the blue if the reading of the chest strap is being used rather than the optical one.

Activity Tracking:

The Activity Tracking on M600 usually includes active time, distance, burnt calories, steps and the automatic tracking of sleep that is what you actually get with A360.

On the watch, every type of information is presented in the concise manner under My Day flow part that is only for the current day but within the Smartphone applications, you will find it in much more detail. The most amazing part of this application is that you can easily figure out that which activity is needed by you in order to perform your daily goals whether it is the walking, running or only standing up.

Polar M600

In order to keep the users motivated, this tracker has the ability for the inactivity alert which means that if you are sitting for one hour continuously then after every 55 minutes of one hour, your watch will vibrate and this will show you the inactivity alert.

Android wear on the board:

Yeah this is certain that it is the Android Wear watch and this is also mean that it is actually the golden ticket towards the Google Smart watch Goodies but this Android Wear is actually not the basic reason to buy this watch.

This is not all about the knocking of the android wear but, as I have tested all the Google smart watches, none of them has the smart watch OS so much unnoticeable. This is one of the best things present within M600. This is great when it is present when you want it but the major fact is that you can fire this M600 up and then pair it with your phone and then never touch the Google play again.

This is obvious that it contains all the wear features on board and there is also the voice interaction with the Google Voice along with the calls, messages, contextual notifications and alerts that pop up on the screen along with the tracking of the activity through the Google Fit.

The major reason behind telling you all this is that, you will find each and everything within it and this is correct that this smart watch contains all the things but this is also correct that you are not going to need any of these features.

Polar M600 2

Hardware and Battery life:

The M600 battery is the 500 mAh one and it is much large for the Android wear and that is why, it is not disappointing. You will be able to pass so many days on its regular use with one hour or so such that you can run every day with the GPS and the music plating with the Bluetooth headphones.

The Runners are also happy to find out that they can actually get the battery life of about 6 to 7 hours with the use of the solid GPS tracking by continuously playing the music as this M600 needs only small charge. This is the additional feature of the M600 as compared to the TomTom Spark 3.

This is also among the First android wear watch that has come up with the MediaTek’s MT2601 processor that is highly capable of doing everything that is thrown on it by the Polar Flow or the Android wear.

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