Mio Alpha 2 Review – Heart Rate Tracker and Sports Watch

Mio’s Second Generation Heart Rate Tracker Review:Mio Alpha 2 Review


  • It provides the accurate and fast monitoring of the heart rate
  • It has come up with the comfortable design
  • It is completely waterproof.
  • It offers helpful indicators of the heart rate zones


  • It has no extra features just like the new smart watches within the market
  • It is expensive
  • It has lackluster applications

Now, after having a look at the advantages and disadvantages offered with this new Mio Alpha 2 Priced around $99, you must have developed a general idea about the watch. Now here is the review of this Mio Alpha 2. I have personally tested lots of sports watches in order to write the review and this review actually presents what I have observed with this watch and what it is offering better as compared to the other running watches.

Design and Display:

According to its looks, there is no doubt that this Mio Alpha 2 is one of the best wearable made for the sports as it is highly attractive. It offers very nice ergonomic screen that is little curved in shape and it is integrated into the familiar silicone strap which makes it one of the best looking watch of fitness that I have ever seen.

Mio Alpha 2 image

There is also a warning that is, despite this fact that it has come up in different sizes but the face and strap are so wide and if you have small wrist then this Mio Alpha 2 will look much big on your wrist. The watch has come up with the two buttons that are integrated very neatly on the right as well as left side of the LCD display screen that is of the old school design type. These all are highly well integrated and it is hard to find these buttons if you are looking at it for the first time.

Once you got these buttons, try to work on it as what they actually do. This will need only a small amount of your struggle. I am aware with the fact that we are so much used to the Apple Esque simplicity that these manual buttons are much difficult to operate but as I shifted from the Apple to the Mio, I got used to it within 3 days.

This Alpha 2 is actually following paired back theme and it’s screen provides you the small amount of information such as it shows the icons for battery life, heart rate indictor, heart rate BPM and the current mode when you are in your workout time. You will also find the colored LED light that is below the screen and it flashes different types of colors to provide you the reminder that in which heart rate zone you are actually lying this time. Moreover, the vibrating alerts are also present in order to ensure that you are actually working hard on your workout and this will also keep you in the moving state if you are dropping out from your zone that makes it easy to ensure that you are actually working hard to get the best effects of training.


When you are in your workout phase, you can use the left button in order to scroll the large amount of stats which includes the calorie count, simple timer, distance, heart rate and the pace.

Within this latest and new Mio Alpha 2, you will be able to get the two types of the heart rate training modes and it is up to you that which training mode you want to select from that is, the one that is able to track you and keeps you alert all the time and particularly when you are moving outside your single zone and the second mode allows you to keep the tabs on the BPM around all of the five zones of training.

Mio Alpha 2 unboxed

Although, this Mio Alpha 2 can keep the counts of your steps during the workout, due to some unknown reasons the company has decides not to use trhe function for the tracking of the daily movement. According to me, this is actually the missed trick that they have forgotten to enter it in the watch as this watch needs lot more features to be included into it.

One other most obvious omission within this watch is the lack of the GPS with the distance and the pace stats that is actually calculated with the help of the accelerometer. Whereas, the cyclists as well as the runners find it little hard to swallow it but swimmers are much happy to hear that this Mio Alpha 2 is completely water resistant up to the 30 meters which is 3 ATM.


The compatibility of the Mio Alpha 2 is very strong as it is the strength of the Alpha 2 that it joins the watch with various applications such as Endomondo, Wahoo, Strava and MapMyRun. If you are not happy with the Mio Alpha 2 due to the lack of the features then simply try to pair it with your Smartphone as you can add your heart rate monitoring application to the function that is provided by these amazing applications.


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Heart Rate Tracking:

The Mio Alpha 2 is very fast in the detection of the heart rate as it has the ability to pick up the BPM within only 10 seconds each time when you are using it for the testing and this is actually what I have found in this amazing watch. These quick detections make it the best watch among the other running watches. In comparison to the Polar M400 that has come up with the chest straps, the statistics found are completely consistent. Being not scientific all the time, this Mio Alpha 2 along with the Chest strap competitors has actually satisfied me completely in the level of accuracy.

One more thing that has made me love this watch is the inclusion of the features that actually fires optical heart rate after every hour automatically and similar it repeats the process during the entire day in order to help in the buildup of the complete picture about how the heart rate is working including the resting heart rate as well. With the help of the smart garments on horizon that actually offers it, the fitness tracking watches actually need to compete this and this can be the welcoming additional feature within this watch.

Mio Go app:

This Mio Alpha 2 has come up with the large amount of storage that can easily store your 24 hours of stats for your workout and this is how your data will be synced automatically with the Mio Go application that is partnered, for the Android as well as the iOS by the use of the Bluetooth smart.

After testing it for one week, I found it very surprising that this Mio Go app has no skills at all as compared to the other applications of the smart phones. The automatic synchronization only works intermittently and when we have actually managed to get the data across, this application is only providing you nothing for the writing.

You will find all the basics within this application such as speed, maximum heart rate, average, and pace and the calories, heart rate zone, distance that you need most during your workout session. But this is all what you will get. And according to my experience, you have to tell this application that what you are doing before you start your workout such as cycling, running, swimming or anything.

One of the major lacks within this application is the overview of the monthly stats. You will not be able to see your progress of the entire month over the time or with any way in order to compare your workout. Moreover, taking about further omissions, there is also the lack of the community, rewards or social sharing which has made this all a little flat as you will not be able to motivate yourself for the running or your workout without having the support of the community. But if considered positive, then this is the simplest watch that is completely free of the fuss and this might be best for you if you don’t want the fuss around your corner.

Battery Life:

Mio has claimed that the Alpha 2 has the lithium polymer battery that has the ability to run for up to 3 months within the simple watch mode but when I tested this watch, I have found something very contradictory. This watch provides only 20 hours of the tracking of the heart rate within this mode with single charging.

The Mio Alpha 2 has also come up with the charging dock that is completely unique and it is also certainly very far from the device that has taken this approach instead of the very simple Micro USB charging, this is not frustrating especially when the Mio Dock has been attached to the 2 cm of the cable.

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