Top 11 Tips to get started with the Fitness Tracker

Top 11 Tips to get started with the Fitness Tracker:

If this is the first time that you have got the activity tracker whether it is of the Fitbit or some related device, you will be soon aware about the body that you have along with the level of fitness with some new lights. These trackers of fitness bring the awareness to the daily habits and the patterns that some other devices can.

Fitbit Flex 2

Being so much interested in my fitness, I have used a large number of the fitness trackers that I have tested personally and I have tried most of them as I can. I have remembered that how it actually felt with the first tracker and how annoying it was to wear it all the day. I also had no idea about how to get most out of the fitness trackers and I had to learn about it as early as it was possible. The same is the case with you that is, you have to learn about it soon because you are going to use it for the next couple of days and it is going to tell you each and everything that you are looking for.

If you are within the market to find out the first tracker that you are going to buy then here are the ones that I have tried and found them best that is, Garmin Vivoactive, Fitbit Blaze Smart and the Fitbit Surge.

In order to help you to get set up with the first tracker, here are some amazing tips that are mentioned below. Have a look at these tips:

Helpful First Steps:

  1. Start The Account:

Some of the trackers of activity walk the fresh from the box. So, take some few steps and you will be able to see the steps counting on your tracker suddenly. But, you have to set the account in order to get the full value of the tracker. This online account will ask lots of questions regarding the sex, age and weight for the estimation of the number of calories that you are going to burn. This account will also collect all your data with time and it will turn it in the graphs which will help you in making some sense about the information about your activity. How you will be able to find out the importance of the 19,000 steps if you don’t have any idea about the average number.

get started with the Fitness Tracker Flex 2

  1. Get Your Mobile Application:

Each tracker of activity that I have tested up to this time contains the mobile application and some of them also requires the mobile application to work correctly. If your application of mobile is optional for the tracker, then I encourage you highly to download this for the reason which I am going to tell you later. If you are one who don’t have the smartphone, then make sure that you are buying the activity tracker which has the ability to get synchronized with the computer such as the one that is made by the Garmin or Fitbit App.

  1. Set Your Goals:

When you have bought the new tracker, it starts out from the default goal and it can be something 10,000 steps in one day. But, if you want, then you can customize this goal along with some other goals and you can add the new ones such as the reduction in the weight. The addition of the personal goal is very simple, but it is also hard to customize the current goals for the step when you have no idea that how many step you will take each day. So, it is better to stick to the 10,000 if you have the sedentary lifestyle, but you must try to increase it to at least 15000 if you like the walk. The regular runners can increase these steps to at least 18,000 for one day.

get started with the Fitness Tracker

  1. Make Yourself Acquainted With Idiosyncrasies Of Syncing:

This is very vital to understand that how often your device synchronize the data from tracker to online account or the mobile account. This synchronization actually happens through mobile application or computer. When you have bought the tracker, you must have the instruction guide given with it so that you can see all the information that you need.

You will also be able to learn that how this sync works in the first days of the use. Such as, some of the trackers usually sync the data periodically through the smartphone as far as you are going to leave the Bluetooth enabled and allows the application to perform the synchronization in background. This is how, your phone’s battery will drain but it will ensure that your entire data is completely up to the date. Some other trackers only sync the data when you have opened the application. So, most of the people with such type of tracker get anxious as they have run an additional 2 miles but there data is not updated. This is the time you have to give it for at least 2 minutes as this application needs some time to sync the data and refresh it. Again, as you are going to use this application, you will get accustomed as how the particular application works along with the tracker.

  1. Friends Community:

This is my personal experience and I will also encourage all of your with the new fitness tracker that you must connect with your friends within this application. getting started with the Fitness TrackerAs I was the one very reluctant to such applications to add my data into it such as, I never granted the access of my address book to the Facebook friends or Twitter followers due to the reasons of privacy. But this fitness tracker has helped me to connect with the people. I allowed my friends to say and see the entire steps I take in one day and this is how we cheer up and reach to our goals. Moreover, you will also get the large amount of the motivational power. It is one of the eye opening application if you find your friends with the same lifestyle like yours with the help of the exercise.

  1. Try the MyFitnessPal:

Most of the trackers of activity have the chance to connect with the application MyFitnessPal for the calorie count that is one of the most phenomenal application that can actually bring the nutrition and diet in the picture of the activity tracker. This one is my favorite and that is why I also recommend its download as you must try it for at least one week before you actually decide to whether you should keep it or not. I must say that you have to use it for one week because there are two reasons behind this. First of all, when you start the logging of the calories initially, you will be vigilant and you will change your natural behavior probably, though this thing will go away after three or four days. Secondly, you will see so much value in finding the trends over the time such as the averages that means you have the need of at least the week worthy data in order to understand the calorie counting point and its correlation with the levels of the activity.

  1. Learn Sleep Function Before Hitting Hay:

If you are planning to track the sleep then you must be sure that you have learnt and memorized how you have to enable the sleep tracker before this is too late in the night and you want to go to bed at any cost. With the help of the Fitbit devices, you have the best chance to enter the bedtime along with the wake time in the morning manually and if the case is that you have forgotten to enable the settings in the night.

Day 1 Tips:

Don’t start the gripping of the single data point such as, you have got the completely new Fitbit Charge HR or the Apple Watch that will help you to not only count the steps but it also helps you to measure your heart rate in the resting position. On the day first, you will be very excited and that is why, you will check it lots of time such as, what is my rate of heart while I am typing? What is the rate of heart when I am driving? What is the rate of heart when I am climbing stairs? And many more..

All these numbers that you see on your first day, just forget all of them completely. Or you must try not to stick with them. This is exciting to have new device and to use it again and again, but you have to be sure that you are a beginner and with the passage of the time, you will be able to know the outliers and the readings that are seemed off. Such devices are not actually perfect and some data from such devices give the erroneous results and it actually happens.

This might be the case that your stat is initially off so the point to collect the data is to find out the average over the time and then create the baseline. The rate of heart varies a lot that is, from every beat. Therefore, the number of steps that you are going to take in the morning when your weather is nice, when your dog is behaving and you are excited about your latest fitness tracker, will be completely different from the one’s that are taken when it is the raining day or you are late for the work. Therefore, your day one data is not the one that will give you the accurate picture of the life. Rather than, until the time when you set your device within the morning, your first week is more likely to be off as your data for the day one is not for the full day. With the passage of time, this average will become more and more accurate and it actually reflects the real level of fitness and the numbers that actually matter a lot.

  1. Make Sure That Your Data Is Sync:

At the starting day, you have to pay attention that whether your mobile account or the online account is completely updated and accurate. So, open program, force the application and the device to sync and give this some minutes and make sure that the data within the application actually matches the one that is available on the device. If your stairs, steps or the heart rate is not visible, then this is the time for the troubleshoot.

  1. Beat The Fatigue Of Device:

You have to find out the new features. After the few weeks use, most of the people find these devices fatigued or they get bored with their fitness tracker. So, in order to beat the fatigue of the device, try to explore the features that you have not tried in your application and tracker yet. Such as, simply plan the activity that can be tracked by your device such as the swimming or hiking which is not done by you very often. Give this the whirl and see that how it actually goes.

Start the tracking of the sleep if you have not used this feature yet. You can also start by rating the mood or the sensitivities of the allergy for day from one to the five. The Fitbit contains the open field in which you can track anything that you select. One other way to keep device and the data meaningful is that you can find the correlations between the activity that you get, how well you are sleeping, what you are drinking and eating. Do you have the best sleep when you are taking 15000 steps in a day? Is your sleep worse when you have the intake of the caffeine? The Jawbone UP contains one of the coolest app that is the UP coffee that correlated the intake of the coffee with your sleep. When I tried this application, I have found very fascinating results.

  1. Change The Look:

One other way to get rid of the fatigue is that you change the look of the device. If you have the wristwatch tracker such as Activate pop or the Basis Peak then you can swap out this band to change the color. This Misfit devices line along with the Fitbit Flex ( Now Fitbit Flex 2 is also Available) has a large number of cases of jewelry that can hold trackers.

  1. Consider Companion Device:

The tracker has the ability to measure lots of things on its own. Most of the trackers come up with the companion device that you can actually add in the self quantification world. Such as, you can pair the smart scale of bathroom with the tracker application to plot the weight automatically.

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