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Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Review:

The new Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is offering very simple and light approach as compared to the other established watches of sports along with the fitness brands that are appearing on the wrists all around the world. It wants you to keep the track of your activity, it reminds you about your work, keeps you motivated and accompany you all the time through your daily activities. Most of the runners are usually over-ambitious and most of them are under featured but you will never come across the smart phone watch that has all the features like the Garmin VivoSmart HR+. have a look at the pros and cons of the Garmin Vivosmart HR+.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Garmin Vivosmart HR+: Design:

The Vivosmart HR+ has struck to the band design and that is why, it is offering the compact form factor that actually measures around 20mm wide across along with the thickness of about 13 mm throughout main body before its slim in the strap.

The Vivosmart HR+ has the hard body that meets rubber strap and it is finished with the textured outer surface with the inner texture being smooth. This section is somehow screwed together and you will not find any swapping band here like Fitbit Charge 2. Whereas, you will be able to find the strap which is soft and very comfortable to be worn and it is also flexible enough for the good fit.

This VivoSmart HR+ has been especially designed to be worn easily. unlike other motion tracking bands, this Vivosmart HR+ has the advantage that it can detect your heart rate therefore, you have to be sure that the optical heart rate sensor that is present on its back do not move so much as it can cause problems in the detection of the perfect heart rate.

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Garmin Vivosmart HR+: features:

This new technology has come up with the wide range of features. If we start with  most obvious one then you can also notice it from the name of this technology that is, hr which means heart rate that is actually detected with the help of the optical sensors that are present on rear side. These sensors have the ability to detect the heart rate from the wrist and this vivosmart detects your heart rate throughout the day and it also detects it during the activities such as running.

Besides these sports features, the new vivosmart HR+ is also offering the tracking of steps. This is what you will find on your fitness band that is the number of steps from all the companies products including misfit ray to fitbit flex and that is why, it is used for the monitoring of the activity and it reminds you to take some steps when you are sitting from the long time and it also provides you the picture that how active you were this entire day.

You can also track your sleep with the help of this amazing technology. This is acheived if you are sleeping while wearing the band as it will keep the track of your sleep along with your heart rate when you are actually sleeping.

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GPS and Heart Rate:

I have personally tested the GPS along with the sensor of the heart rate with the chest strap and i have found completely amazing results. The heart rate scanner that is built in optical is somewhat slower as compared to the Forerunner in its reaction to the change within the heart rate, this can be because it collects the data very less often but obviously on the 45 minutes long run course, i have found the same heart rate average from both of these devices.

The heart rate is actually broken down with the zones in order to guide you to get the perfect intensity for your goals but you must know that what these zones and values actually mean that is why, here is the little guide for you. If we consider this beginner sense, then the Garmin is not very friendly for its amateur users as compared to the Finnish Rivals Polar that provides Flow application which is better groomed according to the lifestyle as compared to the Garmin Connect. The Garmin actually helps in the provision of the data presentation but this Polar interprets for the users. The GPS of this watch is also a little slower if you are going to use it in some new location or for the very first time but if you have done it once then your GPS will be aware with the location and this is how further connections that are made, are actually more faster and they usually take few minutes to connect.

as you know that you need the clear view of sky and this is why you have to keep your device on somewhere outside so that you can get the connection. moreover, within this device, you will not find any option that includes the taking of the GPS signal from the smartphone which is actually offfered by TomTom Spark 3 and this option is perfect for the addition within the Vivosmart.

i have also noticed that the distance and the GPS route are completely accurate, although it actually dont cut the corners which means that this device do not log data points regularly like the other larger devices. this is actually to reduce the risk of battery drainage but for such types of devices, the results seems to be more accurate and much better as compared to the other devices.

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This Vivosmart is not actually that much fast in the acquiring of the GPS signal as it occurs within other running watches, but this Vivosmart HR+ can also pick up the signal within only a minute. personally, i have liked it that i can start my run until after my wearable is locked to satellite as it is not actually provided with Gear Fit2.

The charging of the battery is done thorugh the USB charger that is clipped on, which provides easy and quick attachment and the biggest thing is that, it is completely safe and secure.

The tracking of the steps is also important and it is provided with the accurate results thourgh this smartwatch that are completely equivalent to the values obtained with the Fibit Flex 2. This watch enables you to change your target each day and this is how you can set it higher than the default one which is 7500 and this can be closer to 10,000 steps which is vital for the runners.

Smart Functions:

Besides the fitness and the sports functions, thsi VivoSmart HR+ offers you to join the community and this is how you will get the notifications of your smartphone on your watch. this thing has been looked across by the Garmin in nearly all of their devices. this is how, you will be able to recieve the incoming messages, calls and any other application notification on your wrist with the vibration of this watch.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the Vivosmart HR+ which is rated by the Garmin is actually around the 5 days and it can be up to 8 hours if you are using the GPS. I actually use the GPS to test the battery timings but with this watch, i have used the GPS for only half an hour in an entire day and my phone battery lasted for upto 7 days. But, after the recharge, when i used GPS for the two hours in the entire day then after second day, it’s battery was 50 percent that was quite in range with what i expected.

My Recommendation:

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is actually more than the suprise package that has lots of functions within this small device which is somewhat little large in shape as compared to the other fitness trackers band. This Vivosmart HR+ is among the ideal devices for the ones who want to track their daily activities along with the records for the walks and runs within more detail.

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