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Garmin Forerunner 35 Review:

To all the people, who actually want to go far the simple counting of steps and they can get the best grip to improve the fitness are actually more concerned about these watches that tumble in price but they are very easy to use even if you are a beginner. This is where these Garmin Forerunner 35 actually fits perfectly.

The GPS running watch that offers the built in monitor for the monitoring of the heart rate, it is one of the best friend that you are going to adopt from the list of smart watch that includes wrist band notifications as well as the call alerts.

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Before writing this review, I have personally used the Forerunner 35 in order to test that how better it works as compared to its competitors and how well it functions.


As you must be aware that many different Garmin’s GPS watches are actually round in shape and this Forerunner 35 is more like the Apple watch whether it is better or worse. These running watches are not always the best looking watches and they are sometimes oversized or they are overly plasticized. These Forerunner 35 actually falls within any of the one of these categories because it is not very big and it’s only 40.7mm tall with a thickness of 13.3 mm and it is actually the high end looking kit.

Whether you are going to like it or not, but it is actually the king of plastic. It doesn’t matter that which of these four different options of strap that you are going for but the traditional whites and the black ones are joined with the lime green or light blue colors and the Forerunner’s body is same black plastic and dull offering.

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Unfortunately, the screen of the watch has not boosted the design. Not like different other running watches, this Garmin is not squeezed to the touchscreen and you will not even find the color display. Rather, there is only a 1.3 inches of monochrome panel that has the basic resolution of 128 * 128 pixels. This is actually bland and basic.

Besides the obvious disliking for the shape of this watch, the most important thing I have found with it is that it is very simple and easy to operate. You will see four different physical buttons that are surrounding the display of the watch. The one button that is present on top left corner is for the backlight that can easily be customized so that you can turn it on for the tracking modes. Try to hold it down and it will turn off the watch in order to save the life of the battery. Beneath is the back button that takes you out from the menu, but it also leads you to the screen in which you can see the milestones you have achieved and the tracking history so you can adjust your settings by your own and you can also set your alarms.

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The activities that are performed with this Forerunner 35 are actually limited as I have worked out with many different sports watches so I felt the limitations of the exercise within this watch such as the cardio, run outdoors, walk, run indoor and the biking. This is not simply comprehensive like the Tom Tom Spark 3 cardio that is also able to track the swimming.

The GPS of the Forerunner 35 takes some long time ad compared to the other expensive watches of the GPS to gain the signal, but as I have noticed that It doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to connect which is actually enough time in which I can easily do some stretching. During the run time, this Forerunner 35 is completely accurate and it can chart the route very precisely.

Monitor of Heart Rate:

According to my experience, I have found that this Forerunner 35 monitoring of the heart rate is a little bit slow. With very few times on the runs, my heart rate was stuck on the watch to only 150 to 160 beats within the minute and then it jumped to the 170 or some higher level for the remaining run. This is not actually because I am sprinting, but I have actually maintained my pace very steadily throughout my entire running time.

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Battery Life:

  • The battery life of this Forerunner 35 works up to 9 days.
  • You can also use the GPS tracking per charge for up to 13 hours
  • It has the crocodile clip style charger

Not like the other devices watches that needs to be charged after one day workout, this Gramin Forerunner 35 has highly impressive features in terms of the battery life. I am actually talking about the weeks between one charge and this is hard to say if you have enabled the GPS.

You have to take the things in a little easy way just like some 5000s in a week, this Forerunner will easily pass one week without any charge. The Garmin claimed that you will easily get the nine days time if you are going to the trip.

Software And Application:

This Forerunner 35 is not only about hardware, but the most important ingredient is that it has the supporting application and software which not only turns all the running data in the meaningful things but it also presents in a way that helps you to improve yourself.

Luckily, the application of Garmin is better as compared to its watch, but only with the front features. Not like the devices such as Misfit phase or Huawei Fit, this Garmin connect can easily take your data and it will turn into something like the numbers or dates that shows you the amount of calories you have burned or similar stats.

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My Recommendation:

If you just want to enter within the world of the running watches, then this Garmin Forerunner 35 is the best watch that can accurately meet your need and requirement of the dedicated running watch. The fitness tracking is completely free of fault and you can easily read and control it when you are running.

This is very hard to escape from its design and if you want to track the activity all the time, then you must want something better. But if, you only need the gadget to support you in the gym or the training of marathon sessions, then this is one of the best options. Moreover, it is not much expensive either.

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