6 Best Fitbit Users Tips To Get More from Your Smartwatch

The Fitbit is among the topmost application that has been downloaded from the Apple App Store from the last month, which shows that there are a lot of people who have actually got their new Fitbit Fitness tracker or who are beyond the amazing Fitbit product. This application has made it completely easy to set the new device, but most of the people still are not aware with some of the amazing features and the settings of this Fitbit that you can customize in order to create the best possible experience for the product.  If you already have the Fitbit charge HR or the Fitbit charge or the Fitbit surge or any device that is older from these devices then you have to be sure that you are actually taking the complete advantage of all the options and the features that you have.

Fitbit Users Guides, Tips and Tricks:

  1. Measuring Of The Stride Length:

When it is the first time to set up the Fitbit application and device then you must have noted that whether you are going to wear this device on the dominant hand or the non dominant hand in order to increase the accuracy. If you are looking to make this information more accurate then it is more better to add the stride length to run and walk as there are only two entries but since the two numbers differ probably.

You will need two simple and easy ways in order to measure the stride. The topmost option is that you can measure the distance that can be between 20 to 30 feet and then you can count the steps as you can walk it. The step of your walk is actually the every turn when you are going to plant your front foot. So, you can divide your number of strengths length and this is actually the stride length of your steps.

The other option to measure the stride is also very simple and easy. Measure the distance between the back of the heels that are striking ground every time that you are going for the normal walk. You may find this method a little hard for the first time because in this method you have to mark the strikes of the heel and you have to take some few paces before you actually fall within the natural strides. After you try it two or three times, you will be able to measure it again all the time with ease.

In order to add the stride length, just log in the Fitbit website and now go down to the settings that is the personal information and this is how you will be able to find the option for the running stride length or the stride length under the body options.

  1. Track What You Eat:fitbit flex display

The Fitbits are the best devices in order to improve the health because this will help you in becoming much more aware that how your activity is going within each day but the noticing of all these things is not everything. If you are going to aware of how much of these calories that you are eating and how much you are going to burn is completely important in an equal manner and this is how you will be able to get the complete picture of your entire health.

Fitbit also contains the section within the application and the website when you can actually log what you are going to drink and eat but I have personally found that this MyFitnessPal do not get the better job and it is also very easy to use. The best news is that you can actually set the MyFitnessPal and this Fitbit can talk to one another in such a way that you can actually see your calories burnt from the Fitbit within the MyFitnessPal application and this is how you can actually see that how many of the calories you are going to consume from the MyFitnessPal within the Fitbit application.

  1. Adjust For Nursing And Pregnancy:

This might not be the time when you are going to set up the Fitbit account as you might not be pregnant or nursing mother at that time, but if this is the case and you are pregnant then you must raise the flag of your motherhood status within the Fitbit. Girls who are nursing or pregnant can actually burn more calories and they are in need for more calories. So, to do these things, you can go to the settings and then look for the option under the Body Info. I personally love one thing that there are two options available that is, there are different options for the second trimester versus the third trimester.

  1. Connect The Applications:

In order to use the Fitbit and the MyFitnessPal together, there is the need to connect these applications which are much simpler thing to do, whether you do it from the website or you do it from the application. In order to connect, simply open the website that is Fitbit.com and then go to settings and select the application from left. Simply look for the application section from any other application. You are also able to connect the other applications to the Fitbit. There are certain things that I must recommend you are that:

  • Endomondo, for the type of people who are new for the workout and also for the one who want to do the outdoor exercise
  • Strava , for the cyclists and the runners with the competitive streaks
  • Deal for the people who are actually motivated for the workout by the cash incentives
  • Facebook that is used to connect with the friends
  • Lumosity is for the people who actually like for the tracking of the scores of the brain games along with the sleep, weight and activity.
  • Weight watchers which are for the weight watchers members
  1. Reorder the Display:fitbit surge run displays

Each time, when you are going to light up the fitbit screen, you will have to cycle three times in order to look at the information you are searching for, this is the reordering of the Fitbit display. From the website as well as the application, this is very easy to reorder your information or you can also hide the data points that you don’t want to see.

  1. Select What People Can See In Your Profile:

As it has been mentioned that you can also share your activity with your friends and this is how you will be able to have competition with them. But it doesn’t mean that all your loss will be visible to you. Though this connection is one of the vital parts of the Fitbit whether you get any support for it or you compete against it. I must recommend you to connect with your friends because this is the source of motivation for you, but I also recommend you to decide for yourself if you don’t want something visible to your friends about your health. You can change it from the privacy settings.

At this point, as I have done, I also recommend you to keep the counts of your steps visible to your friends if you don’t want to show them any other thing because they can at least cheer your success and this is how you will remain motivated. But this is completely your decision and all you have to do is to make the decisions. If you have not come across the privacy settings before then you must have not realized that most of your friends might have seen all your weight, age and location but you can change it now.

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