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FitBit Surge : Inroduction

Fitbit Surge is one of the best and super watch for the fitness. It has actually placed company within the category of the sports watch for first time and it has competed against other companies such as Garmin and Polar.

The Fitbit company has claimed that this device is made for every person and that is why, I have actually tried the different number of the devices that includes the Charge HR that is on the top of the best activity tracker for several months.

But what about the FitBit Surge? Has it really stood out against the competition? In order to answer the questions, I have actually worn these watches for a few weeks to find out about the quality of these sports watches as Charge HR is providing to the activity trackers.

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Fitbit Surge: Design:

This new FitBit surge is not equally pretty like the other smart watches neither it is delicate but the design shows that it is the sports watch. It actually measures the 12mm at the thickest point and 8mm at the slimmest, whereas, it is 34mm in its width.

This Surge is actually available within 3 different colors that is from the bolder blue to the plain black or the Tangerine. You will also get 3 different sizes that are small, large or extra large. The smallest one I have used, is best for the wrists between the 5.5 to the 6.3 inches that is actually small for few of Pocket lint team that is why, you have to measure your wrist before you buy the watch.

The 1.25 inches of the square touchscreen and LCD display is best on the Stainless steel that is surrounded on Surge which actually separates it from various types of wristbands and this is the reason I actually like it. It is clear and have crisp display and you will have no issue in the reading even if you are in the bright light. There is backlight that you can easily turn off and on within the settings menu which makes it very handy for the low to light situations.

If you swipe left on touchscreen from the home screen, you will be displayed with stats and if you swipe again, the next stat will be shown and it can include heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, floor climbed and calories burned.

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Fitbit Surge: Setup:

Just like any device, you have to download the FitBit setup in order to connect the PC or you can download the application for the iOS and the Android system to set the Surge. If you are using the PC, then simply plug a wireless dongle that has come with device in the PC’s USB port and then you have to follow instructions on the Fitbit Connect. After that, the question will be asked regarding the log in to the account or you can also create the new one.


As I have done, you can also control the Surge with different gestures of touch screen along with the buttons. There are three buttons surrounding display. One on the left side is the back button and it can switch between the exercise home screen and clock home screens and you will see two action buttons on right side. Within the Fitbit application, you can also customize Surge watch face home screen if you want to swipe right or left from clock, this will show stats, for example, the steps that you have taken, calories burned or anything.

It also allows you to control the music on the smart phone, but it actually needs the Bluetooth pairing is enabled. You can go to settings and then go to the Bluetooth Classic. Select Pair now. After that, from the Bluetooth settings page within the smart phone, choose the ‘pair with surge classic’.

After following these simple steps, this feature is completely amazing and you can work with different applications of music such as Google Play Music and Spotify. Moreover, I have also found that I can skip and pause the songs by simply tapping the screen and pressing these action buttons.

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Fitbit Surge: Heart rate monitoring:

Within the inside screen of this optical heart rate monitor that makes this Surge completely different from its competitors. This Fitbit operates for exactly the same PurePulse technology, which was introduced within the Charge HR in order to achieve the monitoring of the heart rate constantly.

The best thing I have found with the Surge heart rate monitor is that it is consistent in its action. The optical monitors that can be Adidas miCoach Fit Smart can cause large pain as only the small difference between your sensors and skin can cause the signal loss. This problem has never occurred with these Surge.

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Fitbit Surge: GPS:

If you are in the Lap Run Mode or the Free Run Mode, then this Fitbit Surge will actually search for the signals of GPS automatically in order to detect your route. As it is searching, it provides the option to begin the running and it will look for your running. This is one of the amazing feature that stops you from the standing or waiting for device to track the location.

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Now, you can easily receive the call or message alerts on this FitBit surge. When one text comes then the alert is popped up on the Surge’s screen and your device will start vibrating. Now, you can press top right button to see the entire message but the problem with this Surge is that, you can’t reply from this.

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Fitbit Surge: Activity Tracking:

The Surge has done best job in regarding to the tracking of activity, particularly for the cycling and running and the special thanks should be given to the connectivity of the GPS which means that the smart phone is not needed when you are running to track your route. As it is told earlier that running follows own menu just like cycling whereas, other activities are present within an exercise menu.

The other options for exercise within the menu includes spinning, workout, yoga, elliptical, weights and all of which Surge monitors time, heart rate and the calories. What you measure can be easily changed within the application, but you have to make sure because this Surge is not going to do something fancy including swing measure.

Fitbit Surge: Performance:

This tracker from the Fitbit easily tracks my daily activities precisely as it counts the calories along with the steps with the accuracy. Whereas, the signals of GPS take a long time to connect as it is expected, the sensors of heart rates are always on point.

As it is one of the largest Fitbit device, I was worried about its wearing al the day and sleeping with it, but now, I only remove it when I go to the shower.

Tracking of sleep:

With the monitoring of other activities, this Surge also helps in tracking of sleep that is not the common feature of the sports watch. You will find one simple reason that is, these sports watches are not comfortable and not small to wear all the time. But the activity trackers are usually small and light in weight as they are not noticeable and not annoying when you are sleeping.

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Fitbit Application:

This is the best application with which the company is hitting the nail on head just like it has done with other products. As it is told earlier that the delivery of data from such devices is amazing and provides complete accuracy.

The major dashboard where every data is collected for the entire day, shows all the things that is your steps, calories burned, heart rate, floors climbed along with the logged exercises, sleep data, weight management, calories left, calories and water consumed. You can also edit it according to your choice to show you some common features.

If you are going to link this FitBit to some application like MyFitnessPal then it means you are using it much accurately, particularly to monitor your weight or count the calories. Such apps talk to one another and this is most helpful.

Battery life:

I have found the battery life of this Surge completely mixed. The Fitbit claims that the Surge can easily spend up to 7 days for one time charge and that is achieved if you don’t do anything. As I have experienced, it is exactly four days per charge if you are actually moving and doing all your workouts. But, when you are using the GPS consecutively for the hike of up to 4 hours, then your battery life time is actually going to reduce from the four days to the five hours. The battery life is average till the time when you start the tracking by the GPS.

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