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FitBit Flex 2:

The FitBit Flex 2 is one of the first swimmer friendly fitness tracker given by the company as it has given the sense of relief that we can actually use the tracker which is waterproof and it was the most awaited item.

Besides the simplicity of the usage and the form factor, this Flex 2 is one of the most different from its predecessors and this makes it one of the best things. I have tested the product and that is why I am here to give review to let people know about what I have felt after spending time with this amazing technology and I also want to share the reason that why I want to use this product for the long term.

FitBit Flex 2

The new fitness tracker from the Fitbit that is made for the entry level costs $99.95 and it has much more amazing features that you can never expect in the small size. The new improvement is made as compared to the basic FitBit Flex as the new Flex 2 has the activity to automatically track the sleep and steps that include running, aerobic workouts, cycling along with the swimming. This actually saves a lot of time and you don’t have to input your entire workout in the diaries.


The design offered for the Flex 2 is very amazing as compared to the other models that I have tried. The most attractive thing about the design of this model that attracted me a lot was the tiny size of this tracker as compared to the others that I actually tested from the list. Just because of the small size, it is easily worn like the bracelet and I don’t feel any problem with it and within the small size, it has a 3 axis accelerometer that is used to track the activity as well as the vibration motors for the alerts in this 0.83 ounce of package. This is 30% smaller in size with 1.25 * 0.35 * 0.27 inches as compared to the original one. This tracker actually comes in the small as well as the large elastomer bands along with the charging cable.

FitBit Flex 2 image

The new Flex 2 is ultra light in weight and slim in size that it is very rarely noticed for the first two days. Moreover, it is also resistant to water and that is why, I liked it because I don’t have to take this off before going to shower and my everyday routine is not disturbed as well.

It has 5 LED’s that are aligned vertically all along wristband light to tell the goal progression as each light represents a quarter of the goal. The 5th LED light use the color code to show the alarm and to tell you about the receive of the call or text on the paired device and it is also used to wake up and have some exercise.


If you don’t like the sporty elastomer, then there are more stylish accessories such as the Luxe collection bangles as you can change it in Flex 2. The bangles have different stainless steel collection available for only $89.95 and they are plated in the rose gold $99.95.

As they are attractive, they are heavy as you are wearing the jewelry. They have small and large both sizes, but they are not actually adjustable and they may hang around wrist. But despite this problem, this Flex 2 easily track the steps just like the classic bands.

The most annoying part here is that you are wearing a tracker in the bangle and they show little clattering sounds when this tracker is in the silent mode or on vibration, but above all, I like it because I can easily take it in the shower.

FitBit Flex 2 image 2

One other amazing thing is that you can wear it in pendant for the $99.95 of necklace. But as I tried this pendent technology, I was a little disappointed because there was a difference in between the pendant and the wrist readings that is why I have found that this pendant technology is not much good.

One other problem I have faced is that my bangles changed the color as I applied lotion to my arms and that is why, this should be used with care when using perfume or lotion.

Activity Tracking:

Just like the other models, this small Flex 2 can easily track sleep and steps, but it has the ability to add the exercise recognition automatically to the feature of the smartTrack that allows you to track the runs, walks, sports, outdoor cycling, elliptical workouts, swimming and many other things.

In order to test my machine and Flex 2, I set this Flex 2 to track my workout on the elliptical machine and although, its estimate was a little shorter in time, but I must have to say that I have been given with the accurate readings. These steps count has also come with the little short time. Such as, it actually counted my 500 steps as the 465 but this is not much difference and you can also enable the precise measurements.

If you don’t like the sporty elastomer band then you can also switch to the stylish jewelry. Not like the first generation Flex, this Flex 2 is the swim proof and has the water resistance offered up to the 50 meters. Moreover, you will also find it amazing that it can detect the lap number automatically when you are in the pool that can also show the length of pool.


The presence of indicator lights is not enough for the one’s who actually want the tracking of activities along with some other stats, particularly over the long periods of time. In order to do it, you have to rely on Fitbit applications that works in sync with the devices that are running this Android 4.3 or some later version and the iPhone 4s or some latest models. It also offers a chance to sync the data with the Mac that is running the OS 10.6 and the other devices running on Windows 19.

FitBit Flex 2

When you will open the FitBit application, your dashboard is going to display your daily progress that shows the steps, distance travelled, sleep, exercise and estimated burned calories and many different things. It also shows the consumption of food and the weight. You can change the priority of the stats which is based on the things that you want to see on the top. If you want to see the text or call notification on the vibration mode and on priority, then you can change it according to your need.

As I have tested this FitBit app, many notifications were not available from the HTC One M9 model that I used with the Flex 2. Most of the troubleshooting rounds also failed to address this problem, but as I connected it to my iPhone 6, the problem resolved on its own. So, after my research, I came to know that if your Android device is actually managing many connections of Bluetooth at one time then your tracker will stop the synchronization or it will simply stop the receiving of the call or any other notification as it can cause a lot of interruption with the Bluetooth connections.

The new Flex 2 has also the latest feature that sends you the reminders for the movement. When you are going to set this function in the application, the tracker will vibrate after each hour to give you a reminder of about 250 step walk. But I personally found it a little annoying that is why, I set the alarm up to 2 hours rather than one. You are also able to set the eight alarms that are going to vibrate the tracker and you can easily dismiss with some taps.

In order to motivate the users, there are certain sections that allow the user to select the number of events and the destinations and you can also walk this distance if you want to enjoy scenery. This application also allows its users to get connected with the friends and this is how people are more motivated when they take part in competition with their friends in such types of activities.

Tracking of sleep:

As I have used the normal tracking of sleep settings, the stats that I got with this Flex 2 was nearly accurate as compared to the other wearable devices that I tried. On the dashboard, you can set the sensitivity of the sleep tracking and when you do it, it actually pays the attention to some of the small movements. So, within these settings, it is actually going to show that you have taken less sleep as compared to the one’s within the normal settings of sleep.

FitBit Flex 2 image 3

One other new feature within the ultra slim Flex 2 gives you the reminder that you have to move. As you set the Flex 2 towards the sensitive mode, this Flex 2 application allows you that you have to sleep only 4 to 5 hours in one night. If you are going to use the normal settings then it will tell you that you have to sleep one hour more than the normal time. these times of sleep can also be altered if you are sleeping with your partner and especially the one who wakes up at night.

If you don’t sync your Flex 2 tracker with the computer or your smart phone for several weeks due to some personal reasons, then this tracker will itself save all the data of the activity for the seven days. It also saves all your activities for every 30 days and I actually like this feature a lot because I don’t find enough time to connect the tracker with the smartphone every week.

Battery life:

The Flex 2 has been powered up by the battery that is rechargeable and composed of lithium and as most of the people says that this battery lasts for up to five days, but I have noticed that It actually lasts for only four days and I have also experienced the quick drain of the battery because I set the alarms each day up to 8 and these hourly reminders move from the 13 hours of the day along with the texts and call notifications.

The company has given the USB cable to charge this Flex 2 that is ultra slim in size, and it can recharge the device completely within 1 or 2 hours time. But if you have lost your original cable then you have to buy new one for $20.


  • It has the automatic tracking of the activity
  • It is ultra slim and have a stylish design
  • It possesses interchangeable accessories
  • It has the water resistant property that makes it best among others
  • It offers the best application platform
  • Offers very accurate and basic tracking


  • The text and call notification can cause glitchiness if connected with the android devices
  • Its battery life can be better still
  • There is no notification support for the third party
  • Only some activities can be tracked when it is worn around neck

Bottom Line:

This new Flex 2 is best for the ones who want to track the steps, sleep and exercise without wearing some heavy device or the plastic bands. It is also resistant to water which means that you have no need to take this Flex 2 off each day and this ultra slim wearable also makes it one of the best and the most attractive tracker of fitness that people can’t easily recognize about it. You will also be able to get the text or the call notifications, but you have to be careful as they can be sometimes erratic if you are going to connect them with your Android smartphone but this is not the problem if you are doing it with your Apple phone. These all things and important features make this Flex 2 worth mentioning that this is the best tracker that must be bought and used.

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