Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphone in 2019

Believe it or not, Life of a swimmer or runner is incomplete without sweat-proof Bluetooth headphones.

Technology has introduced a huge amount of elegant and stunning Bluetooth headphones according to one’s own need and requirements. The assortment of Bluetooth headphones is important as it should have all the qualities which make a comfortable life. Every company is in a big competition to introduce most excellent and latest Bluetooth headphones. Fortunately, these qualities have also been designed in Waterproof Bluetooth headphones for swimming, working out and running. They are comfortable, resilient and modish in use and have the best excellence of sound.

Here is our recommendation for waterproof wireless headphones that deliver good sound quality with amazing battery life. These sweat-proof Bluetooth headphones allow you to play music while swimming, diving, working out or running. These headsets are equally best for runners, swimmers body builders who usually perform heavy work out. To provide you comfort they are light in weight and durable with long battery life. Lets have a look at our recommendation of the best best waterproof Bluetooth headphones.

1: Plantronics Backbeat Fit:

Plantronics BackBeat Fit are the perfect headphones for swimmers as they work best at the length of 3ft underwater. They are flexible and comfortable to use with eight hours battery timing and fine sound with stressed bass. However, sound quality is not up to the great level.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit

The best thing about these headphones is that, they are not only specific for water activities but also good for cycling, running and working out. Due to the IP57 rating, they have the maximum ability to resist water. One thing worth mentioning is that, if by chance they get into the water they can survive there for thirty minutes without any smash up. You can get them easily from the water because they are weightless and take time to reach beneath.

Their quality to protect them from dust is the unique one. BackBeat Fit are made up of rubber plastic which can bear a lot of strain, therefore, remain they safe even in ruthless situation during sports. Remember, It takes time to adjust the headphones as there may be some kind of irritation because of their firmness but once they fit, it is easy to use them as regular earbuds even during playing.

Ear tips play an important role in noise cancellation and closing the sounds for a long time.  If you wear them for enough time, they will certainly not annoy your ears but again it all depends on the size of head.

Bluetooth works best after connecting even at the distance of 30ft without creating any kind of disturbance and alteration. It works 99% even if device is close for most of the time. Using the BackBeat Fit you will be able to receive calls clearly without any distortion. With the help of microphone, one can enjoy to communicate with others even during boat riding too. One can enjoy songs by controlling volume with the battery timing of eight hours and play for maximum time. As for as quality of sound is concerned, it is average but clear and loud. They are comfortable to use during sports time. In short they are good, easy to handle with waterproof Bluetooth and have fine sound for all kind of sports.

2: Hussar Magicbuds:

Hussar Magicbuds are also the Water resistant sports Bluetooth earbuds. These earbuds are washable, IPX4 rated, easy to use and good Bluetooth range. They are cost effective, with great sound and unparalleled performance. For this reason they are well-liked by swimmers and runners.

Hussar Magicbuds

When it comes to the question of water resistance Hussar Magicbuds earbuds lack this feature at large, because you cannot put them in water for a long time. However, they can survive even in rain water and in sweating too. They could work better if kept outside of water. The earbuds have the plastic covering and flexible wires with fine ear hooks.

Hussar Magicbuds are similar with Powerbeats 2, therefore easy to handle and manage. After adjusting them, they never leave their positions even while running. Three ear tips of silicon are available with this device. One of the best features is that they are lightweight, you will not feel burden when wearing them.

At the distance of around 30ft, Bluetooth connects to Android and iOS devices very easily. The issues regarding Bluetooth are exceptional. The volume can be controlled via power button. The microphone is of a bit lower quality and cannot be used for the main purpose of calling. For calling purpose you must see our list of Best Bluetooth Headsets.

The battery timing is seven hours but it provides enough time to enjoy the music and swimming at a time. A charging cable with a micro USB within zipper is available along with earbuds. It offers a great sound with highest noise cancellation in this price range. Overall, Hussar Magicbuds are the best waterproof earbuds having all the features of comfort, best battery timing, Bluetooth and great sound.

3: BlueAnt Pump:

BlueAnt Pump waterproof headphones are affordable even by spending a minute amount of money. The model is IPX7 Waterproof, it has robust design and fits in a stable way. The headphone has a fine extra benefit for ear tips. The budget model has a big worth for those who want affordable waterproof headphones. The best thing about this model is that it has many plus points than shortcomings. It has low stressed sound signature. The frequency of Bluetooth is of short range which can be considered as its con.

BlueAnt Pump

This model of Bluetooth is the latest one with amazing features that’s why it ranked on number one. These headphones are even more cheaper than the plantronics Backbeat.

Due to the elastic wires, one can regulate it according to one’s own requirements. Also the wires are not much long instead their length is average so that they cannot intermingle with one another. Even in sports, Blueant pumps are supportive while playing.

After sweating they get damp, they remain there but the seal set free and causes an irritating and itchy feelings. It does not mean that it happens with everybody but in reality it depends upon the size of head. With these waterproof headphones, you will get an extra cable zip, stabilizers of two kinds of sizes, ear tips with seven different forms.

They are excellent to use, have the same criteria and rank as IP67 and provides as good water proofing as Plantronics offers. The quality to get water on and go 3ft down in water makes headphones distinctive than others.

They are not most excellent for swimming purposes by the reason of Bluetooth technology in these headphones. In water, one can undergo certain problems regarding connection matters.

The use of Teflon and Kevlar offers water shield with rubber and remains intact with ears in water places. After using these headphones one can feel that these are specially design for water activities.  These features make them easy to carry on and are compatible for other supports too. Another significant feature is they they come with one year warranty. It means if they don’t work, you can easily return for the new one.

The range of Bluetooth as publicized is equal to 100ft, which in true sense is more than it has been said. The reality is, the Bluetooth quality is not up to the mark. The range of Bluetooth reduces to 25ft of real and functional range if it occurs between barriers and walls.

The battery timing is eight hours which is good but not upto the mark as it reduces to 2-3 hours after charging. If producers make efforts to use battery for long time then no doubt, it will affect the cost of headphone too. This is a fact that with one time charging, it provides a lot of entertaining time.

Within budget, this waterproof Bluetooth has the appealing and strong quality of sound. It has a best quality of sound and for those who like bass sound they would really enjoy it. If you are looking for the most affordable waterproof Bluetooth headphone then get this one.

4: Photive PH-BTE70:

Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have all the features of great sound, comfortable to use and long Bluetooth range. It has IPX6 design to resist water, that’s why  is good for sports activities. It has Bluetooth with stable connectivity. They have everything of standard quality. Their prices are not much low but still offer a plenty of functions within given amount of money.

Photive PH-BTE70

Their design seems more resilient in this way and very light in weight as they are made up of plastic. They are IPX6 rated and resist water. Sorry to say, but they cannot survive for enough time in water. They are considered best for sports where chances to get wet are possible.

They are good both in terms of comfort level and to remain in one state. There is a vast variety of ear tips available to fit in ear. The adjustable hooks are designed beautifully which increases their stability in ear. As they are lightweight and adjust even within every size of ears.

Bluetooth works best at the distance of 33ft if there are no obstructions between headphones and device.  The working efficiency mostly depends on the fact that how much is the distance and barriers across the way of frequency range. It works best at the distance of 20ft which is considered usual for wireless headphones. Their buttons are very small but it’s fine after practicing for long time.

The battery timing is six hours which is best to use and play music. Within offered amount of money this is the best headphone with long lasting battery.

The sound quality is not best to listen to the music. But it has bass sound which gives a pleasant effect to listen the music. With this function majority of the people will not dissatisfy because everyone has different choices so it is the best headphone with the ability to resist water, strong bass and are not costly. So for these are the best waterproof headphones which offers stability, comfort and bass sound.

5: Sony SBH70BK:

Sony SBH70BK headphones have a good quality stereo sound. It has the quality to resist water as they also have IP57 technology. Just like other waterproof headsets SBH70BK is also lightweight, water resistant and comfortable to use. In addition, It has the function of vibration to give notification for call. The quality of sound is perfect for music play as well as phone calls. However, there are some limitations as the sound is not very loud. Vibrating function is not suitable for all time. It lacks specific display for battery charging.

Sony SBH70BK

The covering of Sony SBH70BK is made of soft rubber which gives a pleasant feeling and protect it from water. It means that it can be used in rain, in dampness and in work place as well without fear of any damages. The design of SBH70BK is amazing but still it has certain weak points. It has small wires and in this way they can not intermingle with one another.

These are comfortable and lightweight earbuds and easy to carry on. Sadly, the neckband design is not suitable for all situations as for bench exercises. The vibration provides alerts for calls. The covering of hard plastic may be difficult to use but they are identical like Apple earpods.

The method to use Bluetooth function is very easy and you can pair it with a range of devices. The Bluetooth range is 15-30 response to connect devices at a time. Its battery timing work at its best level. It provides six hours power from neckband to play music while for phone calls, its duration is about 8.5 hours.

In this category Sony has chance to compete with other brands. It has the best quality of sound that is a great deal for price of one hundred dollar. It has affluent stereo sound but not the bass sound. Flat and lively frequencies of sound creates a fine balance of intonation and pitch of sound. Unfortunately, Its volume is not great but it is sufficient for different purposes.

It has another feature of talkback mic which is missing in other wireless headphones. Calls can easily be listened via microphone. Sony SBH70BK with low cost is best choice for those who are interested in great sound and are fond of water resistant earbuds.

6: SoundWhiz W18:

SoundWhiz W18 has the best quality of balanced sound with design as water resilient. Just like its counterparts, It is also washable, IPX7 rated, steady and comfortable to use with the function of Bluetooth connectivity in most stable way. Offering the plain and balanced sound quality W18 is suitable for all tasks to enjoy almost all the functions of earbuds. Even SoundWhiz W18 are cheaper than most of the costly headphones in markets.

SoundWhiz W18

They have awesome ability to resist water because of their rating as IPX7. They can remain in water for enough time. However, they are not best for swimming purposes as the Bluetooth stops working in water. It means that they can be used in rain drops, in dampness and in work place without fear of any damages. Their composition totally consists of plastic and one can use it confidently at anytime. Its wires are made of elastic and last for a long time. The rubber touch to ear hooks makes them to use without any hesitation. They can be used for maximum years which ensures their firmness.

After wearing these earbuds one can feel at ease, the design is identical to Powerbeats 2, adjusts satisfactorily on ears. For any fast activity they can be used because they fit with stability. It provides ear tips with six pairs, foam of three sizes give a best segregation of sound and relieve. After wearing them you can enjoy every second of time and even can be used with smart phones at home.

The use of Bluetooth 4.1 makes it not different from the earlier versions.  You can get access of Bluetooth range at the distance of 30ft depending on the barriers come on the way of connectivity. An important feature is that the connection system gets disturbed not often. It is compatible with all devices such as Android sets, iOS and tablets.

Two devices cannot be attached at a time in case of tablets or smart phones. The battery timing is 8 hours which is enough to enjoy the maximum time. The microphone is of average quality therefore don’t expect it for maximum number of calls. They have big buttons to use and handle easily for selection of songs and to control volume within no second.

The quality of sound will not make you feel disappointed, instead they have good sound as Jab audio have. The bass is rather low and cannot make you happy if you love stressed bass sound. It has the quality of CVC6 to cancel the maximum of noise.  You can have a good quality of sound within reasonably priced. overall It has all the maximum functions and average qualities with reasonable prices. No doubt, Sound Whiz W18 waterproof earbuds with Bluetooth are best to use for convenient time.

7: TROND Edge:

TROND Edge are headphones for swimming and running as they are also washable and rated as IPX4.  With very good battery timing of around seven hours and affordable price they are perfect for every sportsman. The TROND Edge are stable and fit at their positions wherever they fix. Also, they have a good quality of sound with stressed bass. However, It has some problems regarding comfort. Actually they are good waterproof headphones under $20. You will be able to enjoy each and every functions of this water resistant Bluetooth headphone at the minimum prices.


The TROND Edge has been designed with the plastic material, therefore, has the quality to resist water. They may be damaged whenever they come into account with underwater for a long time. But it will be safe if they are used in heavy rain and for cleaning purposes. By using IPX rating model, one can use the Bluetooth with safety close to wet places because it is necessary to use it at some distance.

The TROND Edge are very easy to carry on because of their lightweight. Its special feature of wings can easily fix on ear’s position. These wings are easily adjustable according to the size of ears. The TROND Edge can work best even during sports but they are not suitable to use for extended period of time. Because of wires fluttering behind neck, it creates problem and one cannot feel easy due to these wires.

It has Bluetooth, which can work best at the distance of 30ft if there are no barriers between them. It is compatible with all other devices such as android, iOS and also connects with laptops. Hands-free mode can be used for the purposes of calls and works good at the time of need. This is great headphone with seven hours battery life as compared to blue Ant pump. Therefore it is wise decision to use this within reasonable prices in order to have the best entertainment.

It has a good quality of sound with a special feature of bass which works efficiently. However, it is better to listen with mid tones which are good and clear. The sound is of good quality for which you pay it’s not a bad idea. Only with twenty dollars, one can enjoy a lot of functions of earbuds, water resistant quality, nice battery and good sound.



In a nutshell, a variety of Bluetooth headphones are available to buy. But it all depends on your choice of what you like the most. Every Bluetooth has its own features. Some have special features of stability and some are with good quality of sound. They are attractive enough to convince you to buy every beautiful Bluetooth headphone. No doubt their role is important to provide lot of entertainment every time.

It is suggested that whenever you visit market, always go for the best one. Every Bluetooth has its special functions and features. so, buy only those which have reasonable prices, a long lasting battery timing, quality to resist water and nice sound. Always go for that Bluetooth which suited you most, whether they are according to your head size or not. If you can afford a most excellent waterproof Bluetooth, if money is not a problem for you at all then go for the finest one.

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