Best Slow Cookers in 2019 (From Cuisinart, Crock Pot, and Hamilton Beach)

The slow cookers are a great invention and the most popular product in kitchen gadgets because they have made the process of cooking entirely simple. This is very tricky to find out the best slow cooker, more particularly when it seems more identical. The top slow cookers introduced for the New Year have come up with the super simple and closed design that is the strength of the heart. With the help of these slow cookers you can leave the entire process of cooking on all the day without worrying for the process at your own house.

Before writing the review, we have tested the product completely and compared it with the other types of the best slow cookers within the market and here are the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the top slow cookers that we have tested. Here is the review:  

Top 10 Slow Cookers in 2019:

Slow Cooker NameCapacityWarrantyMaterialSee Price
Crock Pot SCCPCTS605-S6-QuartOne-YearStonewareCheck Price
Crock Pot Pittsburgh Steelers NFL6-QuartN/AStonewareCheck Price
CuisinArt PSC 3503.5-QuartThree YearsStainless SteelCheck Price
Crock –Pot SCCPVL610-S6-QuartN/AStainless SteelCheck Price
Hamilton Beach Go Slow Cooker7-QuartN/AStonewareCheck Price
Cuisinart MSC-6006-QuartThree YearsStainless SteelCheck Price
Hamilton Beach 332626-QuartN/AStainless SteelCheck Price
Hamilton Beach Set n Forget6-QuartOne YearAluminumCheck Price
Waring Pro WSC6506.5-QuartN/AStainless SteelCheck Price
West Bend 849055-QuartOne YearMetalCheck Price

1: Cuisinart MSC-600: Best Programmable Slow Cooker for Small and Medium Family

The new Cuisinart MSC 600 Slow Cooker has come up with all the amazing features that you were looking for within the slow cooker. It consists of all the amazing features that you were looking for within the slow cooker along with the conventional features. When it comes to the features of the slow cooker, the new model of cuisinart consist of all the amazing functions that you may have seen in other slow cookers. It has the capability to shift towards the keep warm feature as your food has been cooked or if your meat has reached towards the pre-set optimum temperature. This is the ideal slow cooker not only for small and medium family but also perfect for cooking vegetables, meat, whole chicken and turkey breast. Moreover it is suitable for two persons.

Cuisinart MSC-600 Slow Cooker

The CuisinArt has been known well due to its amazing slow cookers for the kitchen. The MSC-600 is the great slow cooker with timer when it is compared with the other models offering the same features within the market. But it is for sure that when you will come to know the amazing features offered by the Cuisinart MSC-600 slow cooker, you will definitely try it irrespective of the money that it costs. We have tested the product after its introduction within the market and we have compared it with the other types of the slow cookers that are present within the market.

Durable Build:

The new MSC 600 is made up of the stainless steel from the exterior and it also consists of the control panel in it that has all the brilliant functions along with the blue backlit LCD display which is present at the front. Overall this is the most durable slow cooker and best for vegetarian, chicken and beef recipes and soups.

Reliable Components

It consists of the removable pot of cooking which is made up of the non stick aluminum which is the exclusive feature available within Cuisinart model because all other slow cookers are usually made up of the ceramic based pot. This is one of the amazing feature that makes MSC-600 distinct from the other types of slow cookers.


The new model has the ability to keep the food safe and easily contained, the presence of the cool touch glass lid helps in the fixation at its top all the time and it also consists of some extra cool touch handles on its both sides so that you can carry it easily. The new model of CuisinArt MSC-600 Slow cooker has come up with the wide construction as compared to the other models and therefore, the product actually weighs for around 3 to 4 pounds which is much more than the ordinary slow cooker. All the internal parts and the components that includes the steaming rack too are easily removable and they can be easily cleaned without any effort. When you are going to buy the slow cooker, you will also get the additional warranty of 3 years on the parts.

Automatic Time Setting

You are also given the feature to set the time of cooking for up to 24 hours but as you know that this is the slow cooker so the large time is provided but keeping in mind the quickly prepared recipes, you can reduce the time for up to 30 minutes. So, you can easily select the temperature appropriately from three different settings such as low, high or simmer. The new model is considered as the best and programmable slow cooker that can easily reach up to 400 degrees of Fahrenheit.

The new slow cooker is highly durable and it has been designed to provide the long life. All parts of the slow cooker are completely free of BPA and that is why, you don’t have to worry for the cleanliness, hygiene and the chemicals. It also consists of the digital controls and other functionality that is added within this model and this is why, it is the must buy product. The 3 in 1 multi cooker has provided the warranty for up to 3 years. So, if you are looking for the stretching of the budget then you must also buy the cooker because of amazing capabilities that it has.

Final Thoughts:

Despite the basic function of slow cooking, the new MSC-600 also acts as best crock pot that has the ability to offer other features such as, it helps in the sauté of brown meat as well as the vegetables before you have even switched towards the slow cooking. You will also find the cook central mode in it which allows the users to steam the vegetables. It is even much better for the ones that have the sweet tooth because the new cook central feature has been introduced especially for the preparation of desserts. 

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2: Crock Pot SCCPCTS605-S: Best Slow Cooker for Travel Serve

The Crock Pot SCCPCTS605-S is actually the up-gradation of the previous model offered by the Crock pot having lots of flaws in it. The new model has come up with much better features that were missing in the previous model and it has also overcome all the flaws. One of the most common and obvious feature that is carried by the Crock Pot is the presence of the temperature indicator within it and within the 605 S.

Crock Pot SCCPCTS605-S Travel Serve Slow Cooker

The presence of the gauge style display within front panel can easily switch from the red to the yellow and it consists of the indicator which shows quick glance at temperature status. This holds one of the great importance when you are going to transport food such that you have the idea that when you have to keep the plug back within and warm it up again.

The new model is most affordable slow cooker priced under $50 full of large number of features and it has all the things that were missing within 610 PS. The new slow cooker has come up with temperature display. The new 605 has come up with the temperature gauge that has the ability to indicate food temperature when you are going to travel. This is one of the best improvements within the model but it is offset because of the limited selections within the cook times that have been restricted to only four selections. 

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3: Hamilton Beach 7 Quart: Perfect Slow Cooker for A Large Family

If you have not heard about the Hamilton Beach 7 Quart  slow cooker then here is the complete review that describes all the pros and cons that are offered by this slow cooker and these all benefits and drawbacks of the slow cooker are provided after we have tested them completely within our lab.

Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker

Simple Slow Cooker With Manual Setting:

The new Hamilton Beach slow cooker has come up without any frills manual action slow cooker that has the simple rotary setting selector of temperature at its front side which actually allows its users to select whether they want the high, low or warm cooking temperature. You will not find any timer within the slow cooker Set n Forget range with the help of this cooker to do everything manually.


The new Hamilton Beach 7 slow cooker has one automated feature lacking in it as you will not see any probe or timer within it because these are present within the other models offered by Hamilton Beach 7 slow cooker such as Hamilton Beach 33967 and Hamilton Beach 33969. Rather, the simplicity about the Hamilton Beach 7 is its keyword whereas; all things are kept to the minimum level. But, one single snap can easily shut the clasp that is holding the lid which will also shut when you are going to transport it for the prevention of spillage or leakage. You will also find the two fold down handles for the heavy duty which can easily lift it up for the lifting of seven quart pot. The slow cooker has come up with the capacity of up to 7 quarts that is much surprising because its dimensions are not big than the Crock Pot 610-S or Hamilton Beach 33969 or the 33967 at the 14.4*10/5*14.5 inches.


Rather, you must have an idea about the time of cooking whether it comes from the experience or the recipes. It can be actually a problem for the beginner when you don’t have an idea about the low and high intensity in comparison to the temperature degrees and how much long it will take to get to that temperature.

The new Hamilton Beach slow cooker consists of enough capacity that you can easily cook large meat cuts and entire chicken but you will not find any temperature probe or the rudimentary gauge of cooking temperature.

Simple in use and large capacity:

The new Hamilton beach consists of the 7 quarts capacity that allows the consumer to cook enough food that can serve nearly 10 people thus a perfect slow cooker for a party . It has the ability to handle very large pieces of whole chicken, meat, turkey breast.

Final Thoughts:

The new Hamilton Beach 7 quarts is the large capacity of slow cooker that do not contains any frills and it also consists of the features that are transport friendly but the cooking needs large amount of experience or the guesswork.

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4: CCrock-Pot Pittsburgh Steelers NFL: Best For Sports and Travel:

It might be possible that the new appearance of the slow cooker may look funny to you but when this is about the Crock Pot Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Cook and Carry Slow Cooker, it is the toughest competitor which is very hard to beat. The new slow cooker is made specifically to serve the sports as well as the travel lovers who don’t want to miss their single shot during the cooking of food. Read Full Review

Crock-Pot NFL 6-Quart Slow Cooker - image

The new and amazing slow cooker consists of solid exterior that is built up of metal and it maintains the slow cooker weight to 13.9 pounds which is constant. The light weight of the slow cooker has made it highly easy to be carried anywhere. The presence of the stoneware material within the slow cooker provide more than 6 quarts capacity that has the capability of cooking the large amount of food which can easily serve more than 7 people in one cooking cycle.

The new slow cooker has the ability to offer the spacious oval pot made up of the ceramic within which includes the heating base. The presence of the stoneware within the pot is safe to the dishwasher and it is also removable so that you don’t have any need to spend a lot of time in its washing and then end up with the important parts of game missing because of the dishwashing. The new feature of the slow cooker have no competitive when it comes to its amazing features. It consists of the on and off button along with low high and the keep warm options within temperatures of cooking.

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5: CuisinArt PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker:

The CuisinArt PSC 350 is the programmable slow cooker that has been designed to serve one small family and it is also available within the small budget. You will find the large number of reviews related to the product online and that is because, it has come up with lots of features.

CuisinArt PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker

The PSC-350 is considered as the best slow cooker for the small families along with the ones who have very small budget. As it consists of the large number of positive reviews about this slow cooker offered by Cuisinart, it is worth mentioning that you should buy it when it comes to the slow cooker. After the product introduction within the market, we have tested the product and compared it with the other slow cookers within the market and therefore, here is the review about all features.


The CuisinArt PSC-350 is best Programmable Slow cooker which consists of the inner ceramic pot in it. This is completely safe to dishwashing whereas, it is also able to withstand the heat of oven. The oval shape of the material of the stainless steel has increased the entire durability as well as the long life of the slow cooker.

In order to cover top, you will get one glass lid that has amazing and cool handles along with the chrome plated knob. The lid is also very safe to the dishwasher and it ensures that you don’t have any need to waste your valuable time of cooking on the cleaning process.

The new and the stainless steel housing consist of the cool handles that have the ability to resist the top levels of the heat. Moreover, in the front, you can also see touchpad control panel that consists of the simple interface for the required input. At the end, the slow cooker bottom consists of the non slip feet of button that has the ability to prevent the damage as well as the scratch to the countertop of the kitchen or at any surface on which you have placed the cooker.

Benefits of using Cuisinart PSC 350:

  • It consists of the longer slow time of cooking that has the zero minutes to the 24 hours cooking time and this is how you will get very broad slot of time that allows you to cook the large variety of the recipes.
  • Safe and clean food is available with the Cuisinart PSC 350. The new slow cooker comply with all the requirements of hygiene along with all of its components that you have come in contact with food and they are all free of BPA and that is why, it is not going to cause any problem of health within the future.
  • The new slow cooker has come up with the recipe book in it. Moreover, it also contains some tips and hints in it from the chefs of the world. It also consists of the user manual within the slow cooker and all the recipes of the slow cooker will be at your finger tips.

The control panel also consists of the 4 modes of cooking. You can easily set internal temperature to either low, high or simmer for the process of cooking or you can also allow your food to be preserved at the temperature and its taste will be maintained with the same feature. You will also get the timer that has the ability to offer more than 24 hours of the cooking time if the recipe needs such extended time of cooking. You can select and adjust the time of cooking very easily and in order to make the selections visible to the LCD screen below timer option.

In order to increase more convenience the slow cooker has the feature that it can keep your food warm and it also activates automatically as your food has been cooked and this is how you can also leave your work for the home after you have set the time of cooking. Even when you are late, you are going to get the fresh food that is best for the consumption.

The Cuisinart PSC350 offers the warranty of up to 3 years which is best as compared to the other companies.

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6: Crock –Pot SCCPVL610-S: Best Slow Cooker for Large Family

The Crock Pot  SCCPVL601 S Slow Cooker is dominating due to the sizeable part. The new model is amazing because it has the capacity to cook the food that can easily serve one average sized family. It would be worth mentioning that the Crock Pot has solved the problems of the food by keeping it warm all the time until you don’t want it to eat. It has the capacity to preserve the aroma as well as the taste of the food for up to 6 hours.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry slow cooker

The SCCPVL601 S Slow Cooker has come up with large number of features but on the other hand, it is also very easy to be programmed. This new slow cooker has the ability to cook very quickly within the period of 30 minutes or it has also come up with the 20 hours of time that allows you to touch the real recipe by cooking it slowly. You can adjust the temperature according to your need whether you want it to be low or high as it is dependent upon the time of cooking.

Another most important feature offered by the Crock Pot is actually the convenience that has been accompanied with the slow cooker. There are a large number of other types of features that are very hard to be ignored such as, when you are going to consider the 3 different steps that you have to follow and your food will be ready completely. Read Full Review.

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7: Hamilton Beach 33262 6-Quart Slow Cooker:

The Hamilton Beach Stay or go six quart Slow Cooker has basic functions of the slow cooker. It has been equipped in a similar way like the other models of the Hamilton Beach such as 7 quarts model. It is very surprising to know that although it contains the small capacity of cooking but you will not find its small capacity very much small as the seven quart model of slow cooker has the 15.9*15.8*9 inches as compared to the new model which is 14.4*10.5*14.5 inches. Similar to the CrockPot 600 S and the Hamilton Beach 7 quarts, the new basic model has come up with the design which is portable.

Hamilton Beach 33262 6-Quart Slow Cooker


The Hamilton Beach 6 quarts has been designed specifically to provide the pure function without any frills along with the six quarts of capacity. The six quarts is the size that is important because it has the ability to feed nearly 7 to almost nine people. The basic criteria of the design has the outcome that you will get the seven quarts model without any timer in it and it only consists of the three temperature knobs for the cooking selection. Such three choices include the low cooking, high cooking and warm in order to get the food ready after the serving of cooking.

The model does not contain any timer in it just like the other models offered by Hamilton Beach and therefore it has to be operated manually.


The Hamilton Beach stay or go 6 Quarts is very similar to the other version of the Hamilton Beach that is very simple and easy to use, clean and transport. The most important fact is that it doesn’t have any timer that can make it up to you as what time you want to give to your cooking and what settings of cooking do you need.

If you have no timer then there is no switching off ability that you can easily forget for. But, this is actually the slow cooker that can easily cook for up to 10 hours or more.


When you are going to transport food, it consists of the clip down clamp that is present on both sides that has the ability to hold lid at its place as it helps in the prevention of spillage and it seals the gasket in order to prevent the leakage. As you have done with it now, it is very easy to get clean with the help of the dishwasher and its lid and pot are completely safe. The pot has been made up of ceramic and the lid is made up of glass so you can easily clean both of them.

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8: Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker:

With the slow cookers, we should associate one phrase to them that is setting and forgetting it and when it comes to the Hamilton Beach Set and Forget 6 Quart Programmable Slow cooker with Temperature Probe, the phrase completely matches to the perfection. When we are going to start with the top quality features that are offered by the slow cooker of Hamilton Beach, you will be offered with various settings of cooking. We have tested the Hamilton Beach slow cooker completely and compared it with the other types of products that are available in the market.

Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker

Apart from the presence of the temperature controls and the entire convenience, the new Hamilton Beach slow cooker has come up with the large range of services too that you are not going to get with any other slow cooker available within the market.

Along with the presence of the multiple functions within the slow cooker, it also offers the thermometer probe which updates the people with current temperature that is present inside the pot through the help of LED display which is present on control panel.

The new slow cooker is completely perfect for the on road meals because the presence of the clip tight gasket lid helps it in the prevention of the mess up of the food along with the prevention of the shifting of position and spilling drastically.

When it comes to the cooking choices, you are going to get 3 different choices for the automatic cooking.

  1. You will get the program function which enables you to set the time of cooking that you need for the recipe. As the cooking time is up, the new slow cooker will convert the time of cooking automatically towards the keep warm mode and it will help in the preservation of the food as well as taste.
  2. The new probe mode also allows you to prepare the large cuts of the meat including lamb, roast or chicken. You can insert probe simply and adjust temperature of meat up to the level that you need. The new Set and Forget slow cooker makes it sure that the meat has attained specific temperature and this is how it will shift towards the keep warm mode automatically. The new slow cooker also helps you by keeping you updated in the entire process of cooking about the current temperature with help of LED display that is present on control panel.
  3. For the purpose of the traditional cooking, the new Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow Cooker offer the manual controls and it allows the user to cook the food at the moderate, low or high temperatures for the time as long as you need. You will not find the adjustment of the cooking time within the mode.

It has the problem of serving only the members of family and you will not found any trouble with the new Hamilton Beach 33969A slow cooker that can easily prepare the meal for more than 7 adults at one cycle of cooking. When you are going to combine the entire capacity with cooking time variance then it is simple to say that these slow cookers are regarded very well.

The new slow cooker only weighs for 13.9 pounds but the presence of the handles that are of full grip and present on both sides help in the picking up and the carrying of the cooker very easily. With the help of the spacious design, powerful motor, 1 year warranty and the durable construction, the new Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Slow cooker offers the undeniable steal within the price range.

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9: Waring Pro WSC650: Best Manual Slow Cooker

The Waring Pro WSC650 Slow Cooker is one of the best slow cookers that have the capability of cooking well without presence of frills in it. The performance of cooking by Waring is also perfect and it is also easy to clean and use. The only problem associated with the product is that it doesn’t have any visual indicator for the elapsed time when you are cooking.Waring Pro WSC650 6-12 Quart Slow Cooker

We have tested the Waring Pro WSC650 Slow Cooker completely after its introduction in market and compared it with the other types of slow cookers available in order to find out the benefits as well as the drawbacks that are associated with the slow cooker. 

The Waring Pro WSC650 consists of only three standard settings of temperature and it has been highly favored by most of the brands of slow cooker along with the design of the slow cooker. The slow cooker consists of the low and high settings of temperature along with the warm stand by setting in it. It consists of the timer within it that is selected to run for more than 12 hours within the settings of cooking although; it actually has the minimum of 2 hours setting that is a bit longer as these are the two hours of increment.

Ceramic Cook and Serve Pot:

The Waring slow cooker has come up with the comparison to Hamilton Beach 33967A set And Forget Programmable cooker. It is actually of the same size with dimensions 14*10.8*16.8 and it also consists of the oval shape along with the capacity of ½ quarts much more than Hamilton Beach model.

Just like the other models that are programmable, the Waring switches automatically to the warm when the cooking time is completed. This is how you can easily keep food at exact temperature in order to serve it without overheating it again.


The Waring is easy in its use because it consists of the intuitive control. The heat selector along with the timer is very plain old rotary switches selector. It do not but it has the countdown display that allows you to see that how it is coming just like the simple switches of warm and it also shows that through the led indicator when the cooking is very complete. The presence of the cooking and timer selector provides the sufficient flexibility and it consists of low and high temperature settings that can run for about 12 hours. After the cooking and then serving of the appliance is washed very easily and just like both containers and the top can be easily put within the dishwasher.

The timer can be easily set by simply rotating selector dial to your desired setting on dial. But, its switch does not counter down or moved as it remains within the position for entire cooking process duration. It is actually meant that you have to make one mental note when you are going to set timer as to the time when you have expected the process of cooking to be finished. The presence of the only indicator when the process has been finished is actually the machine that can switch from the temperature of cooking to the warm and the LED indicator is going to light up.

The presence of the low settings within cooking temperature looks higher as compared to most cookbooks and it suggests that it has the tendency to overcook. This can be actually avoided by simply knocking one hour old cookbook timing. This is not the only problem with Waring Products but it is also present within other new machines.

The Waring Pro WSC650 Slow Cooker is highly easy in its use and you can do all the things that you want to do as you only have to enter food and set the time and then leave it.

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10: West Bend 84905 5-Quart Slow Cooker:

The West Bend 84905 Slow Cooker has come up with the unique features in it and is also most affordable and cheap slow cooker in the list of manual slow cookers.

West Bend 84905 5-Quart Slow Cooker

The West Bend 84905 Slow Cooker is one of the very unique slow cookers that consist of the griddle like the cooking container has sit upon the separate element of heating. The most advantage offered by the West Bend is that the food can be cooked much more quickly if it is needed. The new versatility is the unusual design element within the West Bend.

The presence of the glass top on cooking container allows the easy monitoring such that the process of cooking is not disturbed. The container consists of the Teflon lining and the glass lid is also friendly to dishwasher.


The new West Bend is actually the oblong shaped slow cooker that has the 5 quarts capacity and it is also made up of the metal. This actually makes the slow cooker a hob, range and oven top friendly. The presence of the heating base that has adjustable 5 position of the temperature selection, it can easily double as the non stick griddle. The new slow cooker is measured at 8.75*7.25*12.75 inches such that it actually takes very less space at your countertop.


The power that is high allow the cooking that is not affected by the lifting of the lid for stirring of food that can add more twenty minutes on cooking times.


The new West Bend offers large amount of versatility because of the hot plate design along with the settings for high power. Such that, it consists of the five temperature settings and the individual power that can easily cover entire range of cooking. You can easily sauté or brown it on the settings and then cook it on the setting of 3 to 4. The slow cooking is accomplished within settings as it corresponds to traditional settings of the high and low respectively. On the other hand, you can also place the container very directly on stove to the brown and then sauté before you are going to place it on heating base to be cooked slowly. Its base also acts as the griddle if you don’t contain any stove.

One other problem with this type of slow cooker is that it can cook the elements of heating within base and it does not provide equally balanced spread of the heat throughout the food. Rather, the entire heat comes through container base. As its result, it does not contain the same and even cooking and it also gets cool very quickly.

Versatility in Cooking:

When it comes to the West Bend slow cooker, it is actually the multi cooker instead of the pure slow cooker because it is highly versatile in its action. It can be easily used for the sauté or brown or the slow cook and if you want to make up your very own grid in order to elevate the food then you can use it as steamer for hotdogs or vegetables.

One pot cooking:

As the container has the ability to be placed in oven or hob every type of meal which can be cooked by using only one pot that can easily save large amount of washing at the end. 

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Final Verdict:

The perfect slow cookers are really great if they make it easy to cook any type of food whether you want to cook the meat or you are looking for some vegetables cooking, the entire process has been made easy and you can easily serve your entire family with the help of these slow cookers. It is better to select the best slow cooker that fits completely to your needs.

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