Best Radar Detectors in 2019 to Avoid Cops

Even if you are trying your best to maintain the speed limit, you need a warning if you are being watched by the police patrols who keep handling loads of speeding tickets, to prevent yourself from getting one.

While there is nothing that can detect each and every tracking effort, Radar detectors are the best devices to save you from all the hassle, money and time in this case.

With radar detector system being one of the most advanced gadgets of today’s hi-tech world, you must be wondering which one is the best radar detector to avoid cops. To save your time and energy, we have compiled a list of the best radar detectors for 2019. Have a look.

List of Best Radar Detectors:

Laser / Radar Detector NameWeightDisplaySee Price
Escort Passport 9500IX8.3 OuncesColor LED display
Cobra RAD 45010.1 OuncesOLED Display
Escort Passport S5518.88 OuncesRed Display
Beltronics RX6528 OuncesUltra-HD Display
Uniden R324.16 OuncesColor OLED display
Cobra ESD757018.4 OuncesUltraBright Display
Escort Max 36028.16 OuncesHigh-Resolution Display
Escort iX16 OuncesMulti-Color OLED Display
Cobra XRS937040 OuncesUltraBright Display
Whistler CR9011.2 OuncesOLED Digital Display
Valentine One V126.4 OuncesNo
Escort max 29.6 OuncesMulti-Color OLED Display

1: Escort Passport 9500IX:

While a lot of brands promise to provide you the best kind of radar detector, very few of them live up to your expectations. The passport 9500IX radar detector by Escort is one of the best radar detectors that you can get your hands on. With its extremely long-range warning on all the radar bands including Superwide Ka, X, K and instanton POP modes, it prevents you from getting caught. Apart from this, it also provides a 360 degree laser protection and gives you the widest field view with the help of its multiple front and rear laser sensors. Not only this, this radar detector with GPS also prevents you from the hassle caused due to false alarms.

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar and Laser Detector

Some of its best features include the Mark Location feature that warns you from red light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps, the Autolearn feature that provides artificial intelligence protection and the Truelock or GPS filter that eliminates the false alerts.

However, despite all the amazing features we wish that there was an over-speed alert feature in it too, that could warn the users about their driving habits.

  • Provides Radar and Laser Detection
  • App-compatible
  • Autolearn GPS technology
  • Anti-falsing features
  • Color LED display
  • Defender database
  • Not Bluetooth-equipped
  • Does not have a multicolor LED display
  • Does not have an over speed feature

Final Verdict:

Even though this radar detector lacks a few features that it should have, still, the other features are incomparable due to the accuracy to keep the users safe and alert.

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2: Cobra RAD 450:

The Cobra RAD 450 is another amazing radar detector that helps the user stay alert and protects them against all the laser guns and radars used by the law enforcement agencies. Due to its In-Vehicle Technology and Anti-Falsing Circuitry, it efficiently reduces false alerts from the blind spot systems and traffic flow monitoring devices. Not only this, but it also removes inaccurate alerts from different sources including collision avoidance systems.

Cobra Electronics RAD450 Radar

One of the most impressive features of this radar detector is the OLED display and the VoiceAlert feature that offers instinctive band identification and easily understandable alerts that provide convenience to the users. Besides this, it is also pre-programmed for English as well as Spanish text and voice alerts. The Cobra RAD 450 detects all the radar signals including X, K and Ka bands and the laser and VG-2 signals accurately detect laser signals from the front as well as the rear. Then, its Instant-on ready feature detects radar guns with very fast speed monitoring capacity. It’s volume control feature also makes it user friendly as you can adjust the volume according to your requirements. Not only this, it also provides a mute and an auto-mute button for the users’ comfort.

However, one thing that would stop people from buying this radar detector is its pricey. Despite of having a unique design and hundreds of amazing features, some people do not get the Cobra RAD 450 Radar detector since it is a bit costly for them as compared to some other amazing radar detectors.

  • An updatable IVT Filter
  • Provides voice alerts for the users
  • Detects radar guns very fast
  • Bright white OLED display
  • Dual language feature
  • Volume adjustment features
  • User friendly.
  • Expensive for the users.
  • Takes a longer time to install than other radar detectors.

Final Verdict:

If you can afford to spend some extra bucks on your radar detector in return of an amazing quality and tons of excellent features, this is definitely the best cobra radar detector that you should spend your money on.

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3: Escort Passport S55:

As we told you earlier, Escort makes one of the finest radar detector devices. Whether you are looking for an affordable radar detector, a cordless radar detector or a wireless radar detector, Escort offers a wide range of them. Escort Passport S55 is ranked among the finest and the most advanced radar detectors that we have in the market today. Its unique features and high quality are what make it the most high performance and best-selling model from their entire range.

Escort Passport S55 Radar Detector

First of all, this device has a modern design that not only makes it look good, but also makes it easy to use. The strong plastics that are used to make it, do not let it break easily. The magnets and the sticky suction cups present on it make it easier for the user to mount it on the vehicle and let the device stay stable on it. The long-range warning alerts you from all the radar and bands including POP mode, K band, X band, and Superwide Ka band. Due to its Digital signal processing, it not only provides you the maximum range, but also minimized the false alarms.

The unique Traffic Signal Rejection software used in this radar device rejects all the interstate traffic sensors that make it easy and quiet to operate. In addition to this, it also provides 3 types of meter displays for the users; the standard bar graph display, the exclusive expertmeter display and the latest Spec display for quick information. The high-performance lase sensors in the Escort Passport S55 radar detector not only provide you the maximum laser warnings, but also offer superior off-axis protection.

Some other interesting features include the mute and automute mode that helps you adjust the volume levels during an alert, the unique display that provides a crystal-clear data to the users for alerts, signal strength and programming, and the auto sensitivity mode that differentiates the real threats from the other radar sources.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Provides an advanced laser and radar detection with long range warnings.
  • Efficiently filters all the false alarms.
  • Gives the user an access to the local speed limit information.
  • Can be used immediately after unboxing.
  • Provides different driving modes.
  • Provides upcoming alerts that have been received and reported by other users.
  • Decent price as compared to other radar detectors of this quality.
  • Does not come along with an applicable warranty.
  • Does not have a USB port.
  • No audio port.
  • Takes longer time to learn its usage.

Final Verdict:

Although there are a few features that should have been added to it, but due to its high quality, excellent features and decent price, it is one of the bestselling radar detectors. So if you wish to buy a decently priced, high quality radar detector, this is what you should go for.

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4: Beltronics RX65:

The Beltronics RX65 radar detector is one of the best choices for the beginners as well as the advanced users. This radar detector offers extreme sensitivity to all the radar and laser bands including the X, K and superwide Ka bands with almost 10 times sensitivity as the other high quality detectors.

Beltronics RX65

Some of its other amazing features include the smart plug power cord, that helps you control the alerts in no time, the mute and automute feature that helps you silence the alerts, the advanced auto scan processing and the digital signal processing that helps you get rid of false alarms, the easy to use options and the 7 selection features that can be controlled by the user.

  • Mute and auto-mute option
  • Includes a travel case and a quick release windshield mount.
  • Offers display brightness control and the dark mode with a high definition display
  • Provides text and voice alerts
  • The display affords up to 64 messages
  • User friendly.
  • Lacks GPS.
  • Does not alert you from additional threats.
  • Unsuitable volume control button.
  • Rough LED display.

Final Verdict:

Although the Beltronics RX65 radar detector lacks some of the very common features that are present in other radar detectors, it still provides accurate radar and laser detection and is user friendly so, is an appropriate choice for the beginners as well as the advanced users.

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5: Uniden R3:

Uniden R3 is another nice choice if you are looking for a powerful radar detector. The main features of this radar detector include its digital signal processor, the GPS feature that helps you filter false alerts, mark location and provide red light camera alerts, the extreme radar sensitivity that detects all kinds of radar, the quiet ride feature that allows you to auto-mute, the cigarette adapter, the USB jack, color OLED display and free GPS database updates. It also includes K false filter and Ka false filter to distinguish the false radar.

Uniden R3 Extreme

  • Easy and advanced programming.
  • Provides false alert filtering
  • Has a quiet ride feature
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Has a multi-function display
  • Firmware updates available
  • No Bluetooth connection

Final Verdict:

With a lot of pros and almost no cons, this radar detector is one of the best options if you want a high quality radar detector, having all the important features at a reasonable price.

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6: Cobra ESD7570:

Cobra ESD7570 is one of the most reliable and accurate radar detectors that will not let you down. The best features of this radar detector include its diverse range that is approximately 4 to 5 squares, the mute button, that allows you to turn the sound off, the 360 degree radar and laser detection, the DIM button that allows you to adjust the brightness at the display and most importantly, the highway or the city mode that helps the radar detector to switch in the middle of expressway and city in just a few steps.

Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Radar Detector

  • Detects signals efficiently
  • Affordable
  • Offers 360 degree detection
  • Provides clear and audible warnings
  • Easy to use.
  • It only detects 9 bandwidths
  • Provides a lot of false hits

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a device that has all the high quality features, then it is not the one that you are looking for. But if you need a device that provides a good rate of detection in all the directions and is affordable, then you should definitely get your hands on this one.

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7: Escort Max 360:

Here is another reliable and accurate radar detector from Escort. The Escort Max 360 is an amazing addition to the Escort family. With its amazing features, it is one of the best radar detectors that we suggest.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

The directional alert display, pinpoint precision, art response time and the extreme range offers a great help to the users. This radar detector has an unmatched detection and precision, with the amazingly fast focus of the digital signal processing and five levels of filtering with speed-based sensitivity. It also has the Bluetooth feature in it that is absent in most of the radar detectors. Also, it can be connected to the Escort Live speed track app that provides you some additional protection based on the reports provided by the other drivers in that area.

  • Provides protection in all directions; the front, back and the sides.
  • Provides crowd sourced alerts.
  • Has a high resolution, multi coloured display.
  • Has a dual language feature.
  • Provides GPS based pin point accuracy.
  • Has the fastest response.
  • Has a defender database.
  • Expensive as compared to other radar detectors.
  • Often gives false alarms.
  • The defender database needs a subscription after two months.

Final Verdict:

Keeping in mind all the pros and cons, we would say that if you need a radar detector with a lot of high quality features and equipment, and you are not worried about the price, this is the one that you should buy.

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8: Escort iX:

The most important and advanced feature of Escort iX radar detector is its long range protection. This intelligent long range radar detector offers an early warning and the quickest response on all the radar and laser bands including the conventional and instant-on X band, Superwide Ka band, K band and pop mode.

Another amazing thing about this radar detector is that due to its intelligent autolearn technology, it automatically rejects the fixed positioned, unwanted false alarms that distract the users. It also has adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems to eliminate false alarms.

Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector

Its long range detection, IVT filter, variable speed sensitivity, autolearn technology, smartcord USB and built-in defender database make it one of the best radar systems that you can buy.

  • App compatible
  • Provides crystal clear voice alerts
  • Has the dual language feature
  • Multi colored display
  • Gives the fastest response
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Escort Live
  • Has an improved sensitivity
  • Not much user friendly
  • Has some annoying features

Final Verdict:

For the drivers who prefer set-and-forget operation and minimum involvement in the driving process, this surely is one of the best choices. It is long lasting and works great. However, you should only purchase it if you can afford to spend a huge amount on these features, otherwise, there are better options too.

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9: Cobra XRS9370:

Cobra XRS 9370 radar and laser detector ensures a 360 degree protection, accuracy and complete reliability. Its extra detection range it can detect almost all the radar signals including X band, K band, Ka superwide, Ku band, VG-2, Spectre 1 and Spectre 4+, and all the laser signals including LTI 20-20, LTI, Kustom signals 340, Stalker LIDAR and Laser Atlanta Speedlaser.

Cobra XRS 9370 Radar Detector

The features that make it one of the best radar detector systems include its compact design, the ultra-light data display, dim light features for night use, safety and security warnings in case of emergency, functioning of memory, super-fast sweep circuitry and the city and highway modes.

  • Provides greater accuracy.
  • 360 degree detection.
  • Small and compact.
  • Easy volume adjustments.
  • Anti-detector functions.
  • Has a huge range.
  • User friendly.
  • Comes with easy to install suction cups.
  • Not heavy on the pocket.
  • May give false alerts.
  • Does not have GPS for filtering.

Final Verdict:

Although the Cobra XRS 9370 sometimes provides false alarms and alerts, it still provides sufficient protection against radar and laser signals. Due to a lot of amazing features, excellent quality and an affordable price, this long range radar detector is one of the best choices for drivers who want a good quality but cheap radar detector.

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10: Whistler CR90:

The Whistler CR90 Radar Detector comes with a number of features that you would look for, while buying a radar detector. This high performance, advanced detector is undoubtedly the best whistler radar detector.

Whistler CR90 Laser Radar Detector

One of its most attractive and unique features are the high gain lens, which not only provide an increased area of view, but also ensure a longer and accurate range of detection of radar as well as laser signals. Then, its alert priority also makes it an excellent choice, as in the case of more than one signals, it distinguishes and displays the most important signal to warn you. Another unique feature is its Stay Alert system that tests the level of your alertness when you are on a long trip.

This is no doubt, a great thing for the drivers. Not only this, the Whistler CR90 also provides a safety warning system that warns you of the transmitters for highway safety. Another amazing feature in this radar detector is the interior GPS framework present in it that marks the area and filters the false alarms.

  • Decent range of detection.
  • It has a lot of advanced features.
  • Provides red light camera alerts.
  • Has a stay alert system.
  • The manual does not provide detailed information.

Final Verdict:

Since this radar detector comes with tons of unique, advanced features and an excellent quality and almost no cons, there is no doubt that it is one of the best choices for you if you are looking for a high quality, well equipped radar detector. You should definitely get your hands on this one before it runs out of stock.

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11: Valentine One V1 Radar Detector:

If you still have not found the perfect radar and laser detector for you in this article, you need to read about this one. The Valentine One V1 Radar Detector is also one of the most liked radar detectors by the users and being one of the most advanced and highest performing radar detectors in the market, is one of the best sellers of the company.

Valentine One V1 Radar Detector

One of the main reasons why people love this radar detector is that it has multiple radar antennas. Besides this one, there is only one other radar detector that has two antennas, but in that one too, both of the antennas are facing forward while in the Valentine One radar detector, one of the antennas is facing forward while the other one on the back side. With the help of these multiple antennas, it not only accurately tells you the band and the signal strength of the radars and lasers, but also tells you about the number of radar units that are being detected.

Not only this, it also provides you with the information of the direction of the signals. Do you think that’s enough? No, there is another amazing feature that you need to know about. The Valentine One radar and laser detector also has an amazing laser reception that makes it the best one in this category.

A lot of people think that this is the last radar detector that you need to buy since it has all the qualities that one looks for in a radar detector. Where its extremely long range and very strong signals ensure maximum protection and make it the best choice, there are a few things that disturb the customers; mainly, the fact that it does not have a GPS that helps in detecting false alarms.

  • Has an extremely long range
  • Very strong signals.
  • Multiple radar antennas.
  • Provides the direction of the signals.
  • Has an excellent laser reception.
  • Extensive features.
  • Does not have a GPS so often gives false alerts.

Final Verdict:

After giving a detailed overview, and describing the pros and cons, its time to give our final verdict on the Valentine One Radar Detector. The main focus of the drivers is their maximum protection and this radar detector provides it, with accuracy. There is no doubt that it does not filter false alarms, still it is one of the best choices due to the long range and strong signals that it provides to its users.

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12: Escort max 2:

As we have mentioned before, Escort makes the best radar detectors, and have added a few of them in our list before, the last radar detector that is there on our list is also by Escort. If you compare the Escort max 2 with the other radar detectors by Escort, or even by some other brand, you will see that it is no less than any of them.

Escort Max ll HD Radar Detector

First of all, talking about its design, the unique design gives the device a business-like, sophisticated look. Then, the huge range and strength make the user drive safely and worry-free. Some of the other important features of this radar detector include the accuracy; as it detects radar as well as the laser signals very efficiently and accurately, then, it has one of the world’s most accurate anti-falsing system that filters all the false alarms and prevents you from any distraction.

Besides this, it also warns the users of the additional threats, as reported by the other drivers in that area, with the help of the strong Escort Live feature, that is present in a lot of Escort Radar Detectors. This device also offers a multi-colored graphic display, crystal clear audio alerts, dual language text and screen options and user selectable backlit colors that can make you choose the color that suits the interior of your vehicle the best. Its mute option is also really helpful when you are stuck in the traffic near a speed trap.

Another amazing thing about this radar detector is that it warns you with its over-speed feature if you are driving fast, so you can improve your driving habits.

  • Excellent radar detection.
  • Connects with Bluetooth.
  • Works with the Escort Live app.
  • Has an over-speed feature.
  • Has good sensitivity.
  • It is GPS enabled.
  • Provides handy notifications.
  • Has a good sensitivity.
  • Eliminates the false alarms.
  • Expensive

Final Verdict:

If you are willing to pay or can afford to pay some extra money for your radar detector, and are wondering to buy the best one, you should definitely consider this. This top-notch radar detector is one of the best ones that you can find in the market.

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