The Best Pressure Cookers and Multi-Cookers in 2018

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to make the tasty and healthy meal? If yes, then we know what you want, a great pressure cooker that can easily make food and helps you according to your needs. Whether you are going to purchase a very small pressure cooker or you are going to buy a big one for your entire family, you have come to the right place because we have listed all types of best pressure cookers that you can take a view at.

All the pressure cookers that have been mentioned below are completely tested by our lab and compared with the other pressure cookers that are available in the market. Therefore, we have listed all the benefits as well as the drawbacks that we have found within our testing after carefully assessing the pressure cooker. Have a look at the list and then decide that which one is meeting your requirements.

best pressure Cookers


 1: CuisinArt CPC-600:

The new CuisinArt CPC 600 6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker is considered as the necessary aid of kitchen for every person who is looking for the healthy diet without any need to wait for long hours because of slow cooking. The new Pressure Cooker has come up with the great value for money. It can easily reduce your time by simply making the entire food up to the 70% faster but it actually provides you the healthy as well as the balanced meal each day. After the introduction of the product within the market, we have tested and compared it with other pressure cookers within the market, here is all about the benefits that it offers along with the drawbacks it is offering.CuisinArt CPC-600 Electric Pressure CookerWorking and Precision:

The new pressure cooker has come up with the easy to read display which means that the cooker is highly easy to be programmed and by using the precision thermostat, it actually enables you to get the results that you are looking from the electric pressure cooker with time. The new pressure cooker is not the only setting within this appliance that you will be amazed with but it also consists of other large number of features. The new Cuisinart CPC-600 can also provide the browning of the food to keep meat moisturized, simmering of the food so that your food flavor is not impaired, sauté of the food such as thin sliced veggies and the warm up of the food till the ideal moment when it is ready to be eaten.

The pressure cooker consists of the timer in it which ensures that you have actually heard that your food is completely ready and it leaves you for serving and consuming it while it is within the best state at highest quality of top nutritional value, flavor and temperature.

Safe Handling

The new CPC-600 has the cool touch handles in it which means that you don’t have to worry for the fumbling around with the tea towel with the hop that it will not slide from the hands and you may accidently touch scalding hot metal and burn your own self. The new pressure cooker is completely safe to use within the household and it has been built up to the North American Electrical Standards and with the dishwasher safe cooking trivet and pot that allows children in the help.


  • Trivet: it has made the new CuisinArt CPC-600 completely safe and stable and that is why, it is much easier to be used.
  • Dishwasher Safe Cooking Pot: with help of this amazing feature, you can take the help of your kids in serving dishes at the home.
  • Push button controls: the machine has come up with amazing intuitiveness as well as the simplicity that you must be thankful for. You will not find any navigation around the endless buttons and menus but you will have enough controls to cook your favorite meal quickly.
  • New packaging: it is something amazing because it keeps the cooker safe.


The new CuisinArt electric pressure cooker is highly snazzy, sleek and it easily gets the entire job done. Just like you have expected from this cooker, you will get the high quality and real pressure cooker that will last long. 

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2: Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Programmable Pressure Cooker:

The Instant Pot has introduced its third-generation programmable pressure cooker that has come up with large number of features as compared to its previous models. It is one of the top performers because of its versatility in the action. It is completely amazing and helpful cooker that makes perfect recipes you have never expected. It has the ability to cook the food very quickly when you are at home as it will take only 40 minutes to cook your meal. The amazing pressure cooker can easily save your money as well as storage because this is how you are going to save lots of things.Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 Programmable Pressure Cooker:

The new and instant Pot IP- DUO60 Programmable Pressure Cooker is among the third generation of pressure cooker within the Instant Pot product line and the reviewers have the belief that it is going better with time. The second-generation models were the 6 in 1 models that were highly versatile in their action that you can make the yogurt in such models too along with various other functions of cooking incorporated in such pressure cookers. The new Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is one of the 6-quart versions that also come within the 5-quart version that consists of the Bluetooth enabled version, instant Pot Smart that allows you to control as well as monitor the pressure cooker by simply using one Smartphone application.


It is considered as the top performer that is highly versatile in its action. Most of the consumers think that their life is incomplete without this pressure cooker because they make perfect meat, vegetables, risotto and other foods. The pressure cooker has the ability to cook the food quickly when you get home from the work and your dinner will be ready within 40 minutes time. The pressure cooker is amazing cooker that can save the storage as well as your money when you are going to buy other appliances because it consists of numerous features in it.

Ease of Use:

It provides a learning curve when it comes to the easiness in its use. It has come up with the instruction book that is not very helpful but when you are going to practice with this appliance, you will find out the amazing effects with time as well as the effort. You can also take the help of online recipe books to make anything that you want within the pressure cooker. There are some issues associated with the cooker such as it always has a learning curve in which you want to master so that you can easily find out that what are the right amount of pressure and liquid that you can add within this pressure cooker. The new Instant Pro is highly easy to clean and its stainless steel cooking pot is highly safe dishwasher. It consists of the lid resting on its top that is highly appreciated.

Safety and Durability:

Within our testing, we have found very less complains as the new version was released within 2014 and we have found very few complaints regarding the durability as well as the breakage after the period of 18 months. But still we think that it is the strongest pressure cooker and it is usually attributed to its exterior which is made up of the stainless steel and its inner pot is the 3 ply stainless steel made up of food grade which is very unique. One important issue that needs to be mentioned here is that the gasket stinks to the high heaven after you make anything which is strongly flavored and that is why it is very hard to get smell out. The electric pressure cookers are usually safe as compared to the other types of pressure cookers. 

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3: Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth:

The Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker is one of the amazing technologies that provide topmost quality with the help of the stainless steel with which it has been built along with the safety features that have amazed every person. The new pressure cooker has been certified by the team of experts within the industry and its multiple functions enable the appliance to be called as the conceived and carefully made pressure cooker. It has come up with wide variety of functions such as slow cooker, porridge maker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté pan, food warmer and many other things.

Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth Pressure Cooker

You can download its application too in your iPhone and iPad and it will help you in the recipes selection for the cooker. The new multiple purpose cookers is best in its function as the rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté pan and the food warmer. Within my opinion, it is one of the most advanced pressure cookers within the market. Though, with large amount of advancements that it posses, it is also highly expensive but it is worthy to have the investment if you are really looking for the pressure cooker.

Performance Test

We have tested Instant Pot IP Smart Bluetooth and compared it with the other types of pressure cookers that are available within the market. Here are the benefits as well as the drawbacks of the pressure cooker that you will have after purchasing the cooker.

  • Exclusive Features

Here are the large numbers of options as compared to the ones that you have ever thought.

The new pressure cooker has come up with the smart programs that are going to set the exact pressure automatically along with the time for the cooking of soup, yogurt, rice, porridge, beans or any other thing.

Moreover, you can easily adjust your pressure cooker manually in order to add and reduce the time of cooking.

The new model offered by the Instant Pot consists of three different settings of temperature and it can be easily used for the slow cooking, sauté and the keep food warm.

The presence of the dual pressure settings have made it very easy to select appropriate pressure for food that is being prepared. The high pressure consists of the PSI of 10.2 to the 11.6 whereas the low pressure has the PSI of 5.8 to 7.2.


The cooker has been made up of the stainless steel and therefore it is highly safe. Moreover, it is also certified with the ULC and the UL which means that it has been made in accordance with the safety standards. It safety features consists of the safety lid lock, excess pressure protection, automatic pressure control, high temperature warning, automatic temperature control, power protection and extreme temperature, anti-block vent, leaky lid protection, and many other things.


The new cooker has been designed attractively. Its hinged lid provides easy access to inner pot of cooking which has the 3-ply stainless steel bottom. You will find large number of advantages for the cooking within this pressure cooker because your food will be completely ready within 1/3 time of the conventional cooking and your stews or chili will also be ready within an hour.


The pressure cooker has come up with the stainless-steel steam rack that can easily handle food and lift it out of cooking pot. It also consists of the silicone mini mitts, soup spoon, rice paddle, measuring cup along with the condensation collection and the quick guide of reference. So, overall, it is s good product to have for your cooking facilities. 

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4: All American 921:

The new All American 921 pressure cooker has come up with new features that have amazed everyone but particularly, it has been made for the purpose of serving only one person. The new pressure cooker has been made specifically for the purpose of canning that can easily accommodate more than 7 quarts jar size or you can easily say it can accommodate jars with 19 pint within the massive 21 ½ quart container. The canner has been designed like tank. If you need the traditional pressure cooker and you have a large budget too then All American 921 Pressure cooker is considered as the best option for you.All American 21.5 Pressure Cooker

Credibility for Performance

After the introduction of All American 921 in the market, the product was tested and compared with other pressure cookers within the market by our company in order to find out all the drawbacks as well as the benefits, it is offering. Have a look at the review to find out all the quality attributes of All American 921:

Durable Material

The new American Pressure cooker has been made up of the top most durable hand casted aluminum that has external finishing within the glossy lamination and pretty satin. The pressure cooker do not use the gaskets or the rubbers in order to seal the pressure inside just like traditional pressure cookers do but rather it relies on the metal to metal sealing that consists of the high gauge screws. Some other features of the amazing All American 921 Pressure cooker includes the changeable settings of the 5, 10 and the 15 psi that has geared the steam pressure gauge along with the auto pressure release regulator. The amazing pressure cooker has been made in the USA by completely adhering to the strict standards of industry.


All American 921 is very different from other types of pressure cookers because it forms the seal of metal to metal that actually removes the need of lid gasket while managing to be accurate as well as a successful pressure cooker and the canner combination. You will find the gauge ready very easy because the pressure cooker 921 has been made to provide ease of use and that is why, it can automatically reduces the pressure when it is too high and it also consists of the default settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi or you can say that it consists of default settings of 135.8, 170.3 and the 204.7kPa.

All American 921 Pressure Cooker has been made up of the heavy duty case aluminum that provides very fast method to cook and it also consists of additional features including overpressure plug, stay cool Bakelite, safety control valve and the top handle that can ensure you that you will get the enjoyable and safest response from the amazing pressure cooker.


It is very simple to say that All American 921 Pressure Cooker will not be the one completely savvy technology like new generations of the pressure cooker but when it comes to the performance, entire zero maintenance and the build quality which actually makes it one of the amazing choices for each person. Within our tests, we have found that the All American Pressure Cooker can easily clean up after you have used it as it only needs small amount of water to clean it and then you can wipe it with dry cloth. 

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5: Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6 IN 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker:

The new Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6 IN 1 pressure cooker is one of the amazing appliance that has large number of features. It is best in providing great convenience and it is among the one dependable appliance of kitchen. It consists of the 6 in 1 multi function that can easily help you in all the things whether you are about to go for anything such as, warmer and sauté, rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker or steamer. It also consists of the 6 quarts inner pot capacity that has the ability of carrying liquid to maximum line but it is going to be filled to the maximum amount. it has smart and simple user interface and it is also very easy to use cooker because it is easily operated with single push button and it has three different adjustable modes in it.

After the introduction of the IP-LUX60 6 IN 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker to the market, we have tested the product immediately and compared it with the other similar pressure cookers within the market and we have come to know all the benefits that it is offering along with the drawbacks, so have a look at the review:


6 in 1 computerized multi function: if you have amazing IP-LUX60 pressure cooker in your kitchen then you will be amazed with the large number of features it is offering such as, Saute and warmer, slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker and the steamer.

6 Quarts Inner Pot Capacity: the vessel made up of 6 quarts capacity has the ability to carry the liquid that is up to the maximum line but it is actually going to be filled with more than the amount needed.

Simpler user interface and easy to use cooker: the control panel of the cooker is highly easy to use and it is operated with just one button push and this is how you will be able to cook large variety of the recipes. Cooking of any type of food is easy and quick with help of 10 built in Smart programs within 3 adjustable models. It also consists of three very different temperatures that are ideal for sauté and for slow cooking.

Dependable results: it possess the contemporary 3rd generation technology that consists of microprocessors in it which can easily monitor the temperature as well as pressure of the pot, adjust the intensity of the heating along with its duration and keep the track of time.

Safety: the new pressure cooker has been certified with the UL and ULC and has been tested for the 10 safety mechanisms within the microprocessor controlled programs along with high quality material.

Other features:

  • It consists of 6 adjustable modes such as 3 for sauté cooking temperature modes and the other 3 are for low cooking temperature modes.
  • It has automatic keep warm mode that will activate when your pressure cooking is completed.
  • Measuring Scale: you will find the measuring scale within the pot which has 2 to 10 cups. [/su_expand]


6: GoWISE GW22606:

The GoWISE GW22606 is among one of the most amazing pressure cooker because it has received the ETL approved stamp for its approval. The pressure cooker is built up of stainless steel rather than Teflon that was proved unhealthy. You will find the replacements of the pressure cooker very easily. Because of the stainless steel built up, the pressure cooker is highly easy to use and easy to clean. It consists of the removable lid liner and its large handle makes it easy to lift. It has the 8 quarts capacity of cooking pot which makes feeding of 8 to 10 people completely amazing.

GoWISE GW22606 Review:

The GoWISE GW22606 is one of the amazing pressure cookers within the list because it is the only pressure cooker that has received ETL approved stamp for the approval. The ETL is actually the standards of industry on the safety of product. The inside pot of GoWISE Cooking Pot has been made up of the stainless steel and most of the pressure cookers uses the Teflon which is non-stick pot for the cooking. But as you know that because of the health concerns, products made up of Teflon are completely phased out of the production, it is easily reassuring to find out that the surface of cooking of GoWISE USA cooking pot is completely made up of the stainless steel and its replacement is also available within the market.


After the product has been introduced to within the market, it has been tested thoroughly to find out its amazing qualities and that is why, we have compared it with the other products within the market. Here are the benefits as well as the drawbacks that we have come to know after testing the pressure cooker completely. The GoWISE GW22606 cooking pot housing is completely made up of the stainless steel which is easy to be cleaned. The cooker consists of amazing features such as the removable liner of lid. The large handle that is present across lid top makes it completely easy to be lifted. The 8 quart of capacity of the cooking pot makes the meals to feed the 8 to 10 people.

High Tech Panel

You will find the command central in front of pot. The panel consists of the LED pressure gauge display along with the time. Also present on the control panel is the one step setting for the cooking of brown rice, meat or stew, white rice, beans, soups and vegetables. The pre set times are adjusted manually for the more or the less time.

Easy to Use

If you want to keep your life very simple and easy then the GoWISE multiple functions can help you in achieving the easiness. The presence of the steel rack allows you to do multi tasking. You can easily separate the food when you are going to cook. For instance, you can easily cook the rice at inner pot base and you can warm the dumplings on wire rack which will come with cooker. You can also do all similar things with vegetables and meat.

One of the most common complaints that have been found with GoWISE GW22606 is that it lacks the comprehensive instruction manual in it. But luckily, it is very intuitive in its use. You will find the owner manual in it and the company is highly responsive when you find any problem in it.


Within one single appliance, you will find the sauté pot, pressure cooker, warmer, steamer, browner and the slow cooker. The one pot cooking means the cleanup of one pot. Cooking within the cooking pot is less stressful and it needs less working. One of the most convenient features of the cooking pot is that it allows you to delay the start. So that if you are at work and your cooking pot is on timer then it means it will turn on and start your dinner and your meal will be ready when you come back to home. [/su_expand]


7: As Seen on TV PPC Power Pressure Cooker:

The As Seen on TV PPC Power Pressure cooker has been considered as the amazing and perfect model of the pressure cooker within which you can cook your favorite dish all day. It is present within its extra large size and it offers 70% faster cooking rate along with multiple other functions when compared with the traditional pressure cookers. These types of the pressure cooker offer the tasty and the healthy meals in your daily life within efficient and fast way. The new pressure cooker has come up with infusion technology with special features that have the ability to maintain aroma and the taste of dishes. After recipe cooking, you will be amazed with aroma of the dish.

After the product has been introduced in market, we have performed various tests on it to identify the quality features that it possess along with the other attributes and drawbacks that it carries, so here is a review about what we have observed.

Upgraded Technology

The As Seen on TV PPC power Pressure cooker consists of the infusion technology that has come out to be one of the special features which is added within the pressure cooker and it can easily maintain the taste, aroma as well as the flavor of the dishes. After the cooking of your recipe within this pressure cooker, you will be completely impressed with aroma of the dish that you have made.

The new PPC Power Pressure Cooker has the capacity to carry up to 4 pint of jars that make it ideal for the purpose of canning the eatables such as fruits, vegetables or others. It also consists of the automatic keep warm mode that has the ability to preserve your own food for the long time and it consists of the stainless steel housing which ensures that your heat from the cooker will be never escaped from food.

The PPC Power Pressure Cooker is highly easy to take care for and it is also very easy to be maintained in terms of pressure cooker because it can easily wipe the stainless steel. Along with all these amazing features offered by the pressure cooker, it is durable as well as sturdy and it is available for nearly $80 which makes it very much reasonable. Along with all such features, here are some of the other most common features of PPC power pressure cooker that you will find within the device, have a look:


The new pressure cooker offers the preparation of the favorite slow cooking recipes to a faster rate which is more than 70% as compared to the other types of traditional cookers. So, you can easily make one pot meals by simply one touch button.

Flavor Infusion Technology:

The most exceptional feature offered by the new pressure cooker is the flavor infusion technology that has the ability to trap the super heated steam within pot and it forces moisture and the liquid to enter food in a natural way as it ensures the maximum flavor infusion process within meal which makes it delicious and full of aroma.

Clear Digital Display Panel:

The clear digital display panel is the amazing control system which allows its users in managing the settings from device very easily. This new feature allows its users to increase the process of cooking when the device has been used regularly. 


8: Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker:

The new pressure cooker offered by Presto has been made up of the stainless steel and it consists of the tri clad base made up of stainless steel in which the aluminium is placed. It allows the easy transfer of the aluminium and this is how it retains the heat very quickly. It is also very best for the cooking on electric, gas, ceramic, cook top and the inducting. The product has come up with the amazing safety features such as it uses the pressure cooker and the hermetical seal between the lid and cooking pot.

After the product introduction within the market, we have tested the product thoroughly and compared it with other pressure cookers that are available within the market along with other Presto pressure cookers. We have also found the very important pros and cons that are worth mentioning. Here is the review:

Safety features:

Just like other types of Presto Pressure cookers, this pressure cooker uses the gasket for creating the hermetical seal in between cooking pot and lid.

Two Short Handles contain safety features:

The most updated feature of the presto is reflected within the lid. The amazing cooker consists of the two short handles rather than the previous one which is long with the one short. Such two easily short handles have the purpose of providing the easy transport and the balanced weight and it also features the pressure regulator, overpressure plug and the air vent lock.

Within the primary handle, you will find vent pipe. On vent pipe top, there is the pressure regulator. In order to get it ready for the cooking, you have to close lid by simply matching v mark on its cover with same on both handles of body. The other thing is the lever on pressure regulator that is clockwise towards the pressure.

On secondary handle, you will find the overpressure plug which comes within play for the release of excess pressure when primary valve has been blocked for any reason.

Pressure level:

One pressure level Psi has been designed within Presto Pressure cooker. You have to adjust manually the duration of cooking in order to accommodate the recipes for the low level of pressure.

3 pressure release methods:

The cold water and the natural release methods can be used very well. The natural release is used for the release of pressure at its speed after the removal of cooker from hob. You can also take pot to sink and then run cold water for few minutes in order to release the pressure fast.

Easy to clean and use:

Instructions to be provided for the pressure cooker are very easy to be followed and they are very clear so you have to read it very carefully in order to make sure that you are aware with all steps.


The new 01370 has come up with the instruction or the recipe book along with the trivet and the steamer.

Warranty and other replacement parts:

The new 01370 has come up with the 12 years of warranty period that can be easily exceeded to the 2 years. It is the US based company and therefore finding all the replacement parts is also very easy. 


9: Fagor Duo 8 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker:

Everyone knows that Fagor is known for its amazing quality and design within only middle price range and it is also made up of the amazing quality material that is easy to be used and it is also top in its functionality. The Fagor Duo 8 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure cooker is made up of resistant plastic which is highly easy to be used because of the easy handle. It is available with different sizes such as 4, 6, 8 and 10 quarts with amazing features that it offers. Its equal sized base is made up of stainless steel on the 8 quart model which is one of the best things to caramelize the food before you cook. It also consists of the steam basket in it that is wonderful because it keeps your food warm all the time.


High Marks from owners and Pros, alike. The new Fagor Duo has been available within very different sizes such as 4, 6, 8 and 10 quarts along with the amazing features. It has been praised a lot by many experts within its testing because of the amazing performance that it offers such as beans, soups, rice, risotto and many other dishes are known best. The reviewers have said that the generous sized base made up of the stainless steel on 8 quart model is one of the great thing for caramelizing foods before you are going to cook and the steam basket is present in it. The pressure cooker provides the standard high pressure settings along with the lower settings for the cooking of delicate foods.

Ease of use:

Straightforward for operation as it is said by many experts and proved by our tests that the Fagor 8-Quart Stainless steel pressure cooker don’t look as easy as it own competitors but when it comes to its use, there is nothing much easier than this pressure cooker. The unit is easy to use and easy to lock and it also consists of safety valves in it along with pressure sensor within its handle such that its lid is free of all the knobs and busy buttons. The entire thanks are to the visual pressure indicator due to which it is very easy to monitor the pressure.

Safety and Durability:

It is made up of the sturdy and stainless steel. Within our testing, we have found very less problems about its breakage or the durability problems. Some people say that it is broken after some time and more usually when you drop it but it is worth mentioning that its handle is not covered within 10 years of warranty and this is one of the common problems with large number of people too. The new pressure cooker comes with large number of safety features that can reduce the cooking risk with stovetop pressure cooker which is something that easily puts lot of people from even trying one of it. 


10: Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker:

The new amazing pressure cooker offered by Presto has come up with its ability to cook the meat, fish, chicken and other different types of vegetables on its time. It allows the separation of flavors too and your aroma of one dish will not be mixed with the aroma of the second food. You will also be able to get the highly economical cuts of meat and your meat will be completely cooked, it will be succulent, tender and full of taste and this is how you will be able to save your money by making your delicious meal at your own home. 

Testing of the Product

We have tested the new Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker completely and that is why we are writing a review to tell the people about the benefits as well as the drawbacks that it carries.


It is important to mention here that nothing can be compared with the safety of the Presto 01362 as compared to the other types of processors because it has the ability to maintain the adequate pressure of cooking automatically with help of pressure regulator which is going to provide the necessary audible signals constantly such that you will have the idea that when your dinner will be completely ready. It also consists of the cover lock indicator which is very important for the safety and it also protects the cover that is being opened by preventing its opening till the time when the pressure is reduced to safest point.

Promotional Offers

With the purchase of Presto 01362 6 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, you will also get the dial 64 page instruction and one recipe book which is the additional benefit of the cooker. The matter of the fact is that these pressure cookers work on the three different range types such as electric (smooth and top), induction and gas that make it very suitable for each home.


The handle of the pressure cooker has made it easy to carry the cooker very easily and it is also easy and safe to carry your food anywhere with the level hand such that you will not find any uneven flavor distribution after you have finished the cooking of food. It is also very safe to be washed with the dishwasher because it is made up of the top quality stainless steel that is easy to clean. It has a tri base which is made up of the two layers of Stainless steel and aluminum as sandwiched between the plates that ensure top quality of heat conduction that saves time easily.


The Presto offers the 12 years of warranty that shows you can easily trust it.

Other features:

The other amazing features offered by Presto include the Tri base, cooking rack, pressure regulator and the helper handle.


When you are going to reflect back on all meals that are made within the Presto 01362 then it is happy to find out that you can easily use all the modern features that it is providing including cover lock indicator and more importantly, it is safe to dishwashing. You will experience the great and tasty food which is completely cooked in it and it will also be very healthy. 

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