Best Knife Sharpeners and Systems in 2019 (Manual and Electric)

Picking the best knife sharpener is a difficult task because the sharp knife is actually the soul of a chef. No one can ever imagine the spark within eyes of a chef while he is making julienne cuts or veggie slices. But this is not a difficult task for them if they have everyday carry knife or they have a skinning knife as it can do anything within no time. With single blunt knife, you have to put the pressure on object and this is how the soft vegetables will lose their shape completely. It may also increase physical injury risk. Despite other kitchen knives, you will also find many different types of knives within which the survival knifes are very famous as a powerful safety tool.

The lover of cooking will have an idea as how different cuttings of culinary can cause an impact on the texture, taste and the food appearance. Unluckily, the new multi-purpose equipment is not very resistant to the tear and wear of the time. But luckily, there is one way to get out of this situation. In past days, few tradesmen roamed around from different places on the bicycles having a grinding stone. If you scrub the non-functional blade against this stone in a fixed angle, this will make it razor sharpened knife.

The technique has not been outdated in this modern system but the tools of sharpening have been introduced that are high technological tools and are very easy to operate with high efficiency. The guide is aimed at helping you in selecting the perfect knife sharpener for your kitchen.

Best Knife Sharpening Systems:

The problem with traditional sharpener stones is that they need you to move blade across stone in specific angles through its entire length and this actually requires large amount of practice and patience for performing it properly. Such systems use similar principle but its reverse in its action. The knife has been locked within the clamp which holds it in its place at some specified angle. Such stones are dragged across blade and it allows complete beginner for creating the consistent level with blade length. And as you can easily adjust angle to anything, it allows you to sharp each kind of knife that you need.

1: Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit:

The new Apex 1 Knife sharpening System introduced by Edge Pro provides the most significant features of a knife sharpner particularly its ability of angle adjustment that is based on knife you are going to sharp. Moreover, there is no comparison to accuracy and speed offered by the unit. You will be able to restore the factory edge and the knife betterment within few minutes.

Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit - image

At a glance:

The Edge Pro introduced Apex system is the best knife sharpener from the one’s that we have tested till now. Whether you have a pocket knife or a kitchen knife, it can easily handle anything. It has a flexible design that allows the matching to any factory blade angle whereas, its manual operation ensure the temper of blades from the damage during process of sharpness.

After testing the product accurately, here is what we have found:

  • Extremely flexible in its design that allows exact level angle match
  • The manual operation ensures that there is no damage to the steel temper
  • Any knife with any length can be easily sharpened with the width up to 3 ½’’
  • Works on the Japanese, Serrated and Western Knives
  • Great price and awesome safety features.
  • Slow operation that is usually not liked by consumers
  • Has small learning curve too

For what reason the Apex System has been designed?

Actually, the apex system has been designed for all professional knife sharpening services but its easiness and capabilities have made it to be used by everyone. Although, it has some learning points in it, but with small amount of practice, the knife sharpener can be easily and quickly used. It actually works on sharpen serrated blades, Japanese knives and western knives. So, whether you are a professional or an amateur or you are a home cook, this product suits you completely.

Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit

The Apex 1 is first one from 4 available kits and it includes same base unit and it differs only from the others in stone and other accessories amount present within kit. The kit allows you to sharp your knife of any length with the blades of up to 3 ½ width. You can set angle in between 10 to 24 degrees.


The new Apex kit has come up with large number of advantages over the other products. It is easy to set permanently and it can be easily stored. It can sharp any length knife with blade between 3 ½ width at the angle of 10 to 24 degree.

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2: KME Precision Knife Sharpener System:

The KME is a newly introduced company with amazing history. Just like Precision Knife Sharpener System their sharpening knife kit was actually developed from the sharpening arrowheads but it actually turned out in some other way. It was found that this system works completely perfectly for every kind of blade and this is how, the KME sharpener came into origin and in between the knife sharpening companies, the KME Sharpeners are considered as the best knife sharpening kits.

KME Precision Knife Sharpener System - image

  • Precision Knife Sharpener System has infinite adjustment of angle that can be easily placed in between 17 to the 30 degrees
  • Work very well with every type of knife
  • Will not affect the steel tempering
  • Has a very unstable base
  • Has narrow selection of angle

The first and the most likely feature of the KME Sharpener is that it is completely adjustable as it allows you to sharp a blade in between the 17 to 30 degrees and this actually means that you can easily sharp the blade anywhere. If you are having a blade with 22 ½ degrees then you only have to do some adjustments within angle selector for correct position and this is how you will lock it inside by simply twisting tightening knobs.

The other most important feature of KME Sharpener is a spherical ball joint which has the ability to control rod motion along with stone. The unique design allows the easy stay of the stone at the exact angle during entire blade course. It also offers extremely smooth operation as it is flexible for each kind of blade whether you are having a short blade or you are having a long blade, it will work very smoothly.

KME Precision Knife Sharpener System

The jaws or the clamps that are used to hold the blade of knife in the place is coated with neoprene in order to get rid of any marring or damage to the blade. You can simply slide in the blade, pinch it down on jaw and tight the set screw in order to secure blade in its place. One biggest advantage to blade is that it can easily be rotated at 180 degrees that allow you to sharp both sides of the knife blade without any need to remove it from clamp.

The rod actually use the standard 4 inch of pocket stones that allow the user to use stone material of your own kind. But changing of the stone is also very easy within the sharpener kit. One set of the screw is used for clamping stone within place. If you want to change the stone then you can lose the screw and replace stone.

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3: Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener:

One of the last products that is present within comparison of best knife sharpening kit is Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener that was founded in 2007 by Devin Kennemore and Clay Allison as the company started its work by providing the top quality product to the outdoor lovers. After testing the product personally and comparing it with other knife sharpeners, we have found some benefits with drawbacks.

Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener

  • Sharpen both blade sides within one time
  • Works on different knives varieties
  • Quick and very simple in its operation
  • Easy to lock in the blade angle
  • It will not work on the filet knives
  • It belongs to the most expensive group
  • It needs noting to ensure the consistency in sharpening

One of the big differences between sharpener and other two is the use of two rods by wicked edge instead of one. It allows user to sharp blade sides at one time that speeds entire process. The angle of sharpener actually ranges between 15 to the 30 degrees and this angle should be set on the sharpener sides. The process of angle setting is very easy but it needs a little care to ensure that both of the sides are fitted at the same otherwise you will not be able to balance it.

Performance and Operation:

The work on both blade sides instantly will reduce time amount that is needed to sharp the blade. For the starters, this is very best to start slowly as you have to make sure that you are going to raise good burr on knife blade’s sides. The system of wicked edge is available with eight stones and blade vice and it will range within grit from 100 towards 600 as two of them are included. The base of granite does not come with the standard kit and it can be considered as a drawback because the unit is actually very high in price as compared to its competitors.

Depending on precision sharpener, Pro Pack 1 needs large accessories which makes it the best and complete amateur and professional package for knife sharpener. Though, the details of the sharpener have been shared but it is worthy to provide details of the sharpener. Not like other knife sharpening kits that are relying on single stone, the Wicked Edge system use two stones at one time. The blade is clamped very securely to heavy duty base. After one time securing, the appropriate stone must be selected and then clamped to sharpening arms. This is how both sides of blade will be sharpened quickly.

The angle of sharpening must be in between 15 to 30 degrees. Once it is locked, you don’t have to worry regarding this as you can simply work through stones progression till the blade reach the sharpness level that you need. As said, this is the best thing for professional service and it will help you in sharpening anything.

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Best Electric Knife Sharpener:

1: Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener: B007Y15LCK

Unlike other electric knife sharpeners within the list, Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener has been introduced with most amazing features that one knife sharpener can ever have as the new sharpener has come up with ability of the angle adjustment which is actually depending upon the knife that you are actually going to sharp. The accuracy as well as the speed of the unit has no comparison with any other knife sharpener as it allows its users to restore the edge of factory or they can easily better their knives within few minutes.

The new model of Electric Knife Sharpener offered by Smith is actually not among the cheapest electric knife sharpeners that are present within the market but because of the amazing performance it is offering along with the large number of features that makes it different from the other competitors of electric knife sharpener within the same range of price.

Smith's 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

The one big benefit that is provided by only this unit from all of the competitors that made us its fan is the amazing ability of the knife sharpener to adjust its own angle of sharpness as it allows the users to keep the angle of the factory on the blade and this reason makes it ideal to be kept in home. After the product introduction within the market, we immediately brought it to find out the benefits and the drawbacks this amazing electric knife sharpener is providing and that is why, after testing the product thoroughly and comparing it with other electric knife sharpeners that are present in the list, we have found it completely amazing. But here are some of the amazing benefits of the Smith 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener along with the drawbacks that we have observed. Have a look:

  • The interlocking wheels of sharpening offer a very consistent pressure to the double sides of blade as it pass through while allowing very accurate sharpening
  • The new Smith 50281 is very easy to be adjusted for angle of sharpening which actually allows the incredible flexibility
  • You can easily sharp different kinds of knives along with the blade materials. Moreover, the stainless steel, alloys and carbon is also very easy to be sharpen
  • It offers a manual pull slot for the serrated blades
  • The only major limitation of the Smith 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener is that it cannot be used for the Japanese styled knives. The Japanese styled knives are actually sharpened from one side only and as the new Edge Pro can sharpen both sides at one time, it will destroy one side blade
  • The other problem associated with the unit is that the ceramic blades must not be sharpened with the unit as it is not suitable for them

The serrated blades are actually not a problem but instead of using main slot, there is actually a manual slot that can pull the side and it can easily handle small as well as large blades.

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2: Chef Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener:

The Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone is highly capable knife sharpener that is used to sharpen both Japanese as well as Western styled knives. It actually relies on similar technologies as the other Chef Sharpeners do which includes the spring guided system to help in the holding of blade at one fixed angle as it is going to pass through sharpening wheels. After testing the product completely and comparing it with the others in list, we have come to know the benefits along with drawbacks of the product and here is what we have actually observed.

Chef Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

  • The abrasive diamonds of first stage can easily remove the damage towards blade
  • The operation of unit is highly simple
  • You can easily sharp large variety of the knives
  • You will be able to complete the knife sharpening very reliably and quickly as its spring allows the quick passing of blade through wheels whereas, maintaining fixed angle
  • The stage of honing works easily in the regular maintenance
  • Just like other sharpeners, this knife sharpener also needs you to reprofile the blades at one fixed angle
  • You must need care as not to run the one side of knives through correct slot
  • Knives other than the western knives are less capable of being honed by the sharpener

The people who want to sharp both single beveled (Japanese knives) and the double beveled (Western knives), this knife sharpener is completely perfect. But you must have an idea that the flexibility is given at some price as it is 2 stage sharpeners.

The chef choice is working around the sharpeners for very long time. Angle Select is highly solid product but on the other hand, it doesn’t have flexibility of Edge Pro. It provides 2 angles of sharpness that is 15 as well as 20 degrees and it also use diamond abrasives only.

The unit is composed of two staged device. First slot use the 15 degree of angle for the Japanese style of knives and for other sharper knives including paring knife. Second slot has 20 degrees blade for the European Styled knives. Third slot is to hone both types.

As it can only sharpen one blade side in one time, it has the capability to handle both Japanese as well as Western styled knives. Therefore, it is instructed to read instructions completely before the expensive knives are run through the sharpener.

The stage induced and multi-purpose system of sharpening consists of amazing features such as 100% abrasiveness of diamonds and the flexible discs polishing which is patented and can create the arch edge structure. The knife sharpener has come up with warranty of 3 years.

Operation with Performance:

Use of Angle Select is highly easy. Guide slots are easily magnetized to keep blades in proper position for providing consistent sharpening over entire length. You may find some difficulty in sharpening of knives like Wusthof that consists of large bolsters. Its extra width does not allow you to sharp through all way of heel. This problem is not unique to this product as there are others in market with similar problem.

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3: Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect:

As the name indicates, the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect knife sharpener is an amazingly capable product that has been designed to facilitate all the professionals. It belongs to the 3 stage sharpener that works completely in accordance with both Japanese as well as Western knives. During process of sharpening, it actually creates the Trizor or triple Beveled edge that is a 15 degree edge which is supposedly durable because of the specific shape it possesses.

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

After testing the product thoroughly, we have found some benefits and drawbacks of the product, here they are:

  • Produces a sharp edge
  • Has capability to work with both Asian as well as Western Style knives
  • Its flexible guide of spring provides consistent pressure to facilitate proper blade sharpening to its entire length
  • It re-profile the knives from the angle towards 15 degrees
  • It can remove large material amount in the beginning process of sharpening
  • It is very difficult to be used with small knives

The new Trizor XV has come up with a very different technique as compared to other sharpeners that are present within the list. The new Trizor is highly capable to sharp both Japanese blades as well as European knives. This is very important to set the angle on this sharpener to the 15 degrees and this is much sharper than other blades within company.

A distinct name Trizor means the bevel shape that has been created by the unit when blade was sharpening. This is actually not the classical shape and therefore, you must have an idea about it when you are using it for first time as it is going to remove large amount of the material from blade.

It produces sharp edges are they are also durable but the drawback is still a problem as no one likes to remove large amount of material from knives. Moreover, the bevel shape was not the intentional shape of knife manufacturers while designing hardness and strength of steel within blade.

Performance and Operation:

In the three stages of sharpening, the first stage involves grinding of blade to the 15 degrees at which most material is removed. The second stage produces beveled edge and the third stage uses stropping disc in order to smooth bevel level to the keen choice. The bevel shape offered by Trizor is sharp as well as strong.

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4: Presto 08800 Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener:

The Presto 08800 Eversharp Electric Knife sharpener has multistage system of sharpening i, used to hone the non serrated edges in short time. The wheels of sharpening are built up of ultra hard sapphire that allows the knives to gain fine shaped edges.


5: Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener:

The Wusthof Black 3Stage Electric Knife Sharpener contains the features with three different slots for knife sharpening sequential stages. The PETec technology provides the users to restore sharpness of different types of knives along with the extension of their lifespan. The new 100% abrasive wheel that is coated with diamond is very ideal for the polishing as well as realignment of all types of knives.

Best Manual knife Sharpener:

The manual knife sharpener is completely ideal one to get beveled and sharp edges. But this technique needs years of practicing to be used at home. Moreover, such sharpeners are easily portable and they are highly inexpensive. The traditional cooks, hunters and campers who are very perfect in their skills, do not settle for anything less than the manual knife sharpeners.

There are basically different types of manual knife sharpeners available within market but there are only three basic kinds- one is the sharpener stones, other are sharpener steel stones and rods. The sharpening stones are used extensively within the honing knives and blades from old times. Such rectangle shaped blocks of stones are made up of ceramic, diamond and other natural stones of sharpening. If you are going to draw a very dull knife on the gritty stone, you are more likely to remove large amount of material that can cause fraying. Make sure that this is very necessary to use the heavy stone as compared to material of knife. The natural stones of sharpening come within rough, fine and moderate coarse form. Here are the top 5 sharpening stones that I have selected:

Best Knife Sharpening Stones:

1: Smith’s 50008 8 Inch Diamond Tri-Hone: 

Smith’s 50008 8-Inch Stone is actually one of the ideal sharpeners that can bring the life of knives back with the help of its beveled edges and large blades. It has high quality 8 inch abrasive diamond with tri hone bench. Moreover, there is also micro tool sharpening pad attached with it that can help in chiseling of knife tips and other small tools. The unique design of Smith 50008 Tri Hone can enhance sharpening speed.

2: WoodStock SteeleX D1130 1000 Grit and 6000 Grit Japanese Waterstone:

The Japanese Waterstones are very famous in between woodworkers as these waterstones have the ability to gain the sharpness like a razor with only small amount of effort. Within WoodStock D1130 Grit, you will find two stones that are of 1000 along with 6000 grit. The buffing of knives against waterstones can make a blade shinny like a mirror and makes very sharp edges. But as the name is waterstone so you have to soak stone within water before its use.

3: King Medium Grain Sharpening Stone:

The King Medium Grain Sharpening Stone is medium sized Japanese waterstone model with 1000 grit stone has been designed with perfection to do the honing, sharpening as well as the polishing highly effectively. It has the ability to help in metal removal from blade for reprofiling of the edges. The abrasive stone which is of 1000 grit can make the process of sharpening less time consuming but, you must have large amount of practice to carry equipment within right position when you are honing it.

4: DMT W250EFNB 10-Inch DuoSharp Bench Stone Extra Fine/Fine:

The most iconic knife sharpener, DuoSharp Bench Stone is actually ruling market of knife sharpeners from many years. The diamond is referred to as the fine edged sharpener within world. The W250EFNB is made up of the top quality of diamond surfaces on its sides. Such dual side provides high precision and very easy handling.

5Norton Three Stone Sharpening System

The new finely coarse and medium crystolon sharpening stone consists of rotating axis that is able to hold three different stone types that is 100 and 150 grit of silicon carbide stone and the 320 grit of aluminum oxide stone for performing repairing as well as sharpening of different stages. The new oilstone has come up without any slip rubber feet for protection of limbs from injury.

Best Knife Sharpening Steel Rods (Honing Rods)

1: Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener, 12 inch:

The Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener of knife is built up from the ceramic rod that makes the knife sharpener and ideal one for different knives types. The ceramic is very hard and it has some abrasive features such that it will really become sharp as the edges of knife are honed. It offers 12 inches of blade that can hone any length of knife.

The handle of knife sharpener is designed with soft grip that provides very firm grip. It offers fine grit of nearly 1200 such that knife hones are smooth and are not stripped away. For providing easy storage, the handle has been designed with loop.

Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener

  • Completely hard as well as heavy
  • Sharpens knife edges during alignment
  • The handle of sharpener is highly comfortable and it is easy to be gripped
  • Highly versatile in its action as you can use it with different types of knife whether they are delicate or the hard ones
  • Some people find its edges highly coarse
  • Some others have not got the good sharp edge on knife with use of the sharpener

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2: Buck Knives 97082 Ultra Steel Knife Sharpener: 

The new Buck Knives 97082 consists of the 10 inches sharpening surface coated with the diamond. The handle is contoured with the polypropylene material and it consists of hand guard from protecting the slipping of blade towards your hand.

The steel of sharpening provides different grits such as 325, 750 and 1200 and its weight is 6.9 ounce as it is one of the easiest ways to use it. You don’t need to worry for the defects as the sharpener is covered with the Buck’s Forever Warranty. After testing the product thoroughly, we have come to know some pros and cons of knife sharpener have a look:

  • It provides the service with great guarantee
  • You can easily handle different types of blades of steel
  • It is perfect to sharp the dull blades
  • A little bit more expensive
  • Some people find it very awkward to use the tool as it can’t be easily swiped within usual manner
  • You may not find it good for daily maintenance

3: Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel:

The Winware Sharpening steel is made up of stainless steel rod that can put the edge on knife. The 12 inches of steel consists of handle that is 5 inches in its length and is built up with plastic so that it is very easy to balance the sharpener.

The rod consists of very fine ridges that make it more effective within roughing up of knife edges during the time of realignment. Such equipment consists of hanging loop at handle bottom such that you can always leave it while hanging for the storage purposes. In order to clean the knife sharpener, all you have to do is just to wipe it with the soft and damp cloth.

  • Such knife sharpeners are highly affordable
  • The hones allow the easy realignment of the blade
  • It offers great size that easily allows to be worked with any knife
  • It is heavy and solid
  • Its loop allows its easy hanging and storage within kitchen
  • The grooves of sharpener can be easily wore down
  • You may not find steel hard enough for honing knife edges
  • The rod ridges can wear knife edges instantly

4: Wusthof 10 inch Sharpening Steel:

The Wusthof Sharpening Steel consists of 10 inch of magnetic steel that helps in metal fibers collection. It has been designed especially with loop at handle bottom in order to store it easily. The handle of sharpener is flip resistant which makes it easy to hold comfortably in hands.

The sharpening tool has been made to help in realignment of the knife edges very easily with help of fine ridges that are designed along the rod. After each session of sharpening, you must wipe the sharpener with a damp cloth. After testing, here are the benefits along with the drawbacks of products that we have come to know:

  • The quality of steel is completely good
  • You can easily realign and hone blade edges instantly
  • It is actually very heavy in the size
  • The sharpener can easily worn off material which makes it difficult to handle
  • It can rust with passage of time
  • The handle of sharpener is made up of cheap material

5: Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 10 inch Sharpening Steel:

The Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition Sharpening Steel consists of 10 inches of blade which is actually made up of the high carbon stainless steel. The blade consists of small ridges such that you are sure that it can easily make knife edges. The stainless steel has the quality that it can easily resist the stains as well as rust very effectively. It has been designed with highly comfortable handle that is fastened with the triple bass rivets in order to increase its stability. For its maintenance, clean it with a hand wash. It has come up with a lifetime guarantee that actually covers all defects. After testing product thoroughly, here are some pros and drawbacks that we have come to know:

  • It has very nice satiny type design
  • It is much heavy but also easy to use
  • Its handle offers a very good grip
  • It is also great in terms of price
  • It is great in the honing of 9 inches of blade
  • It can wear down the material very easily
  • It can sharp limited knives type
  • Some people find handle rough
  • It has no loop so you can’t hook it in the kitchen for its storage
  • Some knives are dulled after sharpening with this sharpener

Knife Sharpener Types:

  • Knife sharpening system
  • Electric knife sharpener
  • Sharpening stones
  • Manual knife sharpener
  • Sharpening steel or rod
  • Pocket knife sharpener

Ways to sharp kitchen knives:

You will find four basic styles of sharpening.

  1. Manual models:

Between the modern and popular styles of sharpening, the manual models are also present as they are less expensive models than the electric sharpeners but they actually take a long time to sharp the knife. People who are conscious in their budget can buy this as it is of great value. Moreover, such manual models only take minimum space.

  1. Electric sharpeners:

Within the basic styles of sharpening, the electric sharpeners come at the top. They are highly fast in their action, easily used and they don’t need large amount of space. Moreover, they can be easily stored within a drawer.

  1. Sharpening stones:

The original sharpening method is the sharpening through help of stones. This needs large amount of practice for mastering the knives sharpening and it is also the slowest method among the ones that are listed here.

  1. Sharpening stone systems:

The other major type of sharpening system includes sharpening stone system. As this method also involves stones so there are obviously its benefits. This method provides large amount of flexibility and it is also resistant to the damage of steel of knives.

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