Best Food Processors in 2019 ( Prepare food with Ease)

After a lot of research and experiments our team found that Breville BFP800XL 16 cup is the perfect food processor for 2019 as it outperformed other food processors in every aspect including price, material, durability and performance.

In this era of technology the kitchen is incomplete without a food processor. This unique kitchen gadget helps to do all time consuming tasks, like, it can chop onions in shred meat within a few seconds to save your energy and time. No matter if you are a newbie in kitchen or a professional chef you will be able to make a healthy and perfect food using the food processor. However, choosing the best food processor is a time consuming task and we have done this for you to save your time. Here we have recommended the list of 10 best food processors which are perfect for every family size and meet requirements related to quality, durability and affordability.

Best Food Processors

List of Top Food Processors:

Food Processor NameMaterialNo. of CupsPower WattsSee Price and Details
Breville BFP800XL
Editor's Choice
Stainless Steel16 Cup1200-Watt
CuisinArt Elite 14 Cup
For Commercial Use
Stainless Steel14 Cup1300-Watt
Braun K650 MultiquickPlastic9 Cup600-Watt
CuisinArt DLC-8S ProABS Plastic11 Cup625-Watt
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth
Most Affordable
Metal14 Cup525-Watt
DeLonghi DFP250Stainless Steel9 Cup400-Watt
Black and Decker FP6010Plastic11 Cup800-Watt
KitchenAid KFP1333CUPolycarbonate Plastic13 Cup420-Watt
Ninja BL773CO Mega KitchenStainless Steel8 Cup1500-Watt
KitchenAid KFP0711CUPolycarbonate Plastic7 Cup320-watt

1: Breville BFP800XL:

The Breville BFP800XL food processor consists of a number of options you are more likely to accommodate. The BFP800XL16 cup food processor offers durability along with extra power. It is easy to use when you are going to use with the other batches of food that are large in size.  It has come up with the blades made up of stainless steel; die cast metal base and the plastic bowl with 1200 watts motor drive. The 11 inches diameter and the 18 inches of height make it completely perfect to be fitted in any standard kitchen cabinet.


  • Offers durability of the food processor
  • Extra power which makes it distinct from others
  • Easy to use with large food batches
  • Offers accuracy and sharpness with S blade
  • Works best for large families
  • Quite heavy
  • Big in size

The Breville BFP800XL food processor has come up with the stainless steel blade along with die cast metal base as well as a plastic bowl that makes the entire machine more durable. It has 1200 watts of motor drive and the food processor works with heavy duty so that it can easily work with the dough preparations. The Breville BFP800XL has 11 inches of diameter and 18 inches height with 8 inches width that makes it completely perfect for the users to place it in kitchen cabinet.


The BFP800XL model has been created with the 5.5 inch of extra wide feet chute. In order to create simplicity for the users, it has Sous Chef that consists of extra wide feed chute. It will reduce your time to cut vegetables and foods to prepare them.

The BFP800XL food processor consists of 5 discs and 3 blades that have 24 different types of settings which offer different options for the preparation. The different slicing discs can be easily set in 24 settings to allow you to cut them with thickness of up to 8 mm and thinness of up to 0.3 mm.

The Breville consists of two different options of bowl size that is a mini 2.5 cup and the large 16 cup. So, it is completely dependent upon you that what size you are looking for. Whether you want the blending of large soup portion or you want to process only small portion of dips or nuts, this food processor is doing an amazing job.

The Micro serrated blades have made the Breville food processor much more precise and strong that can help you in getting any type of job. The other types of discs that are present in set include mini blade that you can use with mini bowl, French fry cutting disc, reversible shredding disc, dough blade and julienne disc that can make kneading and combining of ingredients easily possible.

It consists of the LCD display with count up and the countdown timer to provide consistency as well as precision. Moreover, the Breville Sous Chef has come up with the additional box that offers easy storage of all parts. This new storage box can be easily stored either vertically or horizontally without providing any harm to the parts.

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2: CuisinArt Elite 14 Cup (FP-14DCN):

The CuisinArt FP-14DCN is a 14 cup food processor and has an efficient performance and it has been especially designed to carry numerous types of foods in it. It is considered as the best unit after its introduction in market because it carries highly powerful motor and it is the most durable food processor due to high quality parts that can effectively reduce the food of whatever type it is.

CuisinArt Elite 14 Cup Food Processor (FP-14DCN)

The similar results are observed when we tested the CuisinArt FP-14DCN thoroughly in our labs to identify its benefits as well as its drawbacks. But in each test, we found that the food that is processed had some little variance in terms of size but the machine has the quality that it had rarely left any large chunk of original food in it. Here are the pros and cons of the Cuisinart Elite 14 cup.

  • Extremely powerful motor
  • With large power, it produces very less noise
  • Accessory storage case that can keep all parts in it with the safety lock to prevent damage to any part
  • Most durable food processor despite heavy duty it can easily perform
  • Sturdy base that completely remains stable when the processor is in use
  • The food processor is very heavy as well as bulky
  • Replacement parts are quite expensive
  • It has a rubber seal on its lid which is very hard to clean

The CuisinArt FP-14DCN Food processor has the ability to deliver consistently better results and it has actually proved to be the best food processor for slicing, chopping, shredding, dough kneading, dicing and pie crust. Though, we have not actually found the perfect results at the end but it was actually very quick in cutting of food to the ideal sizes and there were very few chunks left. This is the quietest food processor with minimum sound produced while working at lowest to highest speed. It can produce inconsistent thickness occasionally within the pieces when you are slicing food that we have found the common outcome.

The CuisinArt FP-14DCN is considered as the best food processor because of easiness in cleaning. It consists of only few pieces that are hard to be cleaned by hand. The bowl is safe to dishwasher and you can easily clean the disks and blades with help of hand. When you are going to sanitize your food processor, it will only take 10 minutes that is the fastest time we can actually measure.

The design offered by Cuisinart food processor includes the 14 cup bowl attached to it for the simplicity of use and convenience. The major attribute that we have noticed while evaluating top of the food processors was their level of resistance of bowl lock. With different types of food processors we have tested, it needs large amount of force for detaching bowl but when it comes to CuisinArt, the detaching of bowl is only the single thumb push. Though, it can contribute to concern that bowl can unlock accidently but within our tests we have not found any such problem as the bowl was attached firmly to processors body.

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3: Braun K650 Multiquick: Best for Multipurpose:

Braun K650 Multiquick food processor is on the third because of top quality features that it offers. It use 600 watts power that makes it powerful machine with the large capacity. The Braun K650 food processor has been rated as the best processor of food according to customer’s selection. It is highly durable food processor that is easy to use and clean. The mixing bowl of Braun Food processor has the capacity to hold 2 quarts of ingredients within it including liquid. You should also note that it has been listed as the 2 quarts within US and 2 liters internationally.

Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Food Processor

It is considered as one of the most flexible food processor with large varieties of blades that you can use not only for cutting but for chopping, shredding, grating and slicing. The food processor model is highly easy to move in the kitchen cabinets and you can easily locate it near the drawer. The machine consists of different attachments such as dough hook; cream attachment with universal blade for chopping that will provide better results in the slicing, shredding and anything. Therefore, we call it the perfect food processor with chopper. The only drawback associated with this food processor is that it is bit larger it will leave some of the ingredients on it.

  • Highly durable because of powerful machine that it holds
  • Easy to use and easy to clean food processor
  • You may find this food processor little bit large
  • Works on the medium to large sized kitchens
  • Leaves some ingredients in it

The processor has come up with great instructions that make it easy to understand machine after completely finding out its use therefore, it makes the food processor easy to assemble for beginners.

The Braun K650 Multiquick food processor contains good capacity of mixing bowl that can easily hold about 2 quarts of the ingredients in it including the liquid. You should note that the Braun lists it as one of the 2 quarts in US and 2 liters internationally. When you are comparing the food processor then it is better to check the capacity of liquid very carefully.

Everyone wants the food processor which has amazing flexibility and the food processor offered by Braun has considered being the best as it consists of wide varieties of blades of cutting that you can easily use for shredding, chopping, slicing and grating.

The new model of food processor by Braun is highly easy to be moved around on the kitchen cabinet but you are most likely to keep it easily located near drawer where you can store it with all other accessories. You have to keep in mind that where you are going to store accessories and blades, it will create much more space just like food processor.

The attachments consist of dough hook, cream attachment and universal chopping blade which will give better result and it also includes versatile slicing system that includes shredder, grater and slicer in it. The food processor also consists of sealed bowl attachment which has been made to prevent any leakage in the food when your blender is working at the full speed.

The multipurpose food processor is of high quality and therefore it can easily last for different years and you have to make sure that you are taking good care of it. It is made up of the plastic material therefore; it is light in weight when compared with its competitors. Moreover, it has come up with different speed so you can freely adjust it as it is dependent on the size and type of the food that you are going to process.

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4: CuisinArt DLC-8S Pro 11 Cup Food Processor:

CuisinArt DLC-8S Pro is 11 Cup Food Processor which is more likely to be an ideal food processor for medium family that can help you with any task that you need whether it is slicing of vegetables, the grating of cheese, potatoes or carrots; grinding of nuts or meat, everything will be done with perfection. It consists of highly powerful motor that has the ability to perform all such jobs. It can also provide the kneading of bread but in the form of small batches.

CuisinArt DLC-8S Pro 11 Cup Food Processor

It consists of the feed chute that is much large so that it can easily slice all the tough foods. The stylish CuisinArt model is made up of white, black and brown color so it provides an amazing opportunity for you to select the one that is completely meeting the style of your kitchen. This is the best food processor for the money because the small and compact machine can provide large functions with power and its reliability has been guaranteed by CuisinArt.

The processor comes with 11 cup food capacity which is much large that it can easily handle large number of jobs. You will not be able to get the small bowl with it. The only problem that we have found with CuisinArt Food processor is that it can cause certain problems when it comes to the processing of bread dough.

  • Compact and small in size
  • Provides sufficient power needed for processing of food
  • Reliability has been guaranteed
  • May Create problems while processing dough

The major benefit of using the CuisinArt Custom 11 cup food processor is that it is much larger that it can easily handle different jobs whether you are going to serve your group of friends or you are going to feed your entire family. As the large bowl size provides you large number of options so that you can easily make what you want and it is worthy to mention that you will not get any small working bowl with it so if you have a small food processing such as mincing of garlic cloves or any herb then it is recommended to use some other product because its space is so large that it may cause scraping if food with processor walls.

The new CuisinArt DLC 8S has come up with the larger feed chute which means that you only have to spend very small amount of time for preparing food before processing. The feed chute consists of two types of food pushers that is smaller and larger. With the two different sizes of food pusher, you will not leave any food within chute. Along with the lid on the feed chute, the CuisinArt consists of the flat lid for its working bowl.

The blades of the amazing food processor are made up of the stainless steel such that you can do the difficult job with easiness. The blades present within the model include shredding disc, chopping and mixing blade along with two slicing discs.

These slicing discs allow the cutting down of 2mm thin as well as 4mm thick food. The blade made up of metal can easily chop the cooked or raw vegetables and fruits, cheese, meat or fish with high accuracy.

The model has the power of 120V, 60Hz and maximum 5.2 Amps. This is actually the perfect power amount if you have a small task.

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5: Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Model #70575:

There are large number of food processors in the market but either they don’t have enough quality features or if they possess then it is worth expensive. So, what if you get the high quality features in highly affordable prices? Yeah, this is the case with Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor (70575), the new model of Hamilton Beach that consists of Bonus French Fry Disc in it and it is Hamilton best food processor under $100. It consists of 4 cups that make very large capacity and it is also very versatile in its action because it consists of the specialty disc in it. It is easy to use and easy to clean food processor available within the market.

Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor (70575)

The food processor has large capacity as whatever you want to make, you can easily make it with this food processor. It works very well for every type of slicing, grating and anything that you want. The built up of large feed chute makes it easy to process and less time consuming food processor. Most of the people find it hard to assemble the parts of this food processor but this is to ensure the safety to all the individuals who are using the food processor.

The only drawback associated with this food processor is that it is very much large that it cannot be stored in standard kitchen cabinets and it is also very noisy which is not liked by most of the people moreover, the kneading of bread is also difficult with this type of food processor.

  • Highly affordable that includes very less prices for the 14 cup model.
  • It is also very versatile in its action that consists of a specialty disc
  • The food processor has come up with the large capacity
  • It consists of extra large feed chute
  • It is very easy to clean and use
  • Noisy and extra large
  • It doesn’t have the capacity to knead the dough of bread


The food processor has come up with the larger capacity as if you want to make the big batch of coleslaw or you want to slice the potatoes very quickly for your entire family, you can do anything easily. It can work very well for the vegetable slicing and if you want to grate soft things such as Mozzarella then it is one of the best things as you can put that soft thing within freezer for at least 30 minutes before its processing.


As the name indicates, big mouth food processor consists of big feed chute that is large enough so that it can easily speed up the process as you will not need enough time to cut the food within smaller chunks. The assembling of feed chute can be a tricky thing for you but it is because of the reason that all the things are locked securely to provide the safety to you. You may find this safety feature annoying but this is the main feature that can assure the safety of all your fingers.


The processor has come up with 525 Watt of motor power which is much powerful that it can easily handle large amount of food. This is the main reason for which the consumers have mentioned it very noisy as compared to what it was expected with it. The other important feature is the controls as you are provided with three different speeds along with pulse option and it provides more control and help in the over processing prevention.


The dimensions of machine are the 10.9 * 10.9 * 19 inch and its weight is 12.2 pounds. If you don’t want to keep it in the kitchen cabinet then it is your choice as you can easily store it on the counter because of presence of internal cord storage in it.

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6: DeLonghi DFP250: Best Food Processor With Blender

The new DeLonghi DFP250 food processor has come out to be the best in all terms and it not only serves as a food processor but it also consists of a blender. It has a small bowl attached with it and it has come up with very low watts of motor. Moreover, the major benefit that we cannot deny is the amazing performance of motor despite the low watts of motor. It has high quality of blades and discs that are used for the cutting and it has the ability to reduce any type of food to any shape that you need.

DeLonghi DFP250 9 Cup Capacity Food Processor

The food processor consists of the clever motor system which has auto reverse present in it that can easily adjusts speed of blending as well as processing of food. Within the moderate size, the blender provides highly large control. The food processor bowl has come up with 9 food cups capacity and its performance has been outstanding because it can easily crush almonds to the fine powder.

The model has been compared with other food processors, it is one of the simplest models in terms of design. It consists of blades, bowl and the drift shaft which is very finicky within its action. The new food processor has come up with great versatility because it also includes blender in it that is of the 40 ounce. The only problem with DeLonghi DFP250 is that it has come up with limited accessories option and it also needs frequent cleaning during meal preparation.

  • 400 watt motor that is sufficiently powerful
  • It consists of the clever system of motor that has auto reverse in it and it can easily adjust the speed for both the food processing as well as the food blending
  • It consists of one of the easy to use dial control which offers pulse and 2 speed.
  • It is also very easy to clean food processor
  • It has come up with very limited option for the accessories
  • It requires frequent cleanup during the preparation of meal


The blender and the food processor provide very large control in this moderate size unit. The bowl of the food processor has the ability to accommodate 9 food cups but it can actually detract the entire efficiency of cutting food. Within our tests, the model performed completely well with almonds and reduced them to the small grind within nearly two dozen pulses. It has also showed great efficiency within other tests such as slicing disk attachments that turned the potatoes in the slices for the potato chips.

Convenience and Cleaning:

When compared with the other types of food processors that are available in the market, this food processor is considered as the simplest in terms of its design. Its pieces such as blades, drive shaft and bowl are very finicky in their action. This needs lot of work in the attachment but when they are attached once, it is very easy and simple to use the device.


The new food processor comes up with large amount of versatility that is it includes blender as well as the food processor in it and it has also come up with the 9 cup bowl that is used for the processing of food along with the 40 ounces of blender. Its motor has come up with 400 watts that is the requirement of the top quality food processors but its motor has been designed with dual drive system that actually allows the adjustment to the different speeds depending upon the food hardness.

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7: Black and Decker FP6010 : Best Digital Food Processor:

The Black and Decker FP6010 food processor is amazingly available in the most reasonable prices along with the top quality features. The food processor consists of the discs and blades more as compared to the ones that are usually present within other units. It also consists of variable processing speed that can help in large amount of ingredients preparation. The machine is also light in weight and portable and the food processor has come up with safety lock assembly.

Black and Decker FP6010 food processor

The new food processor offered by Black and Decker is made up of plastic and that is why, it is light in weight, easy to carry and the best food processor for vegans. It also contains large amount of power in it that is 800 watts and so that you can estimate the amazing performance that it provides. It also includes the automatic safety lock in it that is; the food processor will not run until the time when the base is not properly fixed on the motor provides additional security to you. The only drawback associated with this model is that some of the people find it very noisy during its use.

  • It consists of discs as well as blades more than the ones that are present within other units
  • It has a variable speed of processing for the preparation of large number of ingredients
  • It is light in weight and also portable
  • The food processor has come up with the safety lock assembly
  • It has large capacity bowl
  • Some people find it little noisy during its use

Lightweight Construction:

The Black and Decker FP6010 food processor is built up of plastic and this is the reason that the food processor is highly light in weight and it is also very easy to carry from shelf or the storage cabinet of the kitchen. It consists of large amount of power than the heft as it consists of 800 watts of motor that will not cause the toppling of the motor when it is used. The base is made up of stainless steel and it has no slip suction cup that can help in improvement of stability.

Automatic Safety Lock:

If you have not locked the lid and bowl properly on base or if the food pusher has been popped out of its place then your food processor will not work. This is the safety lock that has been very handy because it is provided to prevent the damage.

Powerful Motor:

The powerful motor is highly necessary when you want good kind of food processor. The Black and Decker food processors use 800 watts power which is completely best for the mixing of dough and this is how the dough making has been much easier than making it with hands. With large amount of power, it has been considered as the best food processor but you will not find it the one that is easy to clean. It takes at least 13 minutes to clean it as it appeared within our test. The food processor consists of few pieces as compared to other units and this is because of the each part design that is difficult to be used.

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8: KitchenAid KFP1333CU: 13 Cup Food Processor:

The KitchenAid KFP1333CU is  an amazing model of food processor that consists of large number of amazing features as it contains more discs and blades and it has amazing ability to chop and shred different food types and it has made processing much more easy than other types of food processors. It contains a solid motor that has shown amazing performance. It also consists of the good look that has made it completely amazing food processor for its display on counter.

KitchenAid KFP1333CU 13-Cup Food Processor

The food processor has been designed in such a way that it shows versatility in its action because it carries amazing abilities to chop, slice, knead, shred and puree easily. It consists of the large types of blades such as the multiple purpose blade, dough blade, shredding blade, slicing blade and the entire thanks is to the storage box for keeping all such things in one place.

The drawbacks associated with this food processor include the hard cleaning and large storage speed needed.

  • It consists of a solid motor which is perfect in its performance
  • It has very good looks that make it completely perfect for the display on counter
  • It is made up of the sturdy plastic
  • Much hard to clean
  • Because of large size, it takes large amount of storage space
  • It is finicky in its use

As the food processor has been designed to show versatility in its action it has the ability to slice, chop, knead, puree and shred very easily. It consists of the multiple purpose blades as one is given for each bowl size along with the dough blade, slicing blade, shredding blade and the ultimate thanks should be given to the storage box that has the capacity to store all such little parts.

You will find this kind of appliance completely according to the needs of your kitchen that can easily complete the makeover that is needed. With the large number of features that are carried by the amazing food process, it is completely according to the standards in terms of price and this is the right thing that you can easily stick to.

The dual speed of the food processor has made it an easy to control device and the more amazing feature is the pulse mode that can gracefully ramp up instead of only kicking in the high gear. You only have to tap its button and it will spin gently for the few times but you have to hold it down and this is how it will come up to the full speed within only a second.

This is one of the top rated processor that has come up with 360 watts of motor and it also consists of 13 cup bowl which has made it an ideal food processor to perform large number of jobs of processing. It is also equipped with the two disks and three blades in it that provides you access to large variety of the results. The food chunks were still a problem as they were built upon blades and they need consistent cleaning when it comes to processing of food. 

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9: Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL773CO): Best For Baby Food

Ninja has come up with an amazing Mega Kitchen System that is not only best in chopping the food but it is also perfect in the making of smoothies as it consists of the blender system in it. This is perfect food processor to crush ice easily and it can also help in the crushing of food too. It provides amazing performance with large amount of power as it is the sturdy machine. The amazing blender has come up with ability of pulverization of the green vegetables and it can easily pulverize spinach and kale.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL773CO)

Most of the people find it hard to use the appliance easily because it consists of the small buttons options for the quick operation recovery. All of the blender parts are removable and they are also free of BPA and they are safe for washing too. The only drawback associated with Ninja food processor is that it has come up with limited warranty and it is also noisy in its work.

  • It offers amazing power and the performance
  • It consists of a sturdy machine
  • Best food processor for hummus
  • Limited warranty
  • It is very noisy in its work

Leafy greens, soup and dough:

The new Ninja Kitchen system is a best food processor and blender as it contains blender too. This system has come up with the amazing ability of pulverization of leafy greens. As you will find the large number of reviews about the ability of blender that are usually mixed but according to our tests, the Ninja blender do not perform good job at the pulverization of kale and spinach very easily.

Easy to Clean and Easy to Use:

The new Ninja BL773CO has come up with the easy to use appliance that consists of only small options of buttons for its quick operation. All the parts of blender is removable and it is also BPA free and safe for being dish wash. You can simply wipe the machine as you don’t have to clean it with dishwasher.


This is best heavy duty food processor for preparing dough because it has come up with the 1500 Watts that provides large amount of power. This power that can be used for liquefaction of fruits to the smoothie or if you have a frozen drink it will be easily broken up and its seeds will be crushed completely. You are going to blend the fruits with large number of seeds and this is how you will get the best results.

The product consists of the reversible slicing as well as the shredding of discs, grating discs that provide amazing results, dough blade, 3 ninja cups and lids, chopping blades and nutria ninja blade assembly.


The new Ninja Blender weights for only 19.5 pounds and this is one of the large food processor that is much healthy and highly stable. It also consists of the large capacity and that is the reason you can use this product for the large family.

Along with all these things, the new blender is highly easy in the use because of the reason that rather than blades screwing at bottom of jar, you only have to drop blades down in jar and this is how you are going to engage the driving mechanism.

On the other side, it is easy to clean the blender and to perform its cleansing, you only have to pull blade out of jar for its separate cleaning without any need of disassembly. But, you have to be cautious of scrap blades as they are free during the cleaning process.

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10: KitchenAid KFP0711CU: Best Food Processor Under 100

The new KitchenAid KFP0711CU 7 Cup is considered as the most affordable and inexpensiven food processor that has been designed for small kitchens. Although you will get the fine chopped food at the end but it leaves few larger chunks at the end too. But you will find its ability to chop completely amazing because it has the ability to chop large amount of vegetables, nuts and dates, and many different food types. It is also very simple in its design and it allows its users to select the food and then select three speed settings as the unit requires small amount of work within the dismantling and cleaning. 

KitchenAid KFP0711CU 7 Cup Food Processor

It is light in weight and compact food processor that is easy to use and clean. The only problem with this food processor is that its control buttons are not very responsive and its extra features make it very costly food processor.

  • It is light in weight and is compact too
  • It is easy to use and easy to clean food processor
  • It is relatively quiet as compared to the other types of food processors
  • It has a sturdy base
  • Best Cheap Food processor for small kitchens
  • You may not find its control buttons very responsive
  • Its replacement parts are highly expensive

It is available as one of the best processors of food that is available in the market because it has the ability to perform consistently but you may find its few leaves chunks completely uncut. After the testing of the product for its ability in slicing potatoes, mushroom as well as shred cheese, the appliance was completely able to cut slices properly. The problem usually occurs because of the short cut blades that don’t reach the outside rim of bowl.

Adjustable Slicing Disc:

Such discs are easily able to adjust the different types of thickness from the 1mm to the 6mm. these discs are easily adjusted for the thin slices such as for the home made potato chips or the thick apple slices. The slicing discs consist of the in-built shaft or the dial that you are more likely to use for the thickness.


Out of all amazing food processors that we have tested so far, this food processor has come up with very weak motor which is of 320 watts. The underpowered motor has resulted in the slower speed for blades and it chops the food very unevenly. But this unit produces the consistent results that can easily put the low budget processors to the shame. It has the high, low and the pulse speeds which allow you to handle very different types of tasks including chopping of the multiple vegetables or dough kneading.


The food processor has come up with the 7 cup bowl that is completely free of BPA and it is the top rack safe for dishwasher. It don’t contain any mini bowl neither they have an option for this new model but it is confirmed that the bowl of the food processor is resistant to shatter.

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Final Verdict:

Buying a food processor is not a difficult one but buying the best food processor with efficient performance and affordable prices is one of the big things. It is not only the quality but also the amazing features that should be considered as it is the time for the up-gradation of features. With such affordable food processors, you can easily save many hours of cooking.

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