Best Dishwashers in 2019 (Must Read before you Buy)

These days, although dishwashers aren’t required in each house, the highest quality dishwashers make sure to wash and clean the crap from the kitchen products in no time. Recently developed great dishwashers ensure washing glasses, plates, and silverware with their efficient technologies, no water and time consumed. With different wash cycles, more elastic racks, and fold-down tines than ever before, making it a lot simpler for you to maximize the number of dishes, cups, bowls, and much more you can fit into each loading–not forgetting all of those oversized bits which might currently be accommodated.

But like most other items in the market, looking at huge list of available dishwasher choices is annoying and exhausting. To help you in finding great dishwashers, and to recommend some awesome ones, we’ve taken the task to find best dishwashers that are not only in your budget but also worthy of your kitchen. So Without wasting more time here is a list of best dishwashers that are not only high quality dishwashers but also great in use and management.

List of Best Dishwashers in 2019:

Dishwasher NameWash CyclesPriced UnderMaterialPrice
Bosch 800 Series6$1000Stainless SteelCheck Price
KitchenAid KDTM354ESS6$1200Stainless SteelCheck Price
LG Studio LSDF9962ST7$1300Stainless SteelCheck Price
GE CDT835SSJSS5$1000Stainless SteelCheck Price
Samsung DW80J7550US5$1300Stainless SteelCheck Price
Bosch 500 Series SHP65TL5UC5$900Stainless SteelCheck Price
Blomberg DWT57500SS7$1100Stainless SteelCheck Price
Whirlpool WDT920SADM5$900Stainless SteelCheck Price
Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24ID50QS5$900Stainless SteelCheck Price
Samsung DW80H9970US6$1600Stainless SteelCheck Price

Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC: Best Dishwasher in 2019

The Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC dishwasher is fairly standard all around with its wash cycles and wash options. Although it lacks a child-lock function, it includes some advanced features. And it’s incredibly energy efficient so it doesn’t cost much to operate.

A Design For Every Kitchen:

It’ a full-size stainless steel appliance which is designed to fit perfectly into any section of your cabinetry. With the included bar handle, it’s amazingly easy to operate. Opening the latching door for loading and removing the cleaned utensils is a breeze.

Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC

Perhaps the biggest advantage the 800 has over the 500 is the sheer variety of exteriors. If you like front-mount controls, there are two different layouts with recessed handles to choose from.

For a seamless look, top-mount lovers can choose from two different bar handles, a pocket handle, or customized panel fronts. These versions also come with InfoLight, a feature not found on the front-control models. It’s a small red beam that projects onto your floor to indicate when the dishwasher is running.

Regardless of your preferred style, both configurations are available in stainless steel, white or black. They also give you a choice between capacitive touch controls or more conventional buttons.

800 models are also some of the quietest dishwashers around, rated at 44 dBA. Each model also features the same set of cycles: Heavy, Auto, Normal, Eco, Express, and Rinse. These can be altered using features including Delay, Half Load, Extra Shine, Delicate, and Sanitize.

There’s one exception to this—the SHXN8U55UC—which has a slightly altered cycle and feature list, as well as a quieter sound rating of just 40 dBA.

Will They Clean My Plates?

Open the door, and you’ll notice a few things beyond the shiny stainless tub: Each model in the 800 series includes a third rack on top of cutlery. And on the bottom rack, you get more dish flexibility thanks to tines that can fold down—something absent from the 500 line.

The upper rack is equipped with RackMatic, which lets you set it to one of three different heights. This will be useful if you have a lot of oddly sized glassware, especially given the space lost to the extra rack itself.

Actual cleaning performance is more or less identical to the 500 models, as both series use the same kind of filtration system. Workhorse cycles like Normal do a great job washing away tough stains, but we noticed some issues with redeposit.

Heavy Duty, on the other hand, blew away everything we could throw at it. Dishes came out spotless after roughly two hours.


The 800 series takes everything we love from the 500 and adds a few perks to make it even better. Sure, many consumers will be quite happy with a 500 model, but once you’ve experienced the convenience of adjustable tines, you may not want to go back. And with prices still fairly set for such an effective machine, we can’t help but recommend it.

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2: KitchenAid KDTM354ESS: Best Dishwashers for Any Family:

The KitchenAid KDTM354ESS is slightly less efficient and more costly to run when compared with most others in our dishwasher reviews, and it lacks a specific eco-friendly cycle, but this unit offers some great features, too. For instance, it is designed to filter its own water continuously during each cycle so food particles do not recirculate. And, at $32 a year in estimated yearly operating costs, it will almost certainly beat out the old dishwasher you are replacing, even if it doesn’t top the most energy-efficient dishwashers on the market.

Kitchen Aid KDTM354ESS Stainless Steel Tub Built-in Stainless Dishwasher

Design & Usability

As part of the Architect Series II line of KitchenAid appliances, the KDTM354DSS got a recent redesign. It’s marked by smooth, rounded edges and a seamless appearance. The protruding handlebar gently curves outward, and a simple, forward-facing LCD screen is embedded flush with the stainless steel door.

The controls are concealed on top of the door. In keeping with the smooth look, the control panel uses flush, touch-sensitive buttons. Although lacking the tactile feedback of mechanical buttons, we found the KDTM354DSS’s controls responsive.

Inside, things get interesting. The drain and filter at the bottom of the KDTM354DSS’s tub look nothing like the detachable screen filters or the hard food grinders found in other dishwashers. There’s only a small detachable piece that traps larger food particles, which you’ll occasionally have to remove and clear if it gets too clogged. More on that later…


For cycles, the KDTM354DSS features the usual suspects: ProWash, Tough, Normal, Light, Express Wash, and Rinse Only. Just pick the cycle that corresponds to how much dirt is on your dishes, or use ProWash if you have a mixed load.

There are a handful of available options to customize your wash further. ProDry is a default on many of the cycles, and it’s used for adding a heated drying period to the end of a wash. You can disengage this to save time and power. ProScrub activates the high-intensity spray jets located at the back of the tub for powering through tough stains. The rest of the options—Hi-Temp Wash, Sani Rinse, and Top Rack Only—are pretty self-explanatory.

Kitchen Aid KDTM354ESS Stainless Steel Tub Built-in Stainless Dishwasher image


You may not know this, but a dishwasher works by repeatedly spraying water onto dishes, recycling and filtering that same supply of water multiple times before draining it and performing a final rinse with clean water. As the water gets cleaner, so do your dishes.

If a dishwasher’s filtration system isn’t well-designed, food particles can be washed onto otherwise clean dishes. We call this phenomenon redeposit, and we’ve spotted it on dishwashers at all levels and price ranges.

KDTM354DSS’s ProFilter seems to have eliminated the problem entirely. We could not find instances of redeposit on any of the cycles we tested. The Normal cycle left a few meat, milk, and spinach stains behind, but the stuff that did get washed off didn’t end up somewhere else. Even the Express cycle, which clocked in at a little under an hour, had no trouble with redeposit.

With an overall excellent performance, the KDTM354DSS only had a few faults: The Tough cycle had some trouble with burnt cheese, and some of the items on the back of the upper rack weren’t as clean as others, indicating poor water coverage. In terms of water and power usage, the KDTM354DSS is very slightly above average.

Why We Like It

When a manufacturer boasts about new, innovative technology that will drastically enhance an appliance’s performance, it’s up to us to see if the product lives up to the hype. The ProFilter wash system seems to do exactly as advertised, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in other KitchenAid dishwashers soon.

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3: LG Studio LSDF9962ST : Dishwashers with the Best Warranty

The LG Studio LSDF9962ST dishwasher features energy-efficient wash options that operate with minimal noise. Between the cycle and wash options, you can customize the settings for any kind of load. The variety of features, quiet operation and energy efficiency all help this dishwasher to become the best dishwasher.

LG Studio LSDF9962ST dishwasher

Energy Efficiency:

The LG Studio LSDF9962ST makes the Energy Star list, an EPA program that recognizes energy-efficient products. This LG machine has several eco-friendly wash options that use less water and energy than normal cycles. It only costs $27 annually to operate, tying with a handful of other dishwashers for the lowest yearly cost in our comparison. At 131 minutes, the normal cycle time of this stainless steel dishwasher is a little longer than that of the top dishwasher, but some of its competitors take much longer.

Cleaning Options:

This LG Studio dishwasher boasts seven wash cycles and nine wash options, which is among the most in our comparison. The wash cycles include steam power, steam dual, steam delicate, normal, quick and dry, rinse only, and a quick cycle. The various steam wash cycles reduce the prewashing and scrubbing you have to do, as they use steam to tackle heavily soiled dishes. The steam delicate feature is gentle enough to clean stemware and other treasured items that you might not normally trust to a dishwasher, while the steam dual option adjusts the steam strength for the different racks so that small or delicate items in the upper rack don’t get as intense a clean. The quick and rinse-only cycles can save you time. You can rinse a big mess and then wait until the washer is full to run a whole load, or, for a small mess, you can just run it through one of the quick cycles and go on with your day.

With each wash cycle, you can add wash options, which include extra dry, rinse, sanitary, extra rinse, spray intensity, half load and eco wash. The extra dry option means you don’t have to use the dishtowel to get that last bit of water off dishes after a cycle. Adding an extra rinse can increase the energy use, but it also adds peace of mind, since you know new water is introduced for a rinse instead of the water that is recirculated during a cycle.

When you are washing the dog’s water bowl or anything that may need a little extra treatment, the sanitary wash option offers a little extra cleaning. Half load and eco wash both make it possible to clean dishes in a lighter, more energy-efficient way. However, some wash options are only available with certain cycles. For instance, you can only pair the quick wash cycle with the delay-start wash option.

This LG dishwasher comes with both an eco-friendly wash and dry option. When you select the wash option, the dishwasher automatically uses less water and energy. However, you can only use this eco-friendly wash option with lightly soiled dishes.

The dishwasher’s Hybrid Drying System uses both the heating element and a fan to dry your dishes, which decreases energy consumption during the dry time of the wash cycle. However, you don’t have the standard heated dry option in case you want to dry the dishes using only the heating element.

Load Flexibility:

The dishwasher has several wash cycles and options, as well as several convenience features. It includes a 19-hour delay-start timer that you can use when you want to clean dishes during off-peak hours, such as after you go to sleep. The hard-food disposer chops up solids so they go out with the dirty water at the end instead of getting stuck in a filter that you have to clean. The touch-sensitive controls are dark when not in use and light up when you touch them. Since that is something kids will love, it is nice that this machine also has a child lock so your kids don’t run empty cycles or disrupt settings.

Between the adjustable racks and the spacious interior, you can put up to 14 place settings in a single load with this integrated dishwasher. The lower two racks are standard sizes, while the top one is a mini rack for cutlery and silverware. The lower and upper racks include fold-down tines, while the upper rack’s position is adjustable, giving you the flexibility for many different dishes and load sizes.


This built-in dishwasher runs at a whisper. Measuring at 42 dB when it is running, it ties for the quietest dishwasher we reviewed. That sound level is comparable to raindrops falling and is far below the 60 dB generated by a normal conversation. If you are used to leaving the room to be able to talk over a dishwasher, you will be pleasantly surprised with the LG. The dishwasher’s stainless steel interior and exterior contribute to its quiet cycles. Stainless steel tubs dampen noise better than plastic and also last longer.

The model also includes three spray arms, which help effectively clean each dish. Older machines have only two spray arms that sometimes can miss a corner of the machine. Having three arms increases the odds of full coverage.

Design & Dimensions:

LG offers solid warranties on this dishwasher. The parts on the unit are backed by a one-year warranty, while labor is covered for two years. The racks and electronics on the dishwasher are covered for five years, and the tub and door liner have a lifetime warranty. You can contact LG with your questions by phone, email and live chat on its website.


The LG Studio LSDF9962ST dishwasher offers a wide variety of wash cycles and options. With the various steam cycles, it can tackle even the dirtiest dishes without the need for presoaking and scrubbing. This energy-efficient machine is one of the best dishwashers you can purchase because of its numerous wash options, energy efficiency and low noise level.

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4: GE CDT835SSJSS – Best Budget Dishwasher

The GE CDT835SSJSS dishwasher addresses the things that can be frustrating about even the best dishwashers in an attractive and efficient package. For instance, those who belong to both the handles-up and handles-down school of loading silverware would agree that silverware is the least likely to get totally clean during an average cycle. This dishwasher addresses that with a set of jets below the silverware basket that can blast off stuck-on food, even if you load them incorrectly. Another common problem is that bottles and other items with irregular shapes can remain virtually untouched in an average dishwasher’s cycle. This GE unit has four bottle jets that reach up and inside the vases, sports bottles and other oddly shaped items to get them truly clean.


There are a lot of jets with this stainless steel dishwasher – 140 of them – and they are positioned at many different angles throughout the wash tub. Older dishwashers just have jets on the spray arms pointed upward. The GE CDT835SSJSS has them positioned on the side of the wash tub and along a spray arm that rotates in both directions in order to hit every inch of every dish.

Energy Efficiency:

This GE model does well in terms of energy efficiency. It has the shortest run time for a normal cycle of any unit in our dishwasher reviews at just 110 minutes. There are settings that will make it run longer than that, but at least you know the basic cycle is short, which can save you money. This unit is Energy Star certified through the Environmental Protection Agency. Also, it offers a specific eco-friendly cycle and an option for air-drying. All of these things combine to offer you an efficient way to clean your dishes.

Cleaning Options:

With seven different cycles to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits the cleaning task at hand at any given moment with this dishwasher, though it is worth noting that some competitors offer even more choices for cycle types. Selecting the AutoSense cycle on this dishwasher actually represents an infinite number of cycle types because the run time will be adjusted based on how much soil is in the water. Once the water runs clear past the sensor, the unit will end the cycle, and that can come quickly if it is a lightly soiled load so you are not wasting energy to clean dishes that are already clean. There is even a steam pre-wash option, which is rare even when you compare top-rated dishwashers

Load Flexibility:

This machine can hold up to 16 place settings, which is great for a large household or for when you have company. It will work fine for smaller households too, though, because you can choose to wash just the top rack of dishes if that is all you need done. The dishwasher will use less water than it would for a full load so you don’t have to waste the water. The racks are adjustable as to height and there are fold-down tines that will help you accommodate oversized or odd-shaped items.

The one thing that would add to the load flexibility of this unit is a third rack, which some competitors offer at the top of the wash basin. That third rack can be nice for washing large utensils.


You can move the start time back as much as 12 hours from when you set it with this dishwasher, and that can be very convenient if your municipality offers cheaper electricity at night, or if you just want to plan your unloading times around your schedule. A child lock ensures you will get to keep the settings the way you like them.

Design & Dimensions:

This is not the quietest dishwasher but it is very close. It only generates 45 decibels of sound. That is going to seem whisper-quiet if you are replacing an older unit, even though actual whispering only produces about 30 decibels. Other units in our dishwasher reviews produce between 42 and 55 decibels. There is just the one color available – stainless steel – so that might be inconvenient if all of your other appliances are white or black.

Warranty & Support:

The warranty coverage for this dishwasher is underwhelming. It is only one year on all parts and labor. Some competitors offer many more years of coverage, at least on certain parts of the dishwasher. Some offer lifetime coverage on the tub and door liners. Customer support is decent in general, though. The manual is easy to find online, and customer service representatives are easy to find if you have other questions after looking at the manual.


The GE CDT835SSJSS is practically the perfect dishwasher, notwithstanding relatively short warranty coverage. This machine is built to last, so you might not even need to ever know about the warranty coverage. It will clean your dishes effectively, using only as much water and electricity as is absolutely necessary. The quantity and placement of the jets on this dishwasher ensure that even odd-shaped dishes and silverware that is stacked too tight will get a healthy flow of hot water and come out ready to use at the end of the cycle.

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5: Samsung DW80J7550US Most Advanced Dishwasher:

The subject of today’s review, Samsung’s DW80J7550US scales down the price by cutting back on extra features like cutlery trays and specialty cycles.

The DW80J7550US isn’t a bad appliance but it also isn’t a technological breakthrough that will change kitchens forever. Still, if you like its unique style and modest list of perks (like easily adjustable racks, an attractive logo-less front, and responsive touch-sensitive buttons) it’s definitely worth a look.

Samsung DW80J7550US

Design & Usability:

There’s a lot to like about pocket handles: They’re wide and easy to grip, they don’t protrude outward like other handles, and in the case of the DW80J7550US, they glow blue to let you know a wash cycle is in progress. The rest of this Samsung looks very clean, with no logos or branding visible on the front.

Touch-sensitive controls are hidden on the top of the door. Bright blue indicator lights and a timer display will illuminate when the dishwasher is powered on, but are otherwise completely invisible. It’s a neat effect that adds to the DW80J7550US’s clean look.

The interior has a fairly standard layout, consisting of two racks and a two-piece cutlery holder. The main attraction is the sheer flexibility of the lower rack: Every row of plate supports can be folded down to fit extra-large items like mixing bowls and serving platters.

Thanks to a couple of fold-down shelves and height adjustment for the upper rack, you shouldn’t have any problems loading tall, deep, or oddly shaped dishes. With tines up, we certainly didn’t have any issues fitting 11 place settings and 1 serving setting inside the DW80J7550US.


Even though the DW80J7550US’s option list is trimmed down from its Chef Collection counterpart, it still offers a slew of settings. Five wash cycles can handle most dishwashing needs, and there are even a few customization options to play around with.

If you’ve got some tough stains, the DW80J7550US is well equipped to handle them. The Zone Boosters feature, which is unique to WaterWall dishwashers, allows you to increase the spray intensity of the jets on the left or right side of the tub. This means you can strategically load the nastiest stains on one side so the WaterWall jets can blast the mess right off of your dishes.

There are other, more familiar settings too: Sanitize, Dry+, Child Lock, Lower Rack Only, and a Delay option that can be set for up to 24 hours.


The good news is that the DW80J7550US has no problems with water coverage or filtration. In some other dishwashers, these are problems that stem from poor design, construction, or wash programming, and allow dishes to remain dirty even after they’ve been in the wash.

However, the DW80J7550US lost a lot of points when its Normal cycle left visible chunks of meat and dried milk stains behind. The stuff that did get washed off was properly swept and drained away, but the overall results were still dissatisfying. The Heavy cycle didn’t have this problem, but we wouldn’t recommend using a heavy duty cycle for all washes unless you want to wait longer for dishes to finish, all while using a lot more water and electricity.


For the first year of ownership, Samsung’s warranty will cover all parts and labor needed to repair any defects found in this dishwasher. Additionally, certain parts are covered for five years, including many of the belt-operated moving bits that power the WaterWall. As always, consult the owner’s manual for specific details.

Why We Like It

If you want an affordable dishwasher with WaterWall, this is your best bet. The DW80J7550US has great looks, high flexibility, and decent cleaning capabilities.

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6: Bosch 500 Series:

We’re big fans of the Bosch 500 Series dishwasher. Thanks to helpful features, good stain removal, low 44 dBA sound ratings, a useful third rack, and affordable sale prices, we think this great dishwasher is also a superb value.

Each dishwasher in the 500 Series can also be flush-mounted with cabinetry to achieve a built-in aesthetic, and we love this series’ convenience features like the optional split-apart cutlery basket, customizable tines on the middle rack, and—of course—that third rack. With three handle designs and three different finishes to choose from, you’ll likely find a 500 Series dishwasher to fit your kitchen. (If you don’t need a third rack, you can save a little money and buy the otherwise-identical 300 Series.)

Bosch 500 Series SHP65TL5UC

It isn’t all about show, though: Judging from the many weeks we’ve spent putting 500 Series dishwashers through their paces, we can confidently say consumers can expect an excellent quick cycle, a near-perfect Heavy Duty cycle, and low utility costs from all of these dishwashers.

What’s Unique?

Like nearly all Bosch dishwashers sold in the U.S., the 500 Series is made in New Bern, N.C. Within the 500 Series, buyers can choose from pocket handles or recessed handles in stainless, black, or white finishes. Only one model—the SHX65T55UC—features a transitional bar handle, and it’s only available in stainless.

Which version you choose depends on your needs. Pocket and bar handle models hide their control panels above the door (under your countertop), for a more seamless aesthetic. But models with recessed handles incorporate a front-facing control panel that’s arguably easier to use. It’s up to you.

Any Cleaning Guarantee:

No matter which 500 Series dishwasher you choose, you should expect the same performance. After all, the only difference is the door. Like all Bosch dishwashers, the 500 Series use a filtration system and evaporative drying.

Normal cycles do a good job removing food stains but for one issue: redeposit. That’s when food gets washed off one dish and onto another, and it’s particularly problematic with spinach and other leafy greens. The 500 Series didn’t wash away all the spinach in our tough redeposit test, but it came closer than most dishwashers. Otherwise, we liked that these cycles only take two hours—about average for a modern dishwasher—and leave plates clean and dry.

Alternatively, expect near-perfection from the Heavy cycles, which also take only about two hours, but pick up the slack of the Normal cycles with more water usage. Redeposit isn’t an issue here, and our dishes emerged spotless.

Certain 500 Series dishwashers also come with Speed Perfect, which cuts cycle times in half, but uses more water. We clocked this cycle at less than an hour and didn’t spot much redeposit, but our thick milk and egg stains weren’t cleaned off completely.

Why We Love The 500 Series:

If you’re looking for value, here it is: On sale, you can snag a Bosch 500 Series dishwasher. An exceptional Heavy cycle, conveniences like the third rack, and a wide selection of cycle and customization options make these dishwashers stand way out, and your neighbors will think you spent twice as much.

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7: Blomberg DWT57500SS:

If you’ve never heard of Blomberg DWT57500SS before, you’re not alone. But that’s only because the brand is new to the US. Manufactured by the massive Turkish appliance company Arçelik, the DWT57500SS is the American version of a dishwasher that’s popular in Europe.

Blomberg DWT57500SS

In America, Blomberg promises European-style appliances without sky-high prices, and the DWT57500SS almost delivers perfectly with solid performance, some very nice usability features like lighting and a cleverly-designed third rack. Although light on extra wash options for a machine in its price range, this machine’s vast selection of wash cycles should keep you covered as long as you aren’t a dishwashing micromanager.

Design & Usability:

The DWT57500SS’s controls might take some getting used to for American consumers. All the buttons are located on top of the door. To the left is the power button, which stays depressed when you push it in. If this reminds you of an old TV or video game console, then the LCD screen on the right will definitely make you think of a VCR. Orange letters and icons tell you the estimated remaining cycle time and which cycles and wash options you’ve engaged.

Instead of displaying the full name of the cycle, the LCD only shows you P1 through P7, each number standing for one of the DWT57500SS’s seven cycles. If you forgot what P4 or P6 is, there’s a handy cheat sheet printed on the top of the door. Some might find this annoying, but it’s actually clever on Blomberg’s part: If they plan to release the DWT57500SS to a mainly Spanish or French-speaking market, they would only need to change the language of the cheat sheet rather than program entirely new words into the display.

The inside doesn’t stray too far from traditional dishwasher design, with enough space to hold ten place settings and a serving setting. Highlights on the DWT57500SS’s interior include a sliding cutlery basket, straight tines for loading pots and pans, and internal LED lighting. This dishwasher also comes with an adjustable-height third rack for loading silverware, cleverly positioned so that it doesn’t prevent loading taller items (such as stemware) on the upper rack. If it’s still getting in your way, you can easily remove the third rack entirely.


The DWT57500SS has seven cycles to cover every kind of wash. They are: Rinse & Hold, Quick Wash, China/Crystal, Regular Wash, Pots & Pans, Pots & Pans Plus, and Auto, which is a cycle that self-adjusts according to the soil level. Interestingly, the instruction manual doesn’t explicitly tell you what each cycle is designed to wash—there’s just a chart telling how many washes and rinses each cycle uses. Luckily, the names are pretty self-explanatory

Contrary to the extensive list of wash cycles, the DWT57500SS has very few options for customizing a wash. There’s a Half Load option that reduces overall water and energy consumption when you have a particularly light load, and a Tablet Detergent Function that supposedly improves drying performance if you’re using a tablet in lieu of powder detergent. Additionally, there’s a start delay that can be set in 30-minute increments, up to 9.5 hours. A Sanitize option is noticeably missing, but the Pots and Pans cycle gets hot enough to accomplish the same goal.


More than capable

The design and the features of the DWT57500SS may not strike a chord with everyone, but there’s no denying the dishwasher’s cleaning ability. When we ran the Regular Wash, this dishwasher left very few remains on all of our stain tests. There were instances of redeposit on items in the lower rack, which is when food stains get washed off of one item and spread to another during the wash. Still, when compared to other dishwashers, the DWT57500SS did a better job keeping it in check.

Pots & Pans Plus is the heaviest cycle on the DWT57500SS, and it holds nothing back. It absolutely demolished the same stains we used for the Regular Wash, with no traces of redeposit whatsoever. However, it did not do so well with the burnt sugar stain that we use for testing heavy duty cycles.

The DWT57500SS’s Quick Wash lives up to its name, clocking in at 27 minutes. This cycle did a decent job with our stains, but nowhere near as well as the Regular Wash. This cycle sacrifices everything for speed, so you should only use it on lightly soiled items that need to be reused quickly.

Fast cycle times and low water consumption help contribute to this dishwasher’s low annual cost.

Why We Like It:

The Blomberg DWT57500SS’s control panel might not resonate with everyone, but there is no denying this dishwasher’s capabilities. If you want a stainless steel front, the luxuries of a third rack and interior lighting, and a fast, efficient, powerful clean, this dishwasher is a perfect fit. Some other machines let you micromanage your wash, but the DWT57500SS is geared towards simplicity: Just pick a cycle and go.

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8: Whirlpool WDT920SADM

When a consumer spends upwards of $700 on a dishwasher, he or she will likely have some expectations: LCD timers on the controls, an upper rack with adjustable heights, and lower racks with moving parts to ease loading—to name a few. When it comes to handling and design, the Whirlpool WDT920SADM delivers.

Whirlpool WDT920SADM

Design & Usability:

The Whirlpool’s stainless interior not only gives this machine a sense of style, but it also serves as good noise insulation and speeds up the drying process. The hidden control panel on the top of the door features bright blue indicator lights and a convenient digital timer display. There’s also a small LED above the handlebar that lets you know if the dishwasher is active or idle.

This dishwasher’s cutlery basket can hang on the door or rest in the lower rack, freeing up more space for larger plates, pots, and pans. The basket’s front swings open for easy silverware extraction, while fold-down slots keep your eating utensils separated during the wash.

Foldable tines on both racks, a pair of cup shelves on the top rack, and an easy-to-use height adjustment mechanism mean items of all shapes and sizes can find a home inside the WDT920SADM. We were able to comfortably fit eleven of our standardized place settings and a serving setting inside at one time


While the WDT920SADM has the usual Normal, Heavy, and 1-Hour Wash cycles, it’s also equipped with a Sensor wash, as well as Soak & Clean. The former uses internal sensors to calculate just how many wash and rinse cycles a load needs by detecting how dirty your dishes are

Soak & Clean—which takes over seven hours—is meant to tackle the kind of tough, dried-on stains that even a Heavy wash can’t handle. By constantly running water over the dishes before cleaning them—essentially adding a super long prewash—it’s designed to save you from having to soak items overnight in the sink, only to load them into the dishwasher the next morning.

A small smattering of useful wash options round out the WDT920SADM’s list of features. Sani Rinse and Hi Temp Wash boost the water temperature of the final rinse and the wash cycle, respectively. Target Clean activates high-intensity spray jets located at the back of the tub. Heat Dry, which is on by default for most cycles, adds about 30 minutes of drying with the dishwasher’s exposed heating element.


Across all the cycles we tested on the WDT920SADM, there was a noticeable redeposit problem. Usually the result of poor filtration, this is when food particles from one dish get spread to another during the wash. During our testing, we often found flecks of spinach on each dish—even on mugs and glasses loaded on the top rack far from where the spinach originated.

Redeposit issue aside, the WDT920SADM still failed to clean other stains perfectly. Scores for leftover meat bits—a very common food stain—weren’t particularly great, and even tea remained at the end of some the cycles. Also, the Heavy cycle couldn’t handle the burnt cheese test on its default setting. The dishwasher’s optional Target Clean feature should help improve the results, but may increase water usage.

In addition, the WDT920SADM isn’t particularly speedy. Other than the 1-Hour Wash—which, unsurprisingly, took an hour—the rest of the cycles last well over two hours. With an estimated annual expense of $31.24 a year, this dishwasher isn’t outstanding when it comes to water and energy use.

Before You Buy:

It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles you put on a dishwasher. At the end of the day, it should be able to clean your dishes.

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9: Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24ID50QS: Most Energy Efficient Dishwasher

The Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24ID50QS has more cycle options than any other dishwasher in our comparison of the best dishwashers. While cleaning the machine is less convenient than it is with our other top products, this dishwasher comes loaded with features and capabilities.

Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24ID50QS

Energy Efficiency:

This is an energy-efficient unit. It has some eco-friendly wash and dry options, as well as a certification from Energy Star. The Energy Guide lists the annual cost to run the machine as only $31. Energy-efficient dishwashers tend to lengthen cycle times by reusing water during the wash and then draining it away completely to refill for the clean water rinse. However, the Electrolux maintains short cycle times. With the normal cycle, the dishwasher takes 113 minutes. That is impressively short, especially considering the average run time for our lineup was 131 minutes.

Cleaning Options:

This Electrolux dishwasher offers a plethora of wash cycles and options. The unit supports auto wash, delicate, eco-wash, favorite, heavy, normal, perfect stemware and rinse-only cycles. Having so many choices is nice, and some of the cycles are convenient for specific dish types. The delicate and stemware cycles can help you protect special investments, such as expensive goblets, and it can save time to program your favorite cycle setting and just select “favorite” for most messes. You can reserve the heavy cycle for the most stubborn messes.

The different wash options include variable spray pressures that help clean different types of dishes. The dishwasher also has target wash zones where you can put your heavily soiled dishes or bottles for a more thorough cleaning. The unit also features heated dry, or you can let your dishes air-dry to save energy.

Load Flexibility:

This dishwasher is one of the easiest to use. To determine its ease of use, we evaluated the capacity, flexibility, conveniences and cycle options the dishwasher offers. It has three racks with fold-down tines and adjustable positions, as well as three spray arms. Older machines typically have only two spray arms; the third arm increases the odds of reaching all the stuck-on food. The dishwasher holds up to 12 place settings and has nine different cycle options.

Additionally, it has several convenience features. The delay-start timer can save you money if your area offers cheaper power rates for off-peak times. You can set the dishwasher to run during less-expensive times, often in the middle of the night. The soil sensors use an infrared signal to determine whether the water circulating during a load is clean or not. If the water is dirty, the sensor assumes the dishes are still dirty and extends the cycle automatically. The controls are dormant until you touch them, and then the display lights up. You can lock these controls so you don’t have curious kids running unnecessary loads or opening the machine in the middle of cycles.

The dishwasher lacks a hard-food disposer, though, which means the filter requires manual cleanings. Though some folks prefer this so they can see for themselves that the filter is cleaned on a regular basis, it takes more time to clean the filter yourself. You may have to pre-rinse dirty dishes to keep the filter from clogging too often.


This built-in dishwasher operates quietly at 47 dB. You can barely hear it running, though this is still not the quietest dishwasher. This machine has a stainless steel tub that helps insulate it, making it operate quietly. The exterior is also stainless steel, and it has a bar handle to open and close it.

Design & Dimensions:

Electrolux offers solid warranty coverage on this dishwasher. For the first year, the parts and labor are covered. The racks and electronics are under warranty for five years, with the tub and door liner receiving a lifetime warranty. You can reach the company by phone, email or live chat.


The Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24ID50QS stands out in our dishwasher reviews. Its wide variety of wash cycles, options and features makes it easy to clean both your delicate and heavily soiled dishes. This versatile dishwasher has wash zones that reduce the need for prewashing. While you have to clean the filter manually, its versatility and intuitive design make it an otherwise strong and energy-efficient dishwasher.

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10: Samsung DW80H9970US

It’s not an overstatement to say the debut of the Samsung DW80H9970US marks a historic moment in dishwasher technology.

The first time we encountered the DW80H9970US was on the show floor of the 2014 International CES. On the outside, it looked like a luxurious, stainless steel dishwasher. But on the inside, it wowed us with a unique new method of washing dishes and left us eager to test the new technology in our appliance lab.

Samsung DW80H9970US

See, all other dishwashers rely on a spinning wash arm that sprays water onto dirty dishes. But this Samsung uses a new technology that the company calls WaterWall. It’s a motorized sprayer that moves back and forth across the entire bottom of the tub—a moving “wall” of spray jets. This video does a good job showing how it works.

Design & Usability:

The DW80H9970US has an unmistakably high-end appearance. Clad entirely in stainless steel with a control panel hidden on top of the door, the Chef Collection and Samsung logos proudly stand out. Keep that in mind if you prefer your dishwasher to blend in.

There’s a cleverly-engineered timer display on the front that uses tiny holes backlit by LED lighting. Samsung calls it Star Display, and it’s nearly invisible when it’s not on. The bright blue coloring matches the indicator lights on the control panel, which features a more traditional digital display.

Touch controls are hit-or-miss, but on the DW80H9970US, they’re a sure hit. The buttons are responsive without being too sensitive, and unlike glossy plastic control panels, they are somewhat resistant to smudges and blemishes.

The DW80H9970US’s third rack has one neat trick not found in other dishwashers: a removable rubber pad. Samsung calls this Flextray, and it lets you easily and conveniently carry off all your silverware after the wash.


The five cycles on the DW80H9970US are Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, and Express 60. Nothing new here, but it’s a wide selection that will take care of most of your dishwashing needs.

Of course, what’s a high-end machine without a boatload of options? The DW80H9970US has a feature called Zone Booster, which lets you intensify the spray jets on the left or right of the lower rack. Combine that with the Upper and Lower Rack-only options and you can literally control which parts of the tub get the most attention.

There are also some familiar faces, such as Sanitize, which adds some heat to water, and Dry+, a feature that adds extra drying time. A Child Lock and a Delay that can be set for 1-24 hours round out the list of available options.


This wall is rock solid.

We were very interested to see how well the WaterWall’s revolutionary new wash mechanism would perform. After all, there’s nothing else out there like it.

After a week of testing, we observed excellent outcomes. The Normal cycle did an especially impressive job with removing stains. Although it wasn’t perfect, the cycle still posted results that were worthy of a high-end dishwasher. It also took less than two hours to run, which is always a plus.

The Heavy cycle took a little over three hours to complete, but it delivered a more thorough cleaning performance. Only trace amounts of spinach, burnt cheese, and baked-on lasagna were left after our tests.

Express 60 is the name of the DW80H9970US’s fast-cleaning cycle, but it took an average of 72 minutes to complete during our testing. For a quick cycle, it did a pretty decent job removing some of the tougher stains, like dried oatmeal.

Some dishwashers can spread food particles from one plate to another during the wash, making previously clean dishes dirty again. It’s a phenomenon known as redeposit, and it even happens to some high-end machines. That never happened in our tests of the DW80H9970US.

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A problem we did notice, however, was that some food particles consistently remained on the bottom lips of bowls placed in the bottom rack. We suspect that upward-facing streams of water didn’t reach those spots, and suggest that Samsung include angled tines in any product updates to ensure that curved items get total coverage.

Why We Like It:

It’s rare to see an appliance fundamentally redesigned, but that’s what happened here. Samsung’s WaterWall motorized moving wash arm is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and our tests make a convincing case for its effectiveness.

The DW80H9970US isn’t just about the WaterWall, though. As an expensive, luxury dishwasher in the same league as the Bosch SHE8PT55UC, it comes with a beautiful forward-facing timer display, responsive touch controls, and a third rack.

If you already have other appliances from Samsung’s Chef Collection series in your kitchen, the DW80H9970US will be a welcome addition. And if you’re an early adopter of new technology, you can now claim a dishwasher unlike any other.

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