10 Best Bluetooth Headsets and Earpieces in 2018

Are you looking for the perfect headsets with highest sound quality?

  • Or which bluetooth headset is best?
  • Or you want the wireless bluetooth earpieces for music, skype calling, or business meeting?
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Every year Bluetooth headsets have been the best option for music, running, travelling and phone calls at android and skype. They are great for businessmen, car and truck drivers. The most important thing that is the real part of a business person’s life which is always in a hurry, is the best bluetooth headset that enables the busy person to pick up the calls, dial the calls on the Skype conference and many other different solutions. But, a lot of models and companies are available in the market today which makes it very hard to select the one Bluetooth headset that is Best and totally perfect for you.

Here we have written the Best Bluetooth Earpieces and headsets that are currently available in the market. These are the best one’s and with the help of features, you can select the one that is right for you.

Best Bluetooth Headsets and Earpieces

List of Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets in 2018:

Bluetooth Headset NameWeightBluetooth VersionTalk time 
Plantronics Voyager Legend 0.64 ounces3.07 hours
Motorola HX5500.3 ounces3.09 hours
Plantronics Voyager Legend0.64 ounces3.07 hours
ERA by Jawbone0.21 ounces3.04 hours
Plantronics Voyager 52008 ounces3.07 hours
Sennheiser Presence8 ounces4.0 10 hours
Jabra Stealth0.28 ounces3.06 hours
Jabra Eclipse2.56 ounces3.010 hours
Jabra Motion UC0.61 ounces4.0 7 hours
Samsung Level U Pro6.4 ounces3.09 hours

1: Plantronics Voyager Legend: Best for Calling:

The perfect headset within the Voyager family is the Plantronics Voyager Legend that delivers the best audio with the high clarity and comfort for the entire day. This is the best noise cancelling bluetooth headset because When you combine the triple mics, it removes all the wind and noise and all the voice command. With the Plantronics Exclusive Smart Sensor technology, this Voyager Legend bluetooth headset completely understands that when and how you want to talk and it can even announce you the name of the person who is calling and allows you to say Answer in order to pick up the call.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

  • Perfect hardware with the voice control
  • Stellar quality of sound
  • Very comfortable design
  • Magnetic charger connector
  • Light in weight and less bulky as compared to other headsets
  • Best bluetooth stereo headset with comfortable design that is well crafted
  • Sensors are not properly started
  • Mediocre resistance to wind
  • The ear tips don’t form the tight audio seal
  • Its big boom mic arm is not very compact

This award winning and highly comfortable design bluetooth headset allows you to slip on it. The Triple mics in it removes all the wind and noise in order to optimize the voice.

This top quality bluetooth headset is actually the best and ideal one for the professionals who are looking for the wireless communication at the place of their work. This Voyager Legend bluetooth headset helps you in connecting very easily to the mobile devices that are your favorite or with your tablet or smartphone in order to ensure that the connection is perfect despite the usage of the device.

One other advantage that this Bluetooth headset offers is that you can easily use the MyHeadset app that is completely free and it will display the battery meter on your smartphone screen. It offers highly balanced and comfortable design and it has 25 percent comparable small size of the body and it also features the talk time of up to 7 hours. However for longer battery time you may also see Plantronics Explorer 50 that  gives 11 hours battery life and 3 months battery life on deep sleep mode.

Purely Intuitive:

When you are picking and making the calls, then it has been very simple with the help of Smart Sensor Technology that actually directs the calls to the headset or phone as it allows you to answer the call automatically by simply putting the headset on the ears without any button or opening of some application.

If you are wearing it already then this Voyagee Legend announces that which person is calling and it waits for your answer or ignore (ignored calls are sent to the voicemail).

This Voyager Legend also has the ability to lock the call or answer button when you don’t wear it to avoid the accidental calling. It also includes the enhanced alerts of voice that actually announces all the remaining talk time, battery time, connection status or mute.

Amazing Audio

This Voyager Legend is best bluetooth headset for music with high level of audio quality and it also enables you to roam within any environment with the high confidence that will be heard very clearly. Remember that Plantronics M165 Marque 2 headset provides Dual microphones which help to reduce outside sound much better and gives noise cancelling environment in a reasonable amount. But, This Voyager Legend is also best bluetooth headset for truckers with triple microphone that are precisely tuned helps you to separate the speech from 80dB’s background noise, whereas, the enhanced Windsmart technology also provides the wind protection up to three layers in order to make the clear calls despite of the environment.

This Digital Signal Processing (DSP) helps you in providing the natural sound of a voice, whereas the wideband audio along with the capabilities of the noise cancellation helps in the clear conversations over the PC telephony. At the end, the SoundGuard technology offered by these headsets ensures the comfortable listening along with the acoustic that is limiting for the protect against the audio spikes.

Along with the calls on the mobile phones or tablets, this Voyager Legend includes A2DP Bluetooth profile that enables GPS directions, podcasts, stream music and other types of audio.

Astonishing charging:

The Voyager Legend is the best bluetooth earpiece with versatile features that include the snap fit and magnetic connection that helps in the easy and quick charging. This connection reduces the wear as compared to the other USB connections and it actually seals the moisture. The major convenience offered by the magnetic connections helps in the extension of the Voyager Legend accessories (these are sold separately), these headsets snap directly and easily in the pocket sized case for mobile charging and it drops in the desktop charging stand very easily.

Protects from moisture:

If you are the one who is working hard enough for the business, whether it is rain, heavy summer or whatever, the Voyager Legend will also work hard with you in order to protect your headset from the damage of all these things. The Voyager Legend Headsets actually protect against the damage by the moisture and the sweat by the P2i technology. The nano coating is usually applied during the process of manufacture which helps in the provision of the invisible liquid repellent properties that makes these headsets highly reliable when you are busy in your life.

Online personalisation of headset:

If you want to personalize all the languages, sensors or any other setting  by simply using the Window PC, USB cable and Plantronics MyHeadset Updater tool. You will also be able to download the application completely free from the Amazon.com that will help you in doing things faster.

Try the InstantMeeting application with your Blackberry, Apple or Android smartphone and this will enable you to join the conference call with the help of one screen tapping. For lower priced headset compatible with both android and iOS you should take a look at Plantronics M180 headsets. It will automatically identify the conference call along with the details of dialing from the calendar. It reminds you a little time before the meeting begins and with the help of one touch, you will be connected to the conference call. You can also use the MyHeadset app if your Plantronics headset is misplaced as this app will help you in sending the tone that you will hear from wherever it is hiding. This app also includes the feature of the on screen headset battery meter within the notification bar in the Android OS 3.0 or in the later models.

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2: Jabra Motion UC: For Great Audio Quality:

The Jabra Motion UC bluetooth headset is usually not criticized on the basis of the design it carries neither this device. It looks like a very decent headset on the basis of the design. One of the first things that you have to figure out in the design is that it is large in size as compared to the other headsets of Bluetooth within market. It is also comfortable to wear as it is soft. This bluetooth headset provides three ear tips in the box such that the ear tips fit comfortably in the canal of ear with the help of tight seal. The Jabra Motion ear tip is very extendable and it can be easily enhanced as you like it.

Jabra Motion UC Bluetooth Headset

  • Best audio bluetooth headset along with hands-free call quality
  • Its motion is very comfortable and it is secured once it is attached
  • The companion phone app of the headset is completely integrated with a large number of uses
  • Motion usually pairs fast through the NFC with the compatible handsets.
  • The big boom mic design makes this Jabra Motion very conspicuous and large
  • It is expensive
  • The motion sensor abilities do not work as well as they were advertised

Folded and elongated mic:

It has over the ear design as well as elongated mic. The best thing with the mic is that it can easily go from the back and over the ear and it also goes even beyond the earlobes and you can align it very easily to the cheeks. Some of the people may find this mic touching with their cheeks and it is uncomfortable for the few. This is best portable bluetooth headset and for the portability, it is also able to be folded.

Jabra Motion bluetooth headset


On the back side, the Jabra Motion bluetooth headset includes the volume control that is completely touch based. Some buttons including the end call or answer the call and mute or volume toggle key are present on the lower half. Along with that, there is the MicroUSB port that enables the charging of the Motion.


The Jabra Motion is very important part of the Bluetooth headsets list and there is completely no doubt. For the options of the connectivity, this is NFC as well as Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device just like Jabra Style Wireless Bluetooth Headset . By the Way NFC allows you to connect if your phone don’t have Bluetooth. Just like the other high quality Bluetooth headsets, this Motion offers the internal voice commands. It will say: ‘say a command’ and you have to answer ‘what can I say’. This is how you will get a complete voice command list that includes all its offerings. Actually this a bit pricey headset, but for affordable headset have a look at Jabra Talk 2 bluetooth headset.


The sound offered by Jabra Motion bluetooth headset is very crisp and loud and it offers little more attention on the Highs. Because of the tight fitted ear tips along with the noise cancellation technology, you will not hear any background from the noise. Moreover, the quality of the call is also very well, especially in the sound quality and the motion is much better as compared to the Voyager Legend. The Jabra has claimed the battery life of this headset for up to 7 hours, but you can also increase it up to the 8 hours if used fairly.

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3: Plantronics Voyager Legend: Perfect for iPhone and Android:

The Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth headset have the design that is bulky from the sides, but it can easily slip comfortably over ear. Many controls are present behind the ears and this unit is designed in the way that it do not interfere with the glasses or any other model. These controls usually include:

  • Switch for volume rocker
  • Power on and off button
  • Call button

Plantronics Voyager Legend Mobile Bluetooth Headset image

  • The charging case that is portable helps in the extension of the talk time up to triple times.
  • It is heavier in weight as compared to other headsets.

It is very reasonable in price or you may say cheaper bluetooth headset as compared to others and it also includes the smart sensor technology just like its successor Plantronics Voyager Edge that can easily answer the calls automatically when you put the headset on the ear or automatic output audio through the phone when you are putting this headset down.

One other feature by the legend is:

  • Voice recognition (for example; if you say ignore or answer to the call, and this Legend will act as your assistant)

Latest features of Plantronics bluetooth headsets:

Here are some of the features of Plantronics bluetooth headset for which the packaging is very short.

  • Plantronics Vocalyst service needs the users to call a special number if they want to open some function such as Facebook or email.
  • This service has the cost of $24.99 per year where the first year was completely free as it includes the headset purchase and it is for the basic services.
  • For availing all the featured services, the cost is nearly $59.99 per year.
  • The Plantronics free app, MyHeadset has some features that include some basic electronic tunes along with two simple games and they are appealing for the few.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Mobile Bluetooth Headset

The sound offered by the Plantronics Legend bluetooth headset is very crystal clear and it is provided with the help of noise cancelling technology. It has triple mic patent that reduces the noise from the background and the wind works up to the level of 80 decibels. The battery also possesses a very good talk time of seven hours and the full charge time is only 1.5 hours. You don’t have to worry if your headset is wet, particularly when it is summer because, it has P2i nano coating that offers an advanced level of resistance from the water as well as sweat.

Plantronics headset actually offers the high level of product support in which the headset includes the warranty of one year or the support page also offers the extensive resources in order to solve any type of issue.


This is a little bit old but it contains all the features of the Best Bluetooth headsets of the present days. Let’s start from the options of connectivity. First important thing is that:

But this will allow you to connect with the Bluetooth android phone as you only have to hold up the button of call and say the Pair Mode. This bluetooth headset also includes the pair mode and it has different voice commands. If you want to learn the command types then say: what can I say and this is how you will get the list.

Built in sensors are also present in this bluetooth headset that will detect that if you are wearing it or not. On the basis of these scenarios, it will either mute the call or answer the call.


As I said earlier and I will repeat that this is the best bluetooth headset because it has lots of reasons. The sound quality of this headset is best from all the sets. Though it is not good in the noise cancellation like Plantronics M180 headset, still you will completely get the clear and pure voice on the calls. You will not hear any noise from the background despite the average noise isolation.

Some other types of features include:

  • A2DP: this means that you can now easily stream the music from the podcast or your phone or you can even prompt from the GPS apps.

With the help of multi point support, you will be easily able to connect to different devices or you can easily switch between the devices. A Vocalyst is also present that is the app on the basis of subscription from the Plantronics that reads the emails along with the updates from the twitter as well as Facebook.

  • It is free in the first year after that you will be charged with $25 per year.

The Bluetooth range is also well, but not the best one. As I have tested, it has lasted for the time more than 7 hours that is quite well. For the improvement of the charging, the Legend actually uses the magnetic adapter that is better as compared to the microUSB connector that is used on the conventional terms.

  • It actually takes 1.5 hours in order to charge the Plantronics Legend bluetooth headset completely.

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4: Motorola HX550: Longest battery Life and Talk time

The Motorola HX550 is very comfortable Bluetooth Headset and easy to use flip headset, which offers very clear audio to your callers. This headset has the Bluetooth 3.0 and it offers the range of up to 300 feet. It is only one flip to allow the call answering. Moreover, if you have the android phone that it also allows the additional download of different applications that benefits the hands free texting. The CrystalTalk noise reduction technology allows you to hear clear and loud.

Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset image

  • It offers the talk time up to 9 hours and the standby time of up to 16 days
  • These handsets can be worn in different styles depending upon your choice
  • It has the multiple handsets enabled, which allows you to connect to the additional device
  • Its little wire is difficult for holding on the ear
  • Motospeak features are not available for the iPhone users
  • It has a breakage issue is very problematic, so it needs extra care

The HX550 Bluetooth Headset can be worn in the three ways depending upon the choice that fits best on your ear. Here are the three ways:

  • You can rest it on your ears with the hook
  • Rest it in your ears with the hook
  • Rest it in your ears without the hook

The battery talk time provided by this headset is up to 9 hours, whereas, it offers the standby time of up to 16 days that is very amazing.

Perfect functionality:

Now, you must be thinking that despite the fact that HX550 is not as pretty as Motorola H720, but this is one of the best things that will enable you to walk comfortably, therefore this is best bluetooth headset for running and you can easily hang around.

HX550 that is comfortable, but it also offers large speaker and it takes a little more space in your ear. Moreover, the Marque is set within the ear comfortably, but this Motorola bluetooth headset has a little unbalance on the edge.

Battery power and range:

The range is very decent and it offers very little difference when you are going away from the phone. You can easily achieve good to the fair quality of sound within the range of up to 30 feet and the sound is clipped after that range. When it comes to the battery power Motorola’s HX550 Bluetooth headset battery talk time is very long.

Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset

Quality of call:

It is possible that you might not feel comfortable with this Motorola HX550 bluetooth headset but this is a much better conversationalist. None of these headsets usually have the problem of the quality of sound, but this HX550 bluetooth headset usually offers very full and rich sound that is same like you are holding the phone to your ear. On the other hand, Marque sounds good too and it has a little bit more tiny quality.

On the contrary, the caller has a little bit different experience. This HX550 provides amazing quality of sound to the callers and it offers more clarity as compared to other headsets.

Some of the basic features of voice also work best with headsets. Both, the Marque as well as HX550 allows you to ignore or answer the calls by simply calling Ignore or Answer in the headset when you got a call. This is very handy, particularly when you don’t want to answer a call but it works well with both of these headsets.

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5: Plantronics Voyager 5200 – Best for Music: 

According to the one’s who have tried Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset, this is one of the best Plantronics bluetooth headset and successive Voyager Legend in actual meaning. I have also tried it and I actually know that the Voyager Edge has been released after the Legend but it is somehow different than the former one. Its design is also different and therefore, it has also resulted in the different targeted audience.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 – Best Bluetooth Headset in 2017

  • Plantronics Voyager will completely stick to your ear, reducing the risk of falling off
  • Long life of battery
  • Long range of bluetooth
  • Solid noise is easily canceled with the help of this Bluetooth headset
  • Reversible completely
  • Built-in commands of voice
  • It is not as comfortable as compared to the previous Plantronics Voyagers.
  • The ear hook has taken some finesse in order to fit perfectly on the glasses

The Voyager 5200 also starts the business where this Voyager Legend has left it that is why, without the wasting of time, you must check the amazing features it is offering to us.


Within the part of design, over the ear style is back in business. Despite this, the boom is also present within the headset. The inclusion of both of these things has made this headset little big as compared to the other small designs just like the previous one. Its design is shaped in such a way that you will not be able to distinguish, whether that person is talking to you or to the someone on phone.

As I have just talked about the earpiece and the boom of this bluetooth headset. But consideration of one thing is also important that is you can easily rotate both of these things according to your preference. This is how, you will be able to use it in both ears. On the hook, there are actually two types of buttons, one of the volume up and the other for the volume down but not like the Legend.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 image


The Plantronics Voyager 5200 bluetooth headset is completely perfect in terms of features because it is offering all the things that are needed in the top quality bluetooth headsets. It actually links through the NFC or the Bluetooth and it has the ability to connect to multiple devices. You must have noticed in the context that I have not talked about the buttons other than the volume buttons in the last paragraph. This is because of the reason that you don’t need any button. Whenever you put it upon the ears, it will answer the call automatically and when you put it off, your call will be transferred. Moreover, it is your choice if you want to tell it about the answer or ignore of the call.

It contains:

  • Multi functional button on the boom
  • Voice command button

These buttons can easily play or pause the music  as well as, coordinate to the virtual assistant offered by the OS.

Not like the Legend, this Voyager 5200 possesses four microphones on the boom. One major benefit of using the 4 different microphones is that the DSP present in it can easily evaluate the voice clarity of the wearer along with the background noise and this is how the best shot is given.

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6: Sennheiser Presence: Best for Running and Workout: 

Sennheiser Presence has come up with the large number of functional innovations with the exceptional audio effectiveness. So, let’s check that out if it actually delivers.

Sennheiser Presence: Best Bluetooth Headset for Running
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  • It offers perfect cancellation of the noise
  • It provides long life of the battery
  • Does not offer very long range


  • The presence has come up with the Bluetooth 4.0 and it is the recent version of the Bluetooth technology.
  • It has amazing battery life and it offers the best performance as compared to the previous version.
  • This Bluetooth 4.0 Headset is very backwardly compatible with all the versions of the previous Bluetooth.
  • Its amazing technology allows these headsets to offer up to 100 meters of the distance between the headset and smartphone. It is a medium range bluetooth headset
  • Moreover, the USB dongle also allows the 25 meters between the dongle and the Presence so it offers a large amount of space that allows you to travel around the office.
  • The battery life of this Presence is completely excellent as it has the capability of up to 10 hours of talk time that is very high as compared to the other Bluetooth headsets mentioned above.
  • The standby time of about 14 days battery life has also made it one of the tremendous phones.
  • It only needs one hour along with 20 minutes in order to completely charge the phone.
  • The Sennheiser Presence headset also contains the Sennheiser’s standard two years of warranty in order to cover all the defects of the manufacturing.

Sennheiser Presence bluetooth headset demoAudio quality:

The Sennheiser Presence is best audio quality bluetooth headset as it comes up with the integrated HD voice clarity technology, which increases the sound clarity for everyone that is present within the voice call. One of the highly interesting feature of this headset is that it has come up with the three digital microphones and it includes the Sennheiser’s Speak Focus technology. With the help of this feature, the unit is able to detect your voice automatically and this is how all the background noise will be completely filtered and the quality of the sound will be completely natural and clear. Because of the Sennheiser’s WindSafe technology included in the Presence, it reduces all the outdoor environment wind noise and this is how the natural and clear sounding voice call is easily obtained.

The Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth Headset has been helpful to protect the hearing while wear. It has included the ActiveGard that monitors the output of audio from the Presence, for the sudden noise and sound; it can be completely dangerous and hazardous to the hearing. Importantly, this ActiveGard will be able to identify, compress and then dissipate energy emitted from acoustic bursts.

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7: Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset – Best Budget Bluetooth Headset:

  • High quality of voice calling
  • You can easily send the voice message to anyone
  • The superior noise reduction technology allows you to cut down all the noise of the background that is of any type
  • Comparatively less battery life

Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset - Black and Red

Listen to everything in HD:

The videos, calls and music have not sounded better than this. For With the wideband speakers, the most powerful, as well as the biggest speakers yet that is larger than the previous models Jabra UC MS, and Jabra Steel Ruggedized Bluetooth Headset. This include the Pandora tunes, podcasts, YouTube videos, driving directions and many others, have come up with the vibrant to the life with the help of HD quality of the sound. The Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset offers one of the easiest and convenient ways for the enjoyment of entire media of mobile and calls with one place. You don’t have to suffer from the headphones or the tangled wires. You will be completely free of hands and you will not miss a single beat.

Keep the tabs on the battery life:

If talking about the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset, you will never be able to run out of the juice. It gives 6 hours of talk time and an energy-saving PowerNap function that will help to reduce battery usage if not using. The Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset has rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

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8: ERA by Jawbone Bluetooth Headset: Perfect for Driving:

The Jawbone Era is one of the most famous Bluetooth headsets for many years. It has gained a large number of updates but it is usually the same high quality and classical ear that offers the military-grade NoiseAssassin 3.0 for the suppression of the background noise along with the HD quality driver for audio. The quality of the call is also very clear on the phone. It usually comes with the small voice commands integrated within the smartphone. It also includes one charging case that is why it has gained considerable attention in the last years.

ERA by Jawbone Bluetooth Headset: Best BLuetooth Headset for Calling
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  • Offers excellent cancellation of noise and provides very clean quality of audio.
  • The call quality is also very solid
  • The companion mobile app in it provides very fun extras that are helpful
  • The jawbone ear is very light, small and highly comfortable to be worn
  • It has no button of volume
  • The small size of this Era Jawbone is very difficult to handle with the larger hands
  • Short battery life


It is one of the Best stylish Bluetooth headset that is present within the market. This is especially attributed to the redesigning of this model from past generations. It has also come up with reduced size up to 40%. That is why, it is also considered as the smallest Bluetooth headset within the market. So, if nobody had noticed it in your ear then you don’t have any need to be surprised because it is small. It comes up within four colors including Black, Bronze, Red and Silver.

For some of the distances, it appears like the big candy. But it includes:

  • One ear bud
  • One silver ear gel
  • One power switch

It actually sticks in the ear, so if you are planning to shake your head, then you can do it multiple times and your Bluetooth will remain in its place.

Another advantage offered by jawbone Era In-Ear design is that it fits perfectly within the ear. As it contains the ear gel that makes this Bluetooth headset highly soft and comfortable to be worn as compared to the Voyager Edge. The ear gel also allows the Bluetooth headset to remain within the ear and this is how you will feel much more comfortable.


  • Voice activity sensor
  • Two microphones
  • Jawbone calls NoiseAssassin 4.0

All of these features are present within jawbone Era One of the Top notch bluetooth headset in order to provide the background noise free voice in between the calls. It also works completely perfect when you attend the calls and your voice will not be disturbed even if you are present in the highly crowded area.

The microphone is actually the MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) microphone that is equipped with the customized DSP Alogos in order to make the clear and crisp voice.

As it possess only single multiple-purpose button then there is a little need to understand all the shortcuts, but obviously it will take a little time. Some of the basic functions are very easy to understand, such as the short press for the ending of call or the call answering or the long one for changing the volume of the call. The multipress is used for the playing of music or the redial of the last number as it depends upon you that what are you actually doing.

Sound quality with performance

As it has been told earlier that the Era is small in size and you must have been thinking that the audio quality is not completely meeting the motion standards or Edge then it means that the quality of sound is in direct proportion to the size of speakers. Despite the size of the speaker, you will hear very loud sound as compared to the previous Era. It is not even beaten by the Edge if considered in terms of audio quality that is completely natural and clear.

By clearly saying, it is completely true that Voyager Legend and Jabra Motion have completely best quality, but again, they are not the best designed Bluetooth handset just like the Era.

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9: Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset: Ideal for Everyday Use: 

The Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset is actually one of the best looking headsets that you must not have seen before. It is included within the 2 inch of wide matte egg of the case and it is actually the lone black ear tip that has the 1.75 inches and it is slightly angled boom coming from this headset. It usually comes within the market in four different sized pairs of the gel ear tips, but according to the one I have used, I got the one that is highly comfortable. So, if you are insisting on the ear hook, then this is actually not your type of headset.

Jabra Eclipse : Best Bluetooth Headset for iphone

  • The charging case can double as the backup battery
  • It is highly small with the sleek design
  • It offers great quality of voice whenever it is close to phone
  • It is highly light in its weight
  • It has a little cancellation of the noise
  • It possesses some issues with its touch
  • It has no physical buttons which make it difficult to use
  • It has severe issues of garble when the phone is within the bag

The headset actually nests inside the egg like casing if you are not using it. It is also charged within the base and it has the standard micro USB port which actually offers as the external battery source. The small headset usually has the battery life of up to 3 hours with the talktime of up to 44 minutes but the case also contains two extra charges. The smartphone application Jabra Assist allows you to monitor the status of the battery from the phone and it helps in finding a headset if you have misplaced it. You can use this application for iPhone.Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset


The Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset is completely terrific just the in car headset. When the phone is close and in the clear sight, you will get very clear sound and voice will be rich with the depth. This is more noticeable with the music as you may call it best music Bluetooth headset in the car.

Unluckily, the voice quality gets broken quickly when you are going to put the phone in the jacket pocket and especially when it is across the body and far from the headset. This Eclipse is not well if you are talking in the noisy streets and it will not offer any noise cancellation. You have to end a call if you are out of the home.

The touch control is highly troubling that is why you can now simply answer or ignore the calls by the triggering of the voice dialing system. This is done by simple tapping or the double tapping on the headset. This is not completely clear that where exactly on Bluetooth Headset you have to tap and this is actually frustrating. I usually prefer the physical button, but there are no controls for the volume and that is why you have to physically control it.

The range of eclipse is completely decent and it’s transmission break at the distance of up to 30 mm from the headset and it fades away in the 50 feet distance.

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10: Samsung Level U Pro: Best Bluetooth Neckband:

This Bluetooth headset is less preferable as compared to the headphones that have flexible bands, but this is the actual design chosen by the Samsung for the new Level U Pro Buds. According to the design, they are actually similar to the LG HBS 900 Tone Infinim or Motorola’s Moto Surround but this is not making these headsets to be comfortably worn by anyone and especially when you have the shirt with the collar.

Samsung Level U Pro: Best Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphone

  • Most comfortable fit in the ears
  • Completely light in weight and it is sweat resistant wireless Bluetooth headphone
  • It offers the better Bluetooth headphones with good sound and the excellent and unique design of around the neck
  • It vibrates whenever a call comes and it has also well-placed buttons
  • Bud provides the look and feeling of the little cheapness
  • You will observe large treble push
  • It is difficult to retain in the ear when you are running

Finding the best position for neck band has proved very much hard during the time with Level U Pro, particularly when hard plastic rubber is caught in the collar.

As this plastic is very rigid, its design and shape have made me worried about the durability. These are not actually the type of headphones that you can throw in the bag carelessly and I have personally felt that this would be hard to carry them all around.

So, anyone who is looking for the pairs of the wireless headphones that are best for the running or exercise then they are not for either of you. The runners will easily find a plastic neck band that gets distracted as it is easily jumped around from the back.

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After a comprehensive discussion about the best bluetooth headsets of 2018. We are again presenting a complete list of all headsets for your convenience.

  1. Plantronics Voyager Legend: The Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset
  2. Motorola HX550: Best Bluetooth Headset With Long battery life and Maximum Talk time
  3. Plantronics Voyager Legend Mobile Bluetooth Headset
  4. Jabra Motion UC Bluetooth Headset: Best Audio Quality Bluetooth Headset
  5. Plantronics Voyager 5200 – Best Bluetooth Headset in 2018:
  6. Sennheiser Presence: Best Bluetooth Headset for Running
  7. Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset – Black
  8. ERA by Jawbone Bluetooth Headset: Best Bluetooth Headset for Calling:
  9. Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset: Best lightweight Bluetooth headset:
  10. Samsung Level U Pro: Best Bluetooth Wireless In-ear headset

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