Best Blenders in 2019 for Smoothies, Ice and Baby Foods

If you have a perfect blender then it can clearly show you how helpful it is in making top quality soups, smoothies, sauces, purees and milk shakes. The professional grade best blenders such as Blendtec and Vitamix have moved one step further from just blending as they have stepped inside food process and it easily manages to chop the vegetables, mill the grains and crush the ice. Above all, they can help you in making a good hot soup that you don’t have to microwave again.

The selection of perfect blender machine depends upon your own need as what you want to make with it, whether  for soup making, smoothies, ice crushing, juicing, or protein shakes. If you are looking for the an excellent blender that is convenient and provides fast action then you can easily select the machine with high power.

But if you are the soup lover then you should consider the soup maker that can help you in not only blending of soup but also within cooking of soup at same time and this is all because of the heating element that is present within bottom of the motor. The traditional blenders have been moved forward to the best options and that is why, they are offering much more than simply a smoothie making blender.

There are a large number of highest quality blenders available in the market and it is highly difficult to select the best one that is not only unparalleled in its performance but also affordable in the price as well. We have tested all the blenders thoroughly in our lab and after conducting tests on them and comparing them with each other, we are here to show what were the benefits and drawbacks that we have noted. Here are the top 10 blenders from which you can select the one that suits you completely.

List of Best Blenders for All Purposes and Kitchens:

Blender NameMaterialMotorBest forSee Price
Breville Hemisphere ControlTritan750 WattsAll PurposesCheck Price
Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 BlenderPlastic1500 WattsSmoothies and Ice CrushCheck Price
Dash Chef Digital BlenderPlastic1400 WattsCommercial UseCheck Price
Ninja Ultimate BL810Plastic1500 WattsPower and PerformanceCheck Price
Oster Versa 1400-Pro BlenderPlastic1400 WattsNormal Home useCheck Price
KitchenAid KSB1575CUBPA-Free Plastic550 WattsPrice and DurabilityCheck Price
Ninja Chef 1500Plastic1500 WattsSpeed and EfficiencyCheck Price
Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0BPA-Free Tritan1400 wattsWarranty andCheck Price
Nutri Ninja Blendmax DuoPlastic1600 wattsMult-TaskingCheck Price
Vitamix 7500PlasticEfficiency, Speed and DurabilityCheck Price

1: Breville Hemisphere Control Blender: Best for All purposes

Breville has introduced new Hemisphere Control Blender that possess horsepower to handle each task including almond grindings within the flour that is much heavier. The best Breville blender has the ability of handling soft tasks that is cream whipping too. Moreover, This is the best blender under $200 that makes it one of the most cost effective blenders as it is also very well in making fine smoothies and mixing it well. The blender has come up with 16.5 inch of height, 7 inches width and 8 inches of depth. But the drawback associated with this blender is that it can’t be stored in any standard kitchen cabinet because of height.Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

It offers highly usable control panel that includes options for mix, puree, snow, liquefy or blend. There is also a smoothie button that is easily activated in one minute. The timer is also present in it but we have not found it very useful. It provides useful LCD window that offers good display. The blender has amazing quality that you can easily make pina coladas, green smoothies, juices, protein shakes and other different things from it. It is very easy to use and it offers highly convenient features that make it easy to be used by any person. No other blender has come up in the market that offers such amazing features like Breville and it also offers one year of warranty of all the things.

If you want a frozen beverage mixer then you will be able to get one perfect blender within $200 Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender. It can easily make very fine smoothies and mix it well and it is easily performed above its customer’s expectations. On the contrary, if you want high end blender that uses large functions, amazing performance and very stylish design, then the new Breville BBL605CBXL is one amazing choice you should go through. Still if your are affraid of price and you need it for travel purposes then have a look at AmazonBasics Personal Blender.


Coming to the point, the Hemisphere Control blender is 750 Watt that is actually 16.5 inches in tall and it can leave footprints which are 7 inches in width and 8 inches in deep at broad points. As it depends on height of upper cabinets, the blender can or cannot easily fit within them for the countertop storing. Therefore, it is highly fair in its size as compared to other blenders within market. But above all, the most important thing which matters about this product is its power.

The interface of user is clearly demonstrated and presets are highly usable with various options such as mix, snow, blend, puree or liquefy. You will also find one smoothie button that will be activated for one minute and in pulse blending sequence. The timer is also available as we have not found it useful but for some people it can be a helpful feature.

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender image

As it is said that the timer wasn’t useful but it was LCD window that has good display. The window shows speed settings and presets that controls your blender.


Usually blenders don’t have any well known features but according to the knowledge I possess, no manufacturer has tried make Bluetooth Blend. What do you expect it to do? You can easily blend the smoothies, make pina coladas and make different things with it. The new Beville Blender has best user interface that makes blending experience useful. It is easy to use because of the control panel that is concise, clear and has preset option. The loops on plugs and the lid provide easy to use and convenient features for ones having arthritis within hands.


When you are going to shop for blender, performance should be on the top and no one has yet been dissatisfied with Breville’s performance.

Maintenance and Care:

The new Breville Blender has come up with one year of warranty on anything.


If you are planning to use the blender for only frozen beverages or the smoothies then it is better to not spend money on other expensive blenders but rather you should save some by purchasing Breville blender.

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2: Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Hurricane Blender: Best for Professionals

In between all the blenders that have been tested in our lab, the Cuisinart Hurricane Blender has done a great job in terms of quality performance. The smoothies are always smooth and the soups are always hot without any single complain. The blender has four watts as compared to other high quality blenders and this is the reason it can easily reduce the frozen fruit in its smooth form. This is also easy to use and your food will not stuck within the blender just like it occurs within other blenders. The blender offers amazing soup that is available at 156 degrees which don’t need any reheating. And when the ice test is conducted on Hurricane blender, there is no comparison as it has achieved much better results and leaves only few chunks of ice within final mixture.

Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Hurricane Blender

It offers preset button for ice, soup and smoothies and other blending such as nut butters etc. the only drawback that we have found within the unit is the lack of single serving pitcher so that you can’t serve to your family. The blender comes up with large power within small size but it is equal in its performance. It is also among the quiet blender that is safe and very easy to be used. Because of the presence of flat buttons on the blender, the Cuisinart Hurricane is best to be used. You can easily wipe off the stain with damp cloth or you can wash instantly to clean the blender. Moreover, the blender has come up with 10 years of warranty that makes it completely exclusive in the list.

Among all blenders we have tested were enough able to crush the vegetables and fruits to make the hot soups and smoothies but the new Cuisinart Hurricane has done a best performance as compared to other blenders. The soup will come out to be hotter and the smoothie will be smooth each time. The buttons of pre programmed are important features that you will be able to find easily and its long warranty can easily gain confidence within durability of the blender.


The new Blender has fourth Watts when it is compared with other high power blenders that we have tested. It can easily reduce the frozen fruit in the smooth form in our tests. It is also very easy to use and you will not find any repeated rounds when fruit is stuck within the blade just like other blenders do.

It provides amazing results when tomato soup is made in it. The soup comes out at 156 degrees of Fahrenheit and it is highly smooth. The best soup button available on controls mean that there is no work as hoe you will achieve better results, like other machines need. You will find completely heated soup that does not need any reheating within microwave.

Cuisinart CBT-2000 3.5 Hurricane Blender

The Hurricane is not less strong on the test of ice crushing. It was only few chunks that remained within final mixture but the unit actually offered very passable things for the margaritas and daiquiris. Besides preset button for the soup, ice or smoothies, there is 10 blending levels dial that you can easily use for very different tasks of blending such as nut butters, whipped cream and baby food. The absence of single serve pitcher is a drawback that we have found within the unit.


Hurricane blender consists of large amount of power within compact size. Whereas, competing blenders actually take large space, the new Hurricane blender has the ability that it is small in its size and height. Some larger units are difficult to be placed in standard kitchen cabinets and so they are hard to be stored as you have to separate pitcher and the base or you have to place them in different space but this is not a problem with Hurricane Blenders at all.

You will not find it quietest among other blenders within the list but it is decent in other terms. No blender has great sound if you want to sleep but Cuisinart Hurricane is among the quietest one if noise is a problem for you. It offers safe and secure job to prevent accidental knocking.

Cleanup and Preparation:

The Cuisinart Hurricane is very easy to use blender that has flat controls and the present buttons for its common use. It is easy to clean and you can easily wipe off controls with damp cloth and you can put pitcher in dishwasher or you can easily hand wash it instantly.


The warranty for motor is for 10 years and it is the only blender that covers such large warranty.


The Cuisinart Hurricane is amazingly compact machine which offers the power that you need for blending. Although it is not the stellar in ice crushing but it can easily do all other things. You can easily combine ingredients to get what you want.

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3: Dash Chef Digital Blender: Best for Chefs

The new premium digital blenderDash Chef has six preset functions that can make vegetables, fruits and soups juice and other different types of juice very easily within very affordable prices. It provides hot soup and very tasty smoothies and it also provides one year warranty on its different parts and the lifetime warranty for the motor. Different types of tests have been conducted and the blender can easily mix berries by melting them first if they are frozen and it offers very smooth taste. The nut butter has also showed amazing results as we actually tried the almond button recipe in order to test the blender and the results were completely satisfied because it was extra smoothie, though there were different tines on the blade. It also shuts down automatically when you have made the smoothie.

Dash Chef Series Digital Blender

The ability of the blender to crush the ice is also amazing and you will not find this feature within any other blender. The Dash Blender breaks the ice into small chunks as compared to its competitors but this is only for the time if you are running it for a short period. So, if you run the ice crusher for the long time then you will be able to get much better results. If you are looking for the quietest blender then this one is not your choice because it is very loud in its action which means, it generates noise of 96 dB.


The Digital Blender works very well as we have tested in all the categories. Within different tests conducted, it has created mixed berry smoothie by simply melting frozen berries in creamy mixture which was tasty as well as smooth.

The blender’s nut butter has also created amazing results. We tried almond butter recipe and the consistency and smoothness of blender was tested. Different tines on blade top appeared as it was there for extra smoothness. It can easily shut down automatically when the smoothie is made.

The ice crushing abilities of this blender has also amazed everyone but you will not find it the strongest feature as other blenders can work well in these terms. The new Dash ice shreds contain only small chunks as compared to other competitors but if you run ice crusher for long time, you will get better results.

Dash Chef Series Digital Blender - image


The blender has come up with amazing features but being not quiet is one of the important features. Within our reviewed blenders, we have found it one of the loudest units as it generates 94 dB in the test and the loudest blender is of 96 dB. You cannot easily place it in your kitchen cabinets as it is 19.6 inches tall.

With all such things, it is one of the most attractive blenders that can enhance your space look and it offers different buttons for frozen items, smoothies and soup.

Cleanup and Preparation:

Though you may find it a heavy blender but it has some easy cleanup and best prep features. The lid and jug are very safe to be used. The buttons present on control panel are very flat and so you can easily clean them and maintenance of the blender is not a problem.

Dash Chef Series Digital Blender - image 1


The Dash Chef is worst as well as best if taking about the warranty it offers. The unit comes up with one year of warranty but the motor has come up with lifetime guarantee that is best.


The new Dash Chef blender is one of the amazing products that has been tested within blender reviews. It can easily puree the nuts to limits of perfection and you can easily create smoothie. It is also highly effective in crushing the ice but you may not find it as one of its strong feature but for the frozen items such as ice cream and for hot items such as soup, the Dash Chef Blender is completely amazing. You will not only find the soup hot but it is also very nice. The maintenance of the blender is also very easy and the dishwasher is safe to use with flat controls. 

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4: Ninja Ultimate BL810: Best Blender With Most Powerful Motor

If you are looking for a simple blender that can do small basic tasks of blending for you then ninja ultimate BL810 is perfect model. It possesses 2.5 horsepower along with 1500 watts with the range of 3700 to the 2400 RPM. The new Ninja Ultimate has come up with amazing power and it is also 18 inches high which makes it tallest blender in the market and it has 9.5 inches depth and 8 inches of width. Moreover, its blender is similar in size to other quality blenders but you will find it heavy in its weight. The major drawback of the Ninja Ultimate is that it cannot be stored in the standard kitchen cabinets therefore; you have to keep motor and pitcher separately in order to store it in your kitchen.Ninja Ultima Blender (BL810)

The blender is very simple and easy in its use and it is very handy. Moreover, you can easily lock pitcher at its place in the clockwise angle. The major feature of the blender is that it will not get start until you place lid on the pitcher so that it will secure the smoothie as well as the blender. As there are large number of features and options in Ninja Ultimate, it is noteworthy that you will not be disappointed with the blender’s performance. It is also cost effective and you will get it at very reasonable prices. The blender comes up with the two years warranty and it is also very less in the price so the actual warranty is really worth it as compared to warranty given by other reputable companies.

Features and Design:

With 2.5 horsepower and 1500 Watts with range between 3700 and 24000 rpm, the new Ninja Ultimate is the amazing powerhouse blender. It is highly loud so the name Ninja holds more power. The new Ninja blender is 18 inches in its height that is the tallest point with the footprints of 8 inches width and 9.5 inches of depth as it is comparable with KitchenAid 5 Speed Diamond Blender. The only complain that I hold about this blender’s exterior is that it is larger in terms of size. As it is actually similar in size to KitchenAid and many different blenders, but it is heavier due to its tinted or angularly shaped blender jug.


The new Ninja Ultimate is highly easy to use but it needs you to be handier on other similar sized blenders. Such as, you can lock the pitcher in its place within clockwise angle. Moreover, your blender will not start until the time the lid is present on pitcher and is easily secured by simply locking its handle in downward direction. Some may find it problematic but taking about the number of blades and the power they carry within Ninja, you must consider it as the safety precaution. The control panel is highly responsive and the Ninja consists of the guide that can match power settings to specific task.

Ninja Ultima Blender (BL810) image


As it was an excitement about options and features offered by Ninja, the most important thing was their performance. It was not disappointing at all. The Ninja has performed on the par with Blendtec and Vitamix but also with Breville. The performance is also amazing when it comes to Ninja and it is also good in terms of saving the money.

Maintenance and Care:

The new Ninja Ultimate has come up with warranty for two years. The Breville which is much less in its price as compared to ninja actually offers only one year of warranty. The other blenders such as Blentec and Vitamix offers 8 years of warranty which is equally fair in terms of price too because they are much costly.


The Ninja Ultimate BL810 has performed amazingly well after its comparison with other models such as Blendtec and Vitamix. It offers large number of options of blending that is not offered by any other model but it is also easy to use. This blender is actually all what you need as it can easily make smoothies or the milkshakes. 

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5: Oster Versa 1400-watt : Best Heavy Duty Blender

Oster Versa has come up with its blender: Oster Versa 1400 Professional Blender that is more distinct in terms of its properties and work. The new blender has the low profile design but it can be easily fitted in any kitchen cabinet of standard size. The new blender is an amazingly powerful machine that has been introduced with 1400 Watts. Moreover, all the amazing features are available at highly affordable prices that make it worthy to be bought. You will be able to prepare a smoothie without any grit in it. It also possesses the ability to make spinach or kale smoothie. Because of the 6 point stainless steel blade, it offers high smoothies with 28000 RPM spinning capability to make the puree and crush the ice and cut the fruits or other ingredients.Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender

You will be able to make soups in the blender as it includes the 64 ounce of the BPA free plastic container that can easily blend large number of ingredients. The blender is amazing for the family meals. It has an opening lid that is required for the addition of ingredients in the pitcher. The Oster Versa has been provided with 1400 Watts power with pre programmed settings that can easily handle soups, smoothies and the dips. It also has the ability to switch off automatically if not used for long time. The other important feature includes the speed control dial that allows the users speed adjustment for the exact power amount. You will also be able to find pulse button that is needed for the quick blending.

As the company has claimed the high power of Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender, we have tested the product in all aspects and compared it with other blenders that are available in the market to find out what is distinct in the new blender. Here is the entire review that will show you what we have found within our tests.

The new Oster Versa Performance Blender is the powerful machine for blending that has come up with the power of 1400 watts. The Oster machines are the most powerful machines that is known by entire world and when we have reviewed it, it has come up to be completely in accordance with the perfect blending machine. Moreover, you will be able to get such amazing features at very affordable prices. Such types of the countertop blenders are highly perfect in making the smoothies that are without any grit. It has the capability to make the smoothies of spinach and kale without any grit in them. It has a 6 point stainless steel blade that has the capability of spinning at the 28000 RPM for cutting, puree and crushing of your ingredients completely. Therefore, this new Oster Versa Performance Blender has come out to be perfect for smoothies.

Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender image

The power of new blender can be easily used in making the hot soups within the blender. It also includes low profile of generous 64 ounces of BPA free plastic container in order to blend large variety of the ingredients. The blender is completely perfect for the family meals and other entertainment. It has an opening lid that is needed for addition of all ingredients in it. It also consists of a tamper that is used to push down all of the ingredients. The new Oster Versa has come up with versatile powers that can easily replace the food processor, ice chopper, handheld mixer or smoothie maker. The metal drive provides the longevity as well as durability. Moreover, Oster Versa is the most trusted brand in entire world.

The new Oster Versa has come up with 1400 watts of power with the pre programmed settings to handle the smoothie, soups, and dips. Moreover, it also has the ability to shut down automatically if it is in its resting state. The other major and most important feature is Variable Speed Control Dial that allows its users to adjust speed for right amount of the power. You will also find the pulse button that is used for quick blending manually. The sturdy base of the blender will help in the prevention of movement or the slipping when machine is in operation. 

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6: KitchenAid KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender

The KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender has come up with large number of features such as the speed motor control to provide efficient performance along with the sturdy design that can easily gain anyone’s attention. The blender is available with the large pitcher of the 60 ounces that offer blending of large quantity at one time. Moreover, you will find very different colors of motor which will make it easy for you to select the one that suits your kitchen color scheme. The electronic blender has the large ability to mix, chop and puree food with large number of settings available. When you add the food ingredients within blender, the blender will select automatically proper speed so that the exact power amount can be applied for making better smoothie or soup.

KitchenAid KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender

The appliance has come up with steel reinforced coupler which provides power from blender motor towards blade. The design of KitchenAid 5 Speed is also very similar to other blenders of smoothie that you are going to find in market. It has a pitcher of the capacity of 60 ounce that is scratchproof and shatterproof. Moreover, it comes up with the strain resistant technology that is so large that you can easily carry large quantity of the food in one time. its control panel is very easy to clean if you find any spill on it. You can easily place the pitcher in the dishwasher if you want or you can also clean it with hands as it has come up with easy to use and clean design.


The electronic blender has the ability to chop, stir, mix, liquidate and puree the food and it also possesses five different settings of pulse along with its amazing ability of crushing the ice. After the introduction of the product within the market, we have performed certain tests on it to find out that how amazing features it has along with the drawbacks present within the blender. Therefore, here is what we have come to know about KitchenAid 5 Speed Diamond Blender.

KitchenAid KSB1575CU 5-Speed Diamond Blender


The new kitchen blender has come up with amazing features such as speed motor control. This new technology can easily sense food mixtures within the blender and it will select automatically the proper speed in order to ensure that the right amount of power has been applied to offer all the tasks related to food processing. Moreover, this appliance of kitchen also consists of the steel reinforced coupler which offers right power from motor of the blender towards the blades. Such features ensure that you are actually receiving the consistent mixture when the task of the blender is complete.


The basic design offered by KitchenAid 5 Speed is very similar to other smoothie blenders that you will find within the market. It consists of the 60 ounce of pitcher which is scratchproof and also shatterproof too. It has come up with strain resistant technology and it is also large enough that it can easily hold large food quantity at one time. Moreover, control panel is also wiped easily in case of any spill. You will be able to place pitcher within dishwasher to have easy and fast cleanup which makes it one of the best blender in cleanup easiness.

The new KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender is also very easy to use and it provides large amount of options that will help you in processing the food. But, it has been found that as it has worked completely well with different smoothies, it also works well when it is blended with other types of foods such as ingredients of soup or nuts.


Though it is amazing that you are quiet impressed with results of smoothie from KitchenAid 5 Speed Diamond Blender, it offers large number of amazing choices that will help you in blending large variety of the food. But, it offers very quick and easy way to make the morning smoothie and the clean up offered is highly easy. 

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7: Ninja Chef 1500-Watt High Speed Blender:

Ninja Chef 1500-Watt blender has large number of features and accessories in it. It has been provided with 2.5 powerhouse and 1500 watts with the range in between 3700 and 24000 RPM. It is the ultimate powerhouse blender that is also very loud if compared with the competitors. The new Ninja Blender has 18 inches height with 8 inches width and 9.5 inches deepness. The only drawback that is associated with Ninja Ultimate Blender 810 is that, it is much larger in its height which makes it difficult to be placed inside standard kitchen cabinets. Moreover, it is also heavy in its weight when compared with other blenders and this is because of the angular shape of the jug.

Ninja Chef 1500-Watt High Speed Blender

Though it is heavy in weight but it is also very easy to use and you will be able to lock the pitcher in clockwise direction and this is how, it is easily secured by handle lock. Most of the people find it troubling but it is actually a safety precaution. It also possesses a highly responsive control panel along with a guide to show the specific tasks working. The unique blade design is also very easy to use as it has 72 ounces container that no one has in the market. Here are amazing features that we have found after using the product thoroughly.

Features and Design:

The Ninja Ultima has come up with 2.5 horsepower, 1500 Watt and the range between 3700 to 24000 rpm. It is actually the powerhouse blender that is loud but it is more effective as compared to its competitors.

Ninja Chef 1500-Watt High Speed Blender - image 1

The Ninja Model has come up with 18 inches of height which is the tallest point along with 8 inches width and 9.5 inches of deepness when it is compared with KitchenAid 5 Speed Diamond Blender. The only complain that I have found with this blender is about it looks as it is much larger therefore, it is very hard to find a kitchen cabinet in which this blender can be placed, it is also very heavy when it’s weight is compared with other similar size blenders and this heavy weight is actually attributed to the tinted or angular shaped jug.


The Ninja Ultimate is highly easy in terms of its use and it needs little more hands for its use when compared with other blenders. For instance, you can easily lock pitcher in clockwise turn and the blender will not start until the time when the lid is present on pitcher and is secured by lock of the handle. Some people find it a problem but it is actually not because it is a safety precaution for the ones who are using it as the blade of Ninja is much powerful.

The control Panel of Ninja is also highly responsive and there is a guide present within box to match power settings for specific tasks. Blenders are much better these days and talking about Ninja, its feature includes blade along with instructions about the filling of pitcher with the warm water along with small drops of the dish soap. Rinsing along with air drying is one of the time consuming parts. The lids along with removable blades need hand washing.

Ninja Chef 1500-Watt High Speed Blender - image


The first thing that you will notice about such blenders is actually the unique design of blade which is 72 ounce container and no one in the market can beat this feature. They have the ability to be rotated independently from other one. Top blades have the capacity to be rotated at 5000 RPM whereas; bottom blades rotate at 24000 RPM.

The basic idea includes the use of top blades in blending each and everything very thoroughly as compared to the conventional blenders that have blades at its bottom. This is actually good in practice as it is not only a gimmick. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that containers are completely free of BPA.

The BL810 comes under most basic blender model that is available. It don’t come up any accessory an it has three different settings of speed that ranges from low to high and medium in between. The entire thanks is given to pulse button. 

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8: Oster VERSA BLSTVB-RV0 Pro Performance Blender

The Oster VERSA BLSTVB-RV0 Pro is the highly powered blender that is available in very affordable prices and it provides different jobs within blending options. It captures 1400 watts of power and it also possesses the ability for making the smoothies from veggies, frozen fruits and ice. It has a preset button that can be used in making smoothies, dips and hot soups and you can make easy adjustments in your recipe too. You don’t have any need to blend ingredients at specific time as the blender knows how much time it needs to blend all ingredients.

Oster VERSA BLSTVB-RV0 Pro Performance Blender

Easy to Use

The new Oster Versa is among the best option that you should actually prefer if you are looking for something better out of the box. The preset buttons available for smoothies, hot soup or dips can make it highly easy to make what you want with your adjustments. The major benefit you will get with the Oster Versa is that you don’t have to conduct the experiments in order to find out that how much time it takes to blend all the things or soup ingredients as you actually do with other products that are available in market. You will also find a dial for the finer tune of speed settings.

All such blenders that have been tested by our team for making of soup or smoothies, this one is not such a standout within any of its tasks. The smoothies we got from the blender had some large pieces in it but they were actually smooth. Moreover, the soup was also adequate and smooth and it was heated very nicely. Other blenders can heat soup more which can be nice for some people that includes heating and blending that can happen within one step. But it is also possible to microwave fresh soup but when you are getting this additional step in your blender then this comes as a major benefit in making the soups in blender.

Oster VERSA BLSTVB-RV0 Pro Performance Blender - image

Exclusive Feature:

One most prominent feature offered by Oster Versa is its quiet motor. The motor of the blender is considered as a second quietest blender. The one that is quieter on its top don’t offer good blending power but the Oster Versa is much powerful and much quiet which is very rare combination that you will find.

The pitcher of Oster Versa is also very simple in cleaning process but it would have been easier if you can easily throw it in dishwasher. The other machine body is also very simple and easy in cleaning as the controls are completely flat. All you have to do is to wipe it off if something splashes on it. The entire unit is covered with the highly amazing 7 years of warranty that is applied to motor and other machine body as well and this actually inspires large confidence within product and makes it more attractable.


As it is evident that the Oster Versa is not stellar in any specific testing task but it works best in making smoothies, soup and ice. It is also not among the blenders that are simple and easy to be cleaned but the major important feature is that it is most quiet blender. You may find it one of the best options if you are using the blender in early morning with your house full of the sleeping people. 

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9: Nutri Ninja Blendmax Duo: Best Blender for Ice:

Nutri Ninja Blendermax Due is the most affordable blender that offers convenience with its high size and high power. The unit has come up with a motor and three pitchers used for blending task. The products blended with such blender are very good and it has the capacity to crush the ice as well. There is preset button present within the blender that makes easy smoothies, soups and milkshakes that are of great consistency. It also contains a specific button in it that is used for crushing ice. It captures 1600 watts of power that offers amazing blending powers but its noise is much loud that is 93.5 decibels.

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ BL641


Within the blender reviews, an option for preset buttons is available so we used it within our tests. For smoothies test, we used Ninja Duo Smoothie Button and we got very great results for that although, the blender was heated up and it makes a little hot smoothie too but it was looking completely fresh and it had great consistency as well. There were fewer big chunks within the smoothie but overall it was completely amazing. 

Both products of Ninja were in our comparison and both of them has done a great job in crushing the ice such that its pieces were small and they were of same size just like the way you need it for the frozen drinks. The Ninja Duo has come up with one specific button made for the ice which has made it easy to crush the ice.

Though you will not find it the best blender for the soup but it had come up so smooth and it was not that much heated not even after complete 4 minutes that were mentioned within the recipe. You will not find any preset button for soup such that the Ninja Duo has not been made to work good and so it was lacking point. The soup that was made by blender had the decent flavor and texture but you have to reheat it in microwave again.

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ BL641 - image


You will find it a quite blender especially in terms of power that it possesses. With the 1600 Watts, this has been on the second number within our review of the blending power but as it offers large amount of power it is also producing great noise that is 93.5 decibels when you are going to make a smoothie. The blender falls in pack middle when it’s completely assembled but it must also fit under the most overhead kitchen cabinets to provide easy storage.

Prep and Cleanup:

The blender has come up with Auto-IQ feature that has been designed to feel when one recipe is not completely blended. If you find it the case then Ninja Duo will be able to turn itself on automatically to break down food further. This is one of the great capabilities if you are used to it but you will have to face the learning curve in first time. And that is the reason; you will not find Duo an intuitive machine. You will also be very disappointed with its short warranty.


Though it has a very short warranty and it offers not satisfactory performance on the soup, Nutri Ninja Blendmax Duo is one of the strong contenders when you are going to compare the highly powered blenders. You will get the personal as well as family size of blender within one box and you will be able to take the smoothie within morning. 

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10: Vitamix 7500:

The Vita-Mix 7500 is the best blender and food processor as it offers food processor or solid all round blenders that have the ability to produce amazing results. Moreover, it is also easy to use that makes it best among others. It has 2.2 latest horsepower motor within the sturdy unit that provides stability. The low profile pitcher is built up of BPA free material with capacity of 64 ounces. It also possesses the tamper which allows continuous processing of the thick ingredients. Moreover, you will be able to find all such things with 7 years of warranty and professional book of recipes. It is one of the quiet blenders that provides such large power and it has the ability that it can easily make perfect morning smoothies. It’s easy to use control panel has the ability of pulsing all the ingredients and it provides simple mix within only seconds.

Vitamix 7500 Blender

The new Vita-Mix has been introduced by William Grover Barnard who released his first blender within 1937. If you want a very serious blender then Vitamix 7500 is the best blender that you should buy. It is the solid all round blender or the food processor that produce professional results and it is also very easy to use. 

We have tested the product completely and compared it with other blenders that are available within the market. Here is what we have found within Vitamix package when you are going to purchase it:

  • It consists of highly latest 2.2 horsepower Vitamix blender motor that is set within sturdy unit with the sucker pads that offers stability and it also possess easily able to read illuminated control panel
  • The low profile jug is made up of BPA free material that has the capacity of nearly 64 ounce
  • It possess tamper for allowing continuous processing of highly thick ingredients
  • It offers 7 years of warranty
  • It has come up with professional recipes book
  • It also offers helpful DVD

Vitamix 7500 Blender - image

Very Quiet Blender:

You will find most people saying that it is a quiet blender as it consists of large amount of power in it. But this is not surprising at all as vitamix has come up with vibration and noise dampening within 7500 model. It is designed especially for providing 40% more quiet work as compared to other Vitamix models. This is considered as additional feature for the ones who really like morning smoothies.

Easy To Use Pulse Control:

The pulse control has the ability to pulse all ingredients and it will help its user to keep in control and provide one mix for few seconds for finishing right texture. In sometimes, as it is dependent upon what you are actually making, the food processor that has pulse function is completely helpful.

Variable Control of Speed:

The speed control is variable but it has been found to be very helpful for users in varying speed mid blends that is helpful when you are going to work with different veggies and fruits textures within one container. If you are going to make smoothie with large number of hard and raw items in it then you have to process it slowly. The 7500 model has blades with the best speed of nearly 240 mph.

Low Profiled Design:

The basic advantage of low profile is that it can be easily fitted under the kitchen cupboards. Some models of Vitamix are much taller that it becomes tough to put them in kitchen cabinet but this is not the problem with Vitamix.

Make Delicious Smoothies:

Not like other blenders, Vitamix has the ability to blend the green leafy vegetables properly without any chunky fibrous fragments in it.

Easy To Get Accessories:

You will be able to buy the accessory for blender that includes dry container to create the flour for baking and travel cups for the people who like soups or smoothies. It is also to clean as you only have to add one drop of detergent in it.


As you are aware with the fact that blenders are the top most popular appliance within the kitchen that must be updated because they have versatility in their action. Whether you want a blender simple smoothie or you are looking for blending and pureeing machine, there are large numbers of blenders from which you can select. From the Ninja to the KitchenAid, there are large numbers of blenders that can easily fit your need. 

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