Best Activity Trackers and Heart Rate Monitors in 2019

Activity trackers are the great devices, for those who are interested to monitor their fitness activity in this busy life. Another factor that involves in selecting the best activity trackers is their performance and unmatched accuracy.

Nowadays Many Fitness trackers are available in markets but our concern is only the best fitness trackers that should match your interest and perfect for price too.

This guide will show you the best of the best activity trackers money can buy and show you how each ranks in terms of stand-out features, price, design and the quality of the software you’ll be using on your phone.

  • On a budget? This is the list of Most affordable fitness trackers
  • Want a Fitbit or Garmin Fitness Tracker? This list is all about The Best Fitbit or Garmin fitness bands
  • Here are seven perfect fitness tracker to help you choose the best ones.

1: FitBit Surge: 2019’s Best Activity Tracker:

As it is detailed as one of the best fitness watch for the fitness, this Fitbit Surge has actually placed company within the category of the sports watch for first time and it has been competed against other companies such as Garmin and Polar.

Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit company has claimed that this fitness tracker is made for every person and that is why, I have actually tried the different number of the devices that includes the Charge HR that is on the top of the best activity tracker for several months.

But what about the FitBit Surge? Has it really stood out against the competition? In order to answer the questions, I have actually worn these watches for a few weeks to find out about the quality of these sports watches as Charge HR is providing to the activity trackers. Read Fitbit Surge Review

  • Offers the continuous monitoring of the heart rate
  • Completely secure fitting and much comfortable
  • Easily track the new activities such as weight lifting, yoga or hiking
  • Best synchronization and excellent application
  • Supports all the notifications, including calls and text
  • Contains GPS to track and map the runs
  • Offers a comprehensive list of the exercises for the tracking
  • Moderately large
  • Not waterproof if you want to swim
  • Battery life is below average if you have enabled the GPS
  • The charger is not interchangeable with any other Fitbit.
  • Limited push notifications.

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2: Polar M600:

The Polar M600 was the first watch with the built in Android technology offered from the Finnish company that has taken the initiative of the last year’s Polar M400 that has blurred lines between the tracking of the activity and the Smartphone and it throws within the elements of design.

Polar M600

The M600 has come up with the Android wear which means in the theory that more of the features are available to the wearers especially what you are going to find with any other wearable watch except the Polar variant that has come up with its own fitness application, GLONASS and the GPS, which is completely waterproof with the IPX9 certification that has made it completely safe for the swimming and it also has the band made up of silicone which makes it completely perfect to be used for the types of sports. Read Polar M600 Review

  • Offers you the smart watch notifications
  • Offers monitor for the heart rate as well as the accurate GPS
  • Easy to use Polar Flow application
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable to wear and to run with
  • Short battery life
  • Some disappointing features
  • It has the straps made up of silicone that actually picks all the fluff and lint
  • Poor quality of the display

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3: Garmin Vivosmart HR+:

The new Garmin Vivosmart HR+ activity tracker is offering very simple and light approach as compared to the other established watches of sports along with the fitness brands that are appearing on the wrists all around the world. It wants you to keep the track of your activity, it reminds you about your work, keeps you motivated and accompany you all the time through your daily activities.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Most of the runners are usually over-ambitious and most of them are under featured but you will never come across the smart phone watch that has all the features like the Garmin VivoSmart HR+. have a look at the pros and cons of the Garmin Vivosmart HR+. Read Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Review

  • Battery life of upto 6 days
  • Traditional clasp of the watch
  • Outdoor readable display
  • Solid notifications and the phone connections
  • Heart rate monitor along with the GPS
  • Lacks the design
  • Data can have more depth
  • A little bit dour
  • Display is a little small

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4: FitBit Flex 2:

The FitBit Flex 2 is one of the first swimmer friendly fitness tracker given by the company as it has given the sense of relief that we can actually use the tracker which is waterproof and it was the most awaited item.

FitBit Flex 2

Besides the simplicity of the usage and the form factor, this Flex 2 is one of the most different from its predecessors and this makes it one of the best things. I have tested the product and that is why I am here to give review to let people know about what I have felt after spending time with this amazing technology and I also want to share the reason that why I want to use this product for the long term.

The new fitness tracker from the Fitbit that is made for the entry level costs $99.95 and it has much more amazing features that you can never expect in the small size. The new improvement is made as compared to the basic FitBit Flex as the new Flex 2 has the activity to automatically track the sleep and steps that include running, aerobic workouts, cycling along with the swimming. This actually saves a lot of time and you don’t have to input your entire workout in the diaries. Read FitBit Flex  2 Review

  • Automatic activity of the tracking
  • Ultra slim and have a stylish design
  • Possesses interchangeable accessories
  • Water resistant property that makes it best among others
  • Offers the best application platform
  • Offers very accurate and basic tracking
  • The text and call notification can cause glitchiness if connected with the android devices
  • Battery life can be better still
  • No notification support for the third party
  • Only some activities can be tracked when it is worn around neck

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5: Mio’s Second Generation Heart Rate Tracker:

This Mio Alpha 2 Heart rate tracker is one of the first watch that has brought the optical heart rate monitoring to your wrist and this Mio Alpha 2 has pretty broke the ground when it came to the sports tracking market. Now, the new Mio Alpha has been back in the market with their new and amazing product that is Alpha 2.

Mio Alpha 2 Heart rate trackerThis Alpha 2 is more up for the tough competitions with the large number of the fitness trackers that have selected to provide us the BPM updates with the help of the chest strap. So, the new Mio fitness watch has actually got to know that what they should make in order to keep our hearts racing. Before providing the complete review, have a look at some amazing advantages that are offered by this new Alpha 2 along with some cons of this device. Read Mio Alpha 2 Review

  • Accurate and fast monitoring of the heart rate
  • Comfortable design
  • Waterproof.
  • Helpful indicators of the heart rate zones
  • No extra features just like the new smart watches within the market
  • Expensive
  • Lackluster applications

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6: Garmin Forerunner 35:

To all the people, who actually want to go far the simple counting of steps and they can get the best grip to improve the fitness are actually more concerned about these watches that tumble in price but they are very easy to use even if you are a beginner. This is where these Garmin Forerunner 35 actually fits perfectly.

Garmin Forerunner 35The GPS running watch that offers the built in monitor for the monitoring of the heart rate, it is one of the best friend that you are going to adopt from the list of smart watch that includes wrist band notifications as well as the call alerts. Read Garmin Forerunner 35 Review

  • Offers waterproof technology
  • Built in GPS and offers reliable monitoring of heart rate
  • Battery life time is long
  • Always on the display
  • Control the music that is played on your phone
  • Provides interval training
  • Best fitness tracker with accurate results
  • The elegant application that has the strong breakdown of data
  • You cannot access to connect the IQ app store.
  • You can’t track your swimming with this sports watch
  • Simple basic and the boxy body
  • The tracking of sleep can simply be fooled if the watch is removed
  • The connection of the GPS is not very fast

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7: TomTom Spark 3:

This TomTom Spark 3 is one of the most commonly suggested name when talking about the best running watches as it is third generation GPS running watch.

TomTom Spark 3This new Spark 3 offers the cycling, swimming and the running tracking along with all the daily activities with the monitoring of the sleep. It also encompasses the feature of the built in optical monitor for the heart rate and it also has the ability to store the music on the board to the playback through the help of the Bluetooth connected headphones that are also included within the package options. All of this adds to the complete package that doesn’t need the Smartphone or the chest strap for the use.

One additional thing that is found within this model is the additions of the compass which means that this TomTom also offers the tracking of the route and it also has the ability to help its users on the start point and then following the uploaded routes. So, the explorers or the runners can easy head out without worrying if they don’t have the smart phone with them. Read TomTom Spark 3 Review

  • Convenient device for the running that allows you to free your phone
  • Simple and offers the intuitive interface
  • Its compass offers the trail guidance
  • Provides accurate monitoring of the heart rate
  • Design is completely similar to the previous models
  • No smartphone notification
  • The TomTom MySports application needs the working on it

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8: Samsung Gear Fit 2:

Unlike the slow start out of gate, this Samsung has come back to the race of the fitness tracker with this new Gear Fit 2. This new device is comparatively less expensive or only $70 less expensive as compared to its competitors and it is also offering the large amount of features in it.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

The Gear Fit 2 is packed in the form of the fitting wristband has the colorful display with the GPS tracking of the runs along with the monitor for the heart rate and the storage up to the 4 GB so that you can take all your music with you. When you are going to connect your Gear Fit 2 with your Smartphone, you will get the notifications and the automatic tracking of the activity which makes it the most compelling device. Read Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review

  • Offers very refined look
  • Broad compatibility
  • Offers impressive value
  • Colorful and sharp display
  • Doesn’t need your smart phone for the connection
  • Heart rate monitor and the integrated GPS
  • Standalone music player along with the capability for the Bluetooth streaming
  • You may find some issues with the Barometer
  • No alarm function
  • Offers no support for the iOS
  • Offers the additional applications at the launch
  • Narrow screen that results in the awkward and cramped layout
  • Heart rate monitoring is not very consistent.

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