An Ultimate Guide For Monitoring Heart Rate Zones

If you are mastered in the training and the zones associated with the heart rate then it actually offers you the edge to cut the PBs and it also offers the additional science elements within your daily life so that it helps in the regulation of the daily activities. The monitoring of the heart rate is now not that much difficult task as it was previously and the special thanks is given to the new running watches that has the technology to monitor the heart rate, but this is important to learn it because it is not that much easy to master yourself.Monitoring Heart Rate Zones

If you have the heart rate watch or strap, then you can easily take the advantage of them, but this is not the straightforward process and that is why, I am here to provide you the guide for the monitoring of the heart rate through these watches. I am going to help you in how to use these running wearables in order to calculate the maximum rate of heart and after that, you can use your zone of the heart rate in order to become the best runner.

Devices that include the Fitbit Surge has enabled us to keep our tabs on the tickers during the training or the workout  session. As the tracking of the rate of heart is one important thing, but its application to the zone is another important thing. Follow the guide in order to have the best information so that you can get more out of your wearable watch.

Why There Is The Need To Use The Heart Rate Zones During Training?

Personally, I have found the most common issue with the runners, whether they are experienced or the amateur ones, is that they actually run their sessions with only a small amount of effort. Runners try to spot that whether they are running in the right manner or in the wrong one, but this is not sure because they are not using the monitor for the heart rate, rather they are doing it with the guess.

An Ultimate Guide For Monitoring Heart Rate Zones

The easy runs are sometimes very difficult to recover completely and to get the complete benefits of the aerobic they can get whereas, the VO2 max and the threshold runs are not that much specific to earn complete benefits at the upper end.

This is how, the runners reach the plateau easily and they find it difficult to get the significant progress within few training years.

Understand The Zones Of Heart Rate:

If you put your little effort in order to understand that what is actually happening within the zones of the heart rate then this will help you a lot. Moreover, if you are wearing the most expensive running watches in your wrist then it becomes mandatory to understand the importance of these zones.

Guide For Monitoring Heart Rate Zones

Best Monitors Of Heart Rate To Buy:

  1. Good All Rounder: Wahoo TICKR X:

The Wahoo TICKR X is one of the greatest watches for the type of people who want the mix running with the cross training or who want the strength work within the gym. This watch has the built in accelerometer that provides you insight of the basic rate of heart along with the extra features that are going to help you a lot within your training.

  1. App-Happy: Polar H7:

This Wahoo TICKR X actually uses the Bluetooth Low Energy that makes it compatible with all the smartphones that are latest and even if you are using the applications such as Endomondo then you can also have the insight at the decent level,

  1. Strap Free: Mio Fuse:

This is among the one of the first few watches that have the built in technology for the optical measurement of the heart rate. This Mio Tech is working best within the business.

The founder of the PaleoGym, Giuseppe Minetti, who has actually specialized in the use of the advanced sports science and the personalized functional fitness has actually explained very well that how our zones of the heart rate actually breaks down and what is happening within each zone.

  1. Simple Rest With Recovery:

65 – 70% Of The Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)

You will not find anything such as the over-training that is under the recovery. Personally, I have recommended the people for the recovery days along with the phases that can help with the list of essentials which includes tissue repair and the muscle repair along with the removal of the waste products, inflammation reduction, energy stores restoration and the nutrients that are necessary for the cellular activity. Within the simple means, this is actually the repairing of all the connections that are present between the body and the brain and it is vital for all the people who are training.

  1. Training based on Endurance: 70-80%

This is vital for all the new runners and also for the athletes who spend a lot of time in developing the components, but if you are doing the exact amount of the endurance trainings then it is a very fine balance to achieve it especially if you want to run fast. If you are doing excessively then it will only remove the speed that you have actually gained and if you are doing so, small amount then it is going to stop you from adding the distance within your speed that is required.

  1. Capacity of Aerobics: 80-90%

The aerobic capacity actually improves with the age of your exercise that is the years that you have trained. This is all about the running at the medium pace of effort and then putting it in the hours. If you are running less than the Marathon distance, then this is not necessary for you to develop the huge base for aerobic.

  1. Anaerobic Threshold: 90-98% MHR

Also known as the lactate threshold or the race pace, this is actually the point where all the things start burning. In order to become perfect in it, you need the strategic planning over the period of months and even years. If you have got it right then you will be able to get it fast, but if you have got it wrong then you will also go backward with the fast pace. This type of training needs effort, but it needs low volume too, and this can be the kind of evil for the people who want to improve the running.

  1. Mix Aerobic: 98-100% MHR

You will come across the conflicting research about the VO2 Max exercise and the Mix Aerobic. The large number of athletes works hard enough that they exhaust themselves with the continuous VO2 max training, whereas they completely disregard the element of speed from their discipline.

How To Find Out Your Personal Zone Of Heart Rate?

You will find out the different number of ways to do this. The schedules for the generic training that you are going to find on internet actually tells that when you have to run at the different level of intensities. There are a large number of the solutions that work out for the intensities within the heart rates target terms that can be very simple or that can be very complex.

If you talk about me then it is very complex such that I will take the blood lactate along with the gas analysis and run towards the treadmill. At the simpler end, there are actually four different categories:

  1. 10,000 running pace (+20)
  2. Half Marathon Pace (+10)
  3. Threshold Running- the marathon pace (+/-0%)
  4. Recovery run- it is very easy (-10%)

What you are actually doing is that you have to find out your personal zone of the heart rate within these four categories. There are total 18 different threshold definitions and no one being able to understand it, neither I nor my coach or anyone else that I have come across. Being a coach now, my athletes are able to understand what I say, but this is different for the other types of people.

So, it is simple for you that you have to work out on the rate of your heart to categorize it within these four zones and to me, the easy one is the marathon race pace which is actually the pace at which you can easily sustain. We can all sustain on that pace very easily.

In order to work at this pace, go out for the run with your expensive hear rate monitor and run for at least 30 minutes and within this running time, you must have the ability to hold the conversation. If you have achieved the pace where you think that you will be able to carry on for 30 minutes, indefinitely, then you can hold the conversation and look at the rate of your heart. Take that rate of the heart and pit the five best ranges on either of the sides.

How The Implementation Of The Plan Will Occur?

Once you are able to put your rate of heart for the specific Marathon Pace zone, then you can work out the rest. For the half of the marathon pace, simply add 10% and for the 10k pace, add 10% more. This is actually the 20% of the marathon race pace.

To get easier or the recovery run, subtract the 10% from Marathon rate. When you are going to take this generic plan from internet, this will tell you easy (Marathon), hard (10K), moderate (half Marathon). So, you have to keep it very simple just like it has been said above and don’t overthink but try to keep the quality within the pace. Make sure that you have got the best of the high intensity sessions and everything else will get back within the place.

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