Best Adult Tricycles in 2019 [Buyer’s Guide]

It is hard to choose the best adult tricycle that exactly meets all your needs. You are free to select adult trikes, but it can be tricky sometimes and it is important to select the best one if you are buying it for the first time. We aim to help you in choosing the best tricycle that proves right decision for you later on so that you can get the best adult tricycles which you are exactly looking for.

Before moving further, here are a few things that you should consider while buying a tricycle. If you are buying the new model of adult trikes, you should make sure if you are attaching a big basket and measuring its total weight so that it could be in accordance with the accommodation capacity of tricycle.

Looking at the frame of the tricycle, these trikes consists of the same components as that of the one on the bike. So, it would be very easy for you to get all the replacement parts in case if you get any repair needed or it is broken. The adult tricycles usually have a single speed and multi-speed gears in it and the presence of dual breaks is also ensured. Moreover, a well-cushioned seat is also attached so that you can easily enjoy your ride.

List of Best Adult Tricycles in 2019:

Tricycle NameWeight (Pounds)Height (Inches)No. of SpeedsSee Prices and Discounts
Schwinn Meridian Adult 26 Inch7026"Single
Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle56.120Single
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle69.5524Single
Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike 5724Seven
Komodo Cycling 246724Six
Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle7026Single
Mobo Triton Pro - Cruiser5520Single
Worksman Port-o-Trike7020Three
Razor DXT Drift Trike2020Single
Mantis Tri Rad Folding Adult Tricycle5720Single

1: Schwinn Meridian 26 Inch:

Schwinn Meridian 26 Inch Adult Tricycle is the best tricycle that has attracted a lot of people because of the exclusive design that it offers. It is the three-wheeled cycles that are easy to ride as people have found it very easy to stabilize. The mudguards are offering a very nice touch that will keep you from the stains of the dirty water. The basket offered is one of the advantageous kits that is liked by all the people who love shopping and the picnics.Schwinn Meridian 26 Inch Adult Tricycle

The wheels of this tricycle are 26 inches and they are one of the biggest ones in the market. The tricycle body is made up of the lightweight aluminium that is highly convenient and strong. These folding rear baskets attached are very handy for the one’s who enjoy outdoor picnics or for the people who want to keep their groceries into it. You can easily take your pets with you while going on the ride.

Features of the Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike:

  • Brake of the rear hand with front linear pull brake to provide reliable stopping
  • Made for all the ages above 15
  • Comfortable pad spring with cruiser saddle and upright handlebars
  • 3 wheeled bike with single speed and light weight aluminium frame
  • The rim has stainless steel spokes with smooth riding tires
  • The folding basket is best for the storage of groceries or if you are going to outdoor picnic.
  • People usually like the big basket of this cycle
  • Made up of aluminium, so no risk of the rust problems
  • Highly safe as compared to the two-wheeled bike
  • Excellent for the persons who have never ridden the bike before it.
  • Offers only one gear
  • Very heavy in its size
  • Some people complain that it is usually pulled towards the right


Our recommendations:

Above all, the Schwinn Meridian adult cycle that has 24-inch wheels is usually the best tricycle one can ever buy and it is also perfect in terms of money. That is why we will always recommend such bike to all the people who are actually looking for the reliable tricycle.

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2: Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle: Most Affordable Tricycle

Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle is extremely stable three wheeled cycle is made to offer the learning of the cycle highly simple. The strong frame of this cycle, which is made up of the steel has the low step-through design that makes it easy to work on it in the starting.

Kent Adult Westport Folding Adul Tricycle

Its frame is highly engineered with all the features of the folding mechanism that will take only a small place in your garage. The best features of this tricycle include the wide and comfortable seat, suspension fork, highly adjustable and upright handlebars that can provide an easy ride for you. you will highly appreciate the basket which is present at the back for the safe transport of the cargoes. The strong pull breaks provide fast stopping. The Westport is offering the best way to exercise without even halting the style and the safety. You might be interested in these vacuum cleaners 2019 to clean your home

The folding bike has been designed in order to convert it to the compact size for easier transport so that you can easily carry it anywhere and you will get the best things of the Westport adult folding tricycle.

Features of the Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle:

  • Suspension fork to provide a comfortable ride whenever you are encountering the bumps
  • The adult three wheeled tricycle that has the strong frame made up of steel with the step through design
  • Highly wide with comfortable seat along with the upright handlebars that are adjustable
  • Linear breaks with 20 inches of wheels and the folding frame to ensure easy storage
  • It offers very handy basket behind the seat to carry out any type of cargo
  • Very safe, comfortable and sturdy.
  • Convenient room seat providing cushioned ride
  • Flexible trike offering adjustable height
  • Made up of durable frame of steel.
  • Folding feature makes it space saver
  • It comes in the vibrant and bold metallic blue colors
  • Large basket attached with it.
  • This tricycle is not actually steered by leaning just like the bikes but it must be steered with the turning of the handlebar.

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This is the Perfect tricycle for:

  • Adults or the kids with the exclusive needs
  • People who are having problems with the balancing of the two-wheeled cycles
  • Riders who want it for the cargo transfer
  • Good for the elderly people because it offers very secure and safe bike
  • It is best for pet lovers because it carries a large basket to accommodate your pets too

Our recommendations:

For the new riders or the young kids or elder, it is hard to maintain the balance on the bike thus they find it very hard to ride a bike. So, anyone with these problems, particularly kids who are not allowed to ride bicycles for the risk of having injury are now free to ride their own three-wheeled cycle which guarantees their freedom. This Westport Adult Folding Tricycle is used to put a lot of things into it that have a wide variety of qualities.

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3: Schwinn Meridian 24 Inch: Best for Older People

This 24 inch Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle  has the large spring seat that offers high comfort and easy adjustments with the quick release that makes it one of the best choices while the travelling. It has come up with the low stand made up of the aluminium frame and it is also available at  or you can opt for a local dealer in your locality.

Schwinn Meridian 24 inch Adult Tricycle


  • It is cruiser styling that offers fully wrapped fenders and it has swept back handlebar that provides more comfort
  • It has a super low stand made up of the aluminium in order to provide easy access
  • It is made up of 24-inch wheels
  • It has large folds rear basket that offer storage
  • The large springer seat offers fast adjustment
  • Can be easily ridden by everyone
  • Offers a big folding basket
  • Provides stable, safe, sturdy and highly comfortable
  • Has some issues with the maintenance
  • Takes lots of time and space

Rear Basket:

One best advantage that is offering this Schwinn Meridian is the big folding basket. It is best for the outdoor picnic or for the storage of the groceries or it is best for carrying the food, water or extra clothes. It can also accommodate the smaller sized dogs. The other advantage is that if you don’t need this basket then you can easily collapse it in order to provide the flatbed.

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4: Northwoods Rock Point 24 Inches Adult Trike:

When it comes to the Northwoods rock point adult trike, you will not find any better tricycle providing best comfort with the stability to all of its riders without the fitness skill level consideration. This tricycle has been designed with its top component of the shelf providing quality functionality with construction.

Northwoods Rock Point Adult Trike, 24 Inches

This Northwood Rock point adult tricycle provides a high level of comfort and the rider always says that they are highly relaxed with this upright position because of the wide handlebars. Now, sit on plush spring saddle and get the best ride with the lumbar seat back support. The front fender helps the rider from preventing the dust and mud and the huge basket at the back is given particularly for the cargoes.


  • The tricycle has the dimensions of 68in * 31in * 30in with 24-inch diameter wheels and it only weighs 57 lbs.
  • This tricycle also contains wide basket on the back to carry the package and it is also coupled with back support for easy seat
  • The tricycle has made up of high tensile steel that provides excellent strength with the arms made up of authentic Shimano 7 speed Revo twist shifter to offer to shift and pedalling
  • It always comes up with the 6 months of warranty
  • The brake system helps in the back and front braking of the wheels for easy stopping
  • Made up of great material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gear shifting is very easy
  • Heavy in weight
  • Pedal is a bit hard to move for aged ones and children
  • Sturdy and bulky

Our recommendation:

This Northwood Rock Point Adult tricycle has been designed in such a way to provide maximum comfort to the user. Its ride is very relaxing with the upright position and all the credit is given to the broad sweeping handlebars. So, enjoy your relaxed ride.

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5: Komodo Cycling 24’, 6-speed #7002: Stable Adult Tricycle

This Komodo Tricycle 3 wheeled cycle is best for the people who are looking for the stable ride. Most of the people like the Komodo Trike because of the exclusive and unique design it is offered as most of the people suffer from the balancing problems, but this cycle has no such issue that is why it is preferred by a majority of people. The best thing about this cycle is that it is 6-speed adult tricycle which actually means that it has a close resemblance to the regular bike.

Komodo Cycling 24 inch Adult Tricycle

The adult three wheel bikes have wider speeds that allow riders with different options and this is the best adult tricycle you will ever see in your life. Its wheels are about 24 inches and this specific size is designed by taking into consideration the requirements of the people and thus it is highly liked by the majority of the people.


  • It has come up with 1-year warranty
  • It has fenders, bells and large wire basket
  • It has 6-speed SHIMANO RS45 Shifter and SHIMANO TY-21 derailleur
  • It’s brake and shifting adjustments to be performed by a professional
  • Reduced clearance step through design, making the getting on and off highly easy
  • Highly sturdy and puts together very well
  • Completely stable adult tricycle
  • Issues with the breaking, so, it should be adjusted by the professional
  • Not a real feeling of riding a tricycle.

Our Verdict:

Above all, this Komdo Cycling 6 speed adult tricycle has been built with the heavy frame and it is easy to ride and shift. Moreover, it offers high stability to the rider so it is highly recommended for the one’s who are finding it difficult to maintain the balance.

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6: Schwinn Meridian 26 Inch Adult Tricycle:

If you want to experience some different freedom so you must try the cycling of this Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle. It has low stand over and easy step-through aluminium frame with the folding basket present at the back. This bicycle is very smooth and safe to ride and its comfortable saddle, special inclusive storage and easy to operate design ensures that it has been highly favored by every person.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle 26 inch

Features of 26 inch Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle:

  • Single speed
  • Easy and low stand over with the step-through aluminium frame
  • Schwinn adult trike provides easy and highly smooth riding
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Its wide upright handlebar provides a balanced ride
  • Comfortable and padded with the spring cruiser saddle
  • It is linear and pull brakes offer intuitive and smooth stop
  • Its back and front fenders offer clean clothing
  • It has tires of 26 inches * 2.0 inches
  • Its folding basket at the back can store all the things very safely
  • Its assembly only takes 45 to 60 minutes
  • The extra wide and comfortable seat provides relaxed ride due to upright handlebars that are adjustable
  • It provides steel frame with the step through design
  • It has a handy basket at the back to carry every type of cargo
  • It has linear pull brakes with 20 inch wheels that provides folding frame for the easier storage
  • Durable steel frame that has folding capability which makes this a space saver
  • Highly adjustable height preferences
  • Solid design
  • Folding tricycle with comfortable and sturdy nature making it the safer vehicle
  • Convenient roomy seat that provides a cushioned ride
  • Cargo basket makes it ideal for the different purpose uses
  • Not for older persons

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7: Mobo Triton Pro – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser (Adult):

The biking is one of the great activity because it not only provides fresh sunshine and air, but it is also a fun, a physical activity that you can enjoy alone or when you are surrounded by your friends. But as it is said that the bicycles are not the cup of tea for everyone so it means that people find it very hard to keep their balance when they are having two wheeled cycles because they are fearing of being fallen from the bike. So, this tricycle offers the extraordinary ride to such type of rider and this Mobo Triton Pro Three Wheeled Adult Cruiser has come up with the best qualities that you are looking at the cycle.

Mobo Triton Pro Three Wheeled Cruiser for adults


  • Recumbent-style design that reduces the arm and shoulder stress
  • Its unique steering system has major benefits for enhancement of your cardiovascular function
  • It increases the hand to eye coordination and it also enhances the strength of your muscles
  • It is adjustable and sturdy and It is better for the riders with the height between 4.2 and 6.3
  • It offers a low ground frame with safe flag to ensure optimal stability and visibility

Our recommendation:

This is one of the best three wheeled cruiser I have ever come across in my life that is why I would also recommend it to all my friends.

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8: Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed Adult Tricycle Blue:

Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed Adult Tricycle is truly the product that is offering the perfect design. This Port-o-trike is one of the most compact tricycles for the adults that is present in the market and it provides highly convenient storage. The best choice of this cycle is for the people with the shortest height. Moreover, it provides compact size, which makes it the best choice for your children above age 8. This cycle is featuring the easy step through frame with the low center of gravity. It is better for the riders with the height between 4’ * 6 in – 6’.

Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed Adult Tricycle Blue

The Port O Trike provides folds for easier storage and it fits in the highest standard trunk-mounted bicycle car racks for easy transportation. It is the only adult trike that is used for easy transportation. It’s folded dimensions are usually 30 in * 31 in * 29 in* and it is shipped through the UPS assembly.


  • It provides folds that allow easy storage and step through design for the riders between the 4.6 feet and 6 feet tall heights
  • It is stable and user-friendly and it offers an easy ride with 20-inch wheels
  • It is designed to provide portability and it fits the standard trunk mounted car racks
  • It has 5.5 inches of forged crank with the 36 spoke wheels and it includes vinyl coated cargo basket at the back
  • 215 pounds of the maximum weight of the rider are bearable
  • Provides greater stability
  • Easy to stabilize when you are riding
  • Quite heavy in the weight
  • Problems with the assembly

Our recommendations:

It is not suitable for the ones who are the keen bike riders and also not made for the larger adults as they will not be able to see any benefits with this tricycle because of its limitations of the terrain and speed, but it is best for older people or the one who are disabled as they can enjoy the freedom with ride of this smooth and stable cycle.

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9: Razor DXT Drift Trike:

This Razor DXT Drift Trike is the cycle where the downhill actually meets the drift in the compact bike. If you are using this cycle, then it is only about reliability and thrills. Its full sized frame of steel and it’s moto style of construction with 10 inches of slick surface wheels on the back, this Razor Tricycle is designed for the edge of seat downhill drafting action so that you can enjoy the freewheeling with the tightest curves with speed maintenance.

Razor DXT Drift Trike

With this tricycle, you can have fun with your friends on the road and it is recommended for the kids above 14 years of age. This scooter is built with the lightweight frame that provides easy mobility and it also features the steel frame with the flat handlebars and pneumatic tire. It is suitable for both on and off-road circuits and it also helps the rider in the way to finish line.


  • It has front freewheel made with the BMX styled platform and pedals along with alloy crank
  • Riders of this tricycle powerslide through the corners and throw the fish tails
  • Its steel tricycle styled frame has come up with the Super slider POM rear wheels
  • It also features the pro style grips, adjustable bucket styled seat, moto style handlebars, tow hook attachment and grip tape on the rear axle
  • Full size of the steel frame
  • Cheaper tricycle than others.
  • Made for the edge of your seat downhill drifting action
  • Provides the best performance
  • Has soft rubber grips and the front alloy V-brake
  • Moto style construction
  • Not for children and old persons

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10: Mantis Tri Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

Mantis Tri Rad Folding Adult Tricycle is one of the best tricycles that has been made for the people looking for the worry free ride. This tricycle has the low cut frames with the parking brakes, which make it highly easy to mount and dismount it. The large seat made up of spring provides the easy and comfortable platform in order to adjust it short and long. Its stem is made up of steel which is highly easy for the adjustment. Its saddles are comfortable and large enough to step on them. The other extra features involve the use of the back basket, easy brakes for the parking and the bell. It has the capacity to bear up to 300 lbs of weight and the size of its wheels is 20 inches.

Mantis Tri Rad Folding Adult Tricycle


  • It is made up of the aluminium rim with the 20 inches * 75-inch white wall Kenda tires
  • It has a folding steel frame that is made up of steel
  • Single speed and one piece crank
  • It has the front v brake along with the parking brake and it provides easily adjustable steel stem that has a large comfy saddle
  • It provides a comfortable ride and offers casual enjoyment for people who want to enjoy fresh air and the sunshine
  • It also has the front fender, bell, back basket and a parking brake

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Why use the Adult Tricycles?

These three-wheeled bikes are made for the adults along with a lot of advantages that you can’t enjoy with the bike and it is specially designed for such people who are looking for the specialized experience in the riding. The adult three wheeled cycles are the best and easy tricycles that you can ride as compared to bike because you don’t have to take care for the maintenance of the balance and there is no fear of having an injury. These cycles are designed in order to maintain the durability and stability.

Many of these three-wheeled cycles are lower to ground so that they allow very easy dismounting or mounting and it even provides the feet resting on the ground if you are going to pause your ride with brakes. Most of the tricycles are built to bar large weight so that you can also use this tricycle to do some errands such as buying the grocery or you can also transport the packages with its help.

These adult tricycles provide the best riding positions with that is; recumbent or upright and they are much more natural so they offer less stress on your hips and back. Now, do you have any excuse to not buy this tricycle? Just buy it and go to the exercise within the fresh air and you can also go towards the town, you can go anywhere without looking for the ride of your friend.

Who can really enjoy the adult tricycles?

Along with the people like me who have suffered from the problems like stroke, it is good to list all others who can get benefit from this tricycle.

  • First of all, it is best for the women( Get Best Running Shoes for women), particularly moms, who are very afraid of taking the ride of the bike, worried about their kid on the seat for being wrecked or hurt.
  • These aslo adult tricycles for older people who can’t take the risk of riding the two-wheeled cycles to break their hips or bones
  • People who suffer from dystonia or MS have found it best
  • These tricycles can be helpful for any person or child who is having problem with maintaining balance
  • The Trikes designed for the people who have never ridden a bike before
  • Adult tricycles are also made for the people who actually think that trikes are cool to ride
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Types of the adult tricycles:

Single vs. Multiple Speeds:

The single speed tricycles usually have no gear and thus it offers only the speed with which you are pushing the pedal. It is very smooth and adequate for the people and its single speed is offering very cheap price as compared to the multiple speed tricycle that uses the mechanical advantage of the different sized gear to keep it easy to go uphill.


Some of the tricycles are usually supplied with the springs and the suspension fork which makes the smooth ride.

Wheel size:

The tricycles are also differentiated on the basis of the size of their wheel and the wheels of these tricycles are usually large. They are 24 inches in diameter and nearly all of them have the same diameter of the wheels.


The two types of the seating arrangements are possible on the tricycles. One is the low seating that offers back support and the other is the high seating that is more like the typical.

Tips for the one’s using tricycle for shopping:

  • Basket: the different models of the tricycle have a basket with large capacity. Some of the tricycles allow you to even carry more than 4 full grocery bags
  • Weight allowance: you should be sure that this tricycle can help you with accommodation of your weight because most of the tricycles can easily carry weight up to 300 pounds
  • Assembly: few models need assembly too. The Schwinn Meridian model needs the attachment of the steering wheel, back tires, fenders, front tires and the pedals.
  • Frame weight: the lighter frame shows that you have to provide less effort in the expanded pedalling. The aluminum frame is usually lightweight and durable.

Best brands in the Adult tricycles:

If you are looking for the best brands tricycles brands, then here is the list with some little details so that you can go for the right one and pick the best one for you.

  • MoboCruiser: it has been specially designed and marketed three-wheeled cycles for the kids, toddlers and adults and they have been serving since 1998.
  • Schwinn: this company is the very known manufacturer of the bicycles that makes mountain bikes, urban and bike path bikes, cruisers, hybrid bikes and the bikes for the kids.
  • Worksman Cycles: these are the makers of the industrial tricycles and bicycles and they vend trucks and carts with the delivery of cargo bikes, bicycles and much more.
  • Komodo Cycling: this is the brand of the Big Roc Tools that are located in the Baldwin Park, California. These are actually the makers of the adult tricycles and skateboards.

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